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Chloe 5d
The mad man sat in a tower
Wishing for power
Instead he was chained
And slowly went more and more insane
As he wished for revenge
Tea Apr 17
I want to reach out to you...
I want to help, I really do...
But somehow I feel like you won't let me...
I discovered, it's not my job to let you see...
The powerlessness is heavy...
But not too much to carry...
I know you'll get there...
You just need to realize who's job it is to steer...
God will take you to a place where you belong...
Even after everything goes wrong...
Inside, there is a voice that is always right...
It will never force you or fight...
It will grow louder and stronger, the more you listen to it...
It will show you the way out of any pit...
No matter how dark your circumstances have become...
There is a voice that will always lead you home...
God lets us go through rough times so we can learn...
Sometimes we go on till we are more than worn...
All God wants is that we listen to his voice...
But it's all your choice...
I've decided and I'm happier than before...
There is only 1 thing missing from my core...
I don't see the need in telling you what is gone...
You know why I'm alone...
Love doesnt give you power
It is the feeling of acceptance of being powerless. You cannot have control thats what love is all about.

The ability to putforth all your vulnerabilities in front of one person believing that they would not misuse it.
Like if you do comment your perspectives.
The Princess and the Pauper
by Michael R. Burch

for Norman Kraeft in memory of his beloved wife June Kysilko Kraeft

Here was a woman bright, intent on life,
who did not flinch from Death, but caught his eye
and drew him, powerless, into her spell
of wanting her himself, so much the lie
that she was meant for him—obscene illusion!—
made him seem a monarch throned like God on high,
when he was less than nothing; when to die
meant many stultifying, pained embraces.

She shed her gown, undid the tangled laces
that tied her to the earth: then she was his.
Now all her erstwhile beauty he defaces
and yet she grows in hallowed loveliness—
her ghost beyond perfection—for to die
was to ascend. Now he begs, penniless.

Keywords/Tags: Princess, pauper, death, powerless, penniless, illusory, illusion, ghost, spirit, perfection, perfected, heaven, ascended
Lemon Oct 2019
You were my everything
I gave you my all
But you just hurt me
And fought against me

I did it all for you
Why can't you see
This mess we're in
It's all so I could make you happy

You wanted them gone
So I took them away

You wanted a challenge
So I set up a game

You wanted my heart
And I gave it away

But you want them back
Your bored of the game
You have discarded my love

So why do I try?
You will never see
All I've done is not for me
I may be king but I'm powerless to you
For you will always hold the key to my heart
Even when we are apart
I offer myself to you
At no price
But you turn me away
More than twice
But if you should ever need me
Don't be afraid to call
I will always be here for you
And love you with my all
This was a poem I wrote from the perspective of Jareth from the movie the Labyrinth, an old movie I love. If you’ve seen it hopefully this makes some sense.
Paras Bajaj Jul 2019
if you think writing about you
makes you the one in power
then you are so wrong cause'
you are just another piece
of my unsung song.

if you think leaving you
makes me constantly sad,
then you are so wrong cause'
you are just another story
that I left unsaid.
Rickey Spence Jul 2019

I look around and see,
All these things piling up.
Such a stressful relationship,
This world has made with me.

Everything’s broken,
Everything needs fixing.
Everything’s failing,
Everything needs a solution.
Everything’s old,
Everything needs renewing.
Everything’s falling,
Everything needs picking up.
This cursed world is dying!
And I can’t fix all it’s problems!

My career is built on fixing;
I find solutions, I slave for renewal,
And I reset the recoverable.
Forever, as long as someone is paying.

It never ends…

But what’s it all for?
Who really cares?
I’d bet not even the millionaires.
Lord, how do I keep going anymore?
Rickey Spence Jul 2019

If time is a racetrack,
This lap is far from over.
If time is a river,
I’m swimming against it like a maniac.

One day I’ll be out of time.
Which is sad, but by that time,
I’ll have to say, “bye,” to that time,
It’s lost; I can’t buy that time.

If time is a classroom,
I’ll always be tardy.
If time is a party,
I’m hiding in the bathroom.

I’m powerless to overhaul,
I can’t fix it – certainly!
Life goes by so slowly,
But I can’t remember me at all.

If time is my master,
My contract will always remain.
If time is a drop of rain,
I’m dry ground circled by water.

Plot twist- I’ll live forever,
Yet time affects me and my effects,
I continue, while it’s rule infects.
Oh, Lord how much longer?

If time is an elevator,
I’m opposite the top.
If time is a mop,
I’m the unfortunate floor.

Comparatively, I’m very young,
But I’ve always felt for “this generation,”
Treated like fools in corroboration.
You with experience, hold your tongue.

If time is a book,
I read the first and last page.
If time is a cage,
I’m in it, like a crook.
Turning 20... Just another number, but these numbers hit hard...
Garrett Johnson Jul 2019
Leviathan's storm.

It has come.
The apocalyptic overload.
Sworn down from the realms above.
Like the parting of the red sea backwards.
Comment allez-vous I ask.

Garrett Johnson.
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