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Is it a conspiracy?
I feel this empathy,
Like a weight bearing down on me,
But I have no power to change.

It seems like we're hurtling at a wall,
No one seems to notice,
Makes me question what it's all for,
But there's nothing I can do.

Too many people,
Too much stuff,
So many things,
Yet never enough.
I wrote this to understand the overwhelming feeling of powerlessness when it comes to all of the world's failings.

All this talk of carbon footprint and saving the planet. We're too late...the damage is done!
M Solav Mar 28
So this is how it feels
To be nailed to a cross
On a backdrop of pillows.

That mattress on which we lie...
The bedsheets are like the wind
Floating amidst your thundering sighs;

Yes, they are hammering me down
As you hold me there with your thighs
Beneath mine.

I am powerless,
I am breathless
As I tread upon the night sky
And the echoes of your sighs.

There is a crossroad as I follow the path:

One to sorrow,
One to hopelessness,
One to indifference
And one to the divine.

And now at last there's a silence
That may linger til the morn.

We’re all prepared for renewal
From a past that won’t be left behind.
Written on January 7th, 2021.

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
Mariah Roy Mar 18
I am here And so is pain
Walking with me on sorrows lane
Streetlights busted
With the memory of those no longer trusted

Potholes of misery
Echoing with the cries of good memories
"Shh darling I was there too"
I don't say the fact that nothing can save you

Sure you may be able to climb out of it
But on this road there's no point in irenic
I'll be alone until I die
" Not while I am by your side"

Oh right, my beautiful loving bride
My husband I'll be stuck with for the rest life
The thing that's been married to me since birth
Pain itself, a constant honeymoon of hurt

And yes, before you ask, pain has no gender
Congrats, everyone's thrown in the blender
Though I can't blame them, they give me company
I'm also not the one who decides if they leave

So as they drag me down this road and the road rash burns
I want to escape but we've taken too many turns
By now I'm far to lost in this maze
I'm forever trapped, counting the days

As the days turn to months and eventually years
And this labyrinth constantly changes so I don't know where's here
I stretch my hand to pains and they gladly take it with one cost
Poison seeps into my veins and I'm okay with being lost
Mark Wanless Mar 4
the powerless dog
lives a very long lifespan
or dies just in time
Leah Carr Nov 2020
13 years old

You would be lying
if you said
after reading that
you don't think I'm



However stereotypical, it's true.
Anurein Gomez Sep 2020
Same old story, it’s always night,

When will I give up this fight?

Powerless, camouflaged with fright,

Blurry eyes, losing my sight,

Looking for an escape, stop and just write.
Tatiana Aug 2020
The call comes in at six am,
I don't get into the office until eight,
My answering machine blinks red with warning;
I'll get this message too late.
"I haven't serviced my generator
in three years
and it stopped working
after twenty-four hours.
I have no power."
I check their name,
they've done no business with us before.
I cannot send techs to them
when my phone keeps ringing.
I answer it.
"Hello, how can I help?"
"We're current contract customers
and our generator didn't turn on.
I've got an infant and this storm
is too dangerous.
I have no power."
And all I can ask is for their name
and number,
send it off to my boss
who cannot send techs out
in the storm.
I inform them so,
"I understand," they say.
"Send them when you can."
I hang up my phone
only for it to ring again.
"Let me guess," I say
"you have no power?"
"Got it in one," then comes
the nervous laughter.
Our conversation repeats
just like the others.
When I go home tonight
I'll maneuver around branches,
dodging cones and power lines,
yielding for approaching sirens.
I'll go up my driveway
crunching twigs and leaves.
I'll enter my dark and quiet home
and flick a switch
but no lights will turn on.
I'll have no power.
I work for an HVAC company and we install and maintain generators. Due to Isaias, a lot of people ended up without power. And these conversations inspired this poem.
No one rules the world forever
It is you today may be soon my time is coming over.
At those times Unlike you i will be sober
We will meet again when its my turn and your time is over.
I will be the lion when you will be rat.
Chloe May 2020
The mad man sat in a tower
Wishing for power
Instead he was chained
And slowly went more and more insane
As he wished for revenge
Tea Apr 2020
I want to reach out to you...
I want to help, I really do...
But somehow I feel like you won't let me...
I discovered, it's not my job to let you see...
The powerlessness is heavy...
But not too much to carry...
I know you'll get there...
You just need to realize who's job it is to steer...
God will take you to a place where you belong...
Even after everything goes wrong...
Inside, there is a voice that is always right...
It will never force you or fight...
It will grow louder and stronger, the more you listen to it...
It will show you the way out of any pit...
No matter how dark your circumstances have become...
There is a voice that will always lead you home...
God lets us go through rough times so we can learn...
Sometimes we go on till we are more than worn...
All God wants is that we listen to his voice...
But it's all your choice...
I've decided and I'm happier than before...
There is only 1 thing missing from my core...
I don't see the need in telling you what is gone...
You know why I'm alone...
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