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Jeremy Betts May 26
I'm far from being a worthy investment
It's pretty evident
Someone would have every right to be hesitant
And feel the growth of resentment
When so many details are absent
My mood isn't constant
Had a mind but lost it
Thoughts run rampant
But are often incoherent
Called the cops on myself for self inflicted harassment
A living predicament
The opposite of a sycophant
My betterment is, at best, flippant
And I can already tell everybody's sick of it

Jeremy Betts May 18
Make sure to be sure whatever you're into is worth your investment
Feel free to absolutely and completely question any involvement
And you might as well entertain all thoughts on forfeit
I expect you to do so at any moment anyway so go for it
I'm so use to it, being the easy one to forget,
That I notice it before you mention it and am already over it
It's not genuine grit,
It's just avoiding a downfall that hasn't bested me yet
Even though it's a who's who when it comes to who's counterfeit
And I'm sure you're surely as surprised as I am I bet
When the breakdown is broken down and we're all faced with what we're gonna get

Jeremy Betts Apr 15
If you don't mind Mr Betts,
Can I call you Mr Betts?
Yes? Great
Mr Betts,
I'm going to keep this brief
i'd like to go through a few Q&A's
Off the record as always
And no apologies
Have you ever tried not being a priick?
Or attempted to not mess up shhit?
Every feeding and helping hand,
Innocently presented,
Got bit
Your past can't always be the culprit
The future shouldn't be viewed as unimportant
That opens the door for thoughts of forfeit
Forced to be reactant
Bilt a bridge to get over it
The craftsmanship is always immaculate
Admired from entrance to exit
Then, in the very next moment,
There's always a head turn to confirm it
A ***** and Gomorrah double take to make sure the thing stayed lit
Though you've never turn to stone or **** a brick
It's not a one time incident
I'm sensing that punishment is no longer a deterrent
It isn't, isn't it?
The troubling news guessed it
Everyone's reclaiming their investment
Or eating the cost, willing to take the loss just to be done with it
Setting a telling precedent of embarrassment
One with an abundance of resentment
All the while, this battle internal is constant
Brought on ironically by an antidepressant
Raging against tendencies of a suicidal mindset
It's crazy how ugly things tend to get,
Within a quarter of a heart beat minus a minute
In other words, it's instant
Good luck, you're gonna need it."

Heavy Hearted Jul 2023
and what lucie is what you get
or so a new voice, charmingly said
Puns profoundly... playful direct
pull me toward this new subject

less than a year is all I've got,
to see from such new eyes
absorbing all which might be taught
when my memory's a minefield...

I get so far ahead of myself
I wonder why I write
without the longing, without the lost,
how can we know how deep the cost?
to feel or not- Its a choice now-

& it's as it's always been
Ours to give,
and to receive.
written for, about, and then to, Dylan.
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2021
Life is short

Where to invest
The Precious time
Is the biggest decision

Where not
The 2nd big
Genre: Observational
Theme: You are how you invest the time, you will be w
Carlo C Gomez Sep 2020
A lasting kiss
spoils the poison apple

A smile of obligation
and it's off to the chapel

A tale of sexes and sevens
around the campfire

Years of bitter indifference
collapse in on the walls
of desire

Happily ever after
Is a magical kingdom crime

Abiding commitment
On the other hand
Is an attainable climb
Nik Bland Sep 2019
Dot my skies with car lights
Zooming in from light years away
Stain the night with moon beams
Put me amidst the cool breeze
Let me sing songs with you

You sing slightly off key
Showing me imperfect perfections
Melody through the trees
The earth is breathing softly
To not impede the smile of you

Nighttime holds me closely
Not as well as I hold you
Putting this moment to mem’ry
Brain silently etching
In this way I won’t let go of you

Things are always fading
Nothing last in the passage of time
So chart the dotted car light
Nothing forever, nothing finite
Only fleeting breath with you

Is this not the greatest gift
Blinking seconds spent in song
Notes in between the moments
What it all represents
An investment worthy of you
Steve Page Apr 2019
Stones and Seeds -
Whatever you hold,
lay them down
and unfold your empty hands
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