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49.5k · Nov 2012
Äŧül Nov 2012
In That Moonlit Night Standing In The Abaft,
Watching The Towed Flaccid Wooden Raft,
I Thought That I Saw An Angel Resting,
Lying Exhausted There In That Craft.

I Call The Girl Out Unbeknownst Of Her Kind Name,
"Hey Young Lady!!" To Which She Didn't Much Respond,
She Looks Up Towards Me Once In Anguish & Collapsed,
I Spot Desperation In Amber Eyes & Resolve To Help Her.

The Crewmen Had Now Been Doing The Paddles After Resting,
I Summon My Captain & Ask, "Do You See That Girl In The Raft?"
The Captain Now Smiles To Say, "Commodore, Better Get Married,"
I Look So Clueless To Which He Simply Replied, "There Is No Girl."

True He Was As She Had Simply Disappeared,
I Started Thinking Of My Sleep Needs That Day,
I Looked Around Again In A Hope To Find The Girl,
I Had Compromised My Routine As The Commodore.

Then I Immediately Realized It Was My Wild Phantasm,
Now This Was Just A Plain Illusion Of A Tired Sailor's Mind,
No Mermaids Could Have Ever Existed In Reality & Were Fake,
I Turned Towards The Deck To Go Back To My Bunk For Sleeping.

As I Climbed Down The Stairs To Enter My Room Amazed & Dazed,
I Saw Her Standing And Waiting For Me By The Side Of My Bunk,
I Accepted That Delusion Of My Mind & Started To Lie Down,
She Said, "I'm As Real As Your Thoughts, Don't Fear Me."

She & I-Me & Her, Had The Best Time That Night,
In The Morning She Was Gone & Was Just Gone,
Disappeared Into Thin Air While I Was Asleep,
Each Day I So Dearly Long For Her To Return.
7 Stanzas of a Beautiful Open-Eyed Dream

Read the entire Angel Saga by me, Atul Kaushal.

My HP Poem #19
©Atul Kaushal

I thank you all so much for the overwhelming response that this poem has received.

If you get interested in reading my novel's eBook after having read this poem then do visit for buying my story titled "7 Seconds" and supporting my medical expenses.
31.4k · Feb 2016
The Curves
Äŧül Feb 2016
Their voice so harmonious,
Silent when no strings attached,
All the curves so very ****,
Smooth is their texture,
Admiring their beauty with fingers,
You seat them on your lap,
Putting their arms around your shoulder.

Tickle them hard to make them peck,
They touch your heart with their sound,
Nibbling your ears in between,
The motion generates friction,
Friction generates heat,
So icy sweet is her music,
All over, you script success.

I talk of my guitar here.
I now possess 2 guitars.

My HP Poem #1022
©Atul Kaushal
29.0k · Jun 2014
A Cute Lisp
Äŧül Jun 2014
Whenevel I clied hungly,
Chhe would give me milk.
Whenevel I do not dlink it,
Chhe will tly that I dlink it.
Whenevel I am chho angly,
Chhe will tly that I dlunk it.
Whenevel chhe loshesh hope,
Chhe will look at my papa.
My daddy will only shmile,
Lift shweetly in hiz armsh.

They would then shuksheed,
Togethel they enteltain me.
They dichhtract & feed me,
Milk I lyk not chho vely hot.
Twichhe they tly & I leject,
They sing me some lhymsh.
Mom then poulsh two dlops,
On back of hel hand chhe tlies.

'Tsch! It's hot,' chhe ekchclaims,
I let out a shmall shlieky laugh.
Daddy lent hel a helping hand,
He blung a khup of cold watel.
Finally they togethel feed me,
Calefully & lovingly they do it.
Whenevel I lemembel my lisp,
I am chho happy & smile bloadly.
In India, the tiny tots often have a cute lisp for many sounds like 'S' as 'Sh', or 'Sh' as 'Chh' or 'R' as 'L', and trust me it sounds so cute whenever their lisp is more prominent than what they actually have to speak. I used to lisp in my childhood. This poem is based on that memory.

My HP Poem #640
©Atul Kaushal
25.6k · Nov 2015
The Real God?
Äŧül Nov 2015
All such stuff is only a myth, right?
Why else would women be forsaken?
Is having periods a grave sin, really?

Their God is just a fantasy, right?
Why else will God forsake Its kids?
The real God is sleeping, isn't It??

God could be a female too, right?
Why assign a gender to God then?
Is God so weak, kidding right???
Read about some ridiculous places of worship recently.

My HP Poem #923
©Atul Kaushal
19.0k · Apr 2015
I Shall Be Your Comforter
Äŧül Apr 2015
If one day in the imaginary ideal future,
We get stuck by the rocky Konkan beach,
And not even a decent sand bed is there,
To you for resting my body I shall offer.

Waiting for the tourist bus back we talk,
Tired we are from taking the sunny walk,
The evening the sun we wish will balk,
Our neo-natal plans together we chalk.

We shall sit on the bench by the beach,
You'll then rest your head on my side,
In comforting you I will bear much pride,
About being one forever we did decide.

Then you will soon sleep in the evening,
I will watch our hands and even the ring,
Angel on my shoulder you'll be sleeping,
And me??? Oh, I'll just be calmly smiling.

The baby bump is now visible so happily,
I'll think of unique names for the baby,
Basis of our relationship is really lovely,
The healthy baby will be so very chubby.
The most cherished dream of mine in which I visualize myself and my ultimate lover.

My HP Poem #829
©Atul Kaushal
17.6k · Apr 2013
Ring of Fire|Garden of Roses
Äŧül Apr 2013
Come to a garden of roses with me,
Serene it is fuller with roses to see,
They are here,
For you & me,
But just to see.

We shall not try to pluck any roses,
For the thorns dissuade any poses,
They are here,
For you & me,
But just to see.

We can't sit guarding the flowers,
Very busy in our mini lives we're,
They are here,
For you & me,
But just to see.

I'll set-up a flaming ring of fire,
Seeking fine protection for them,
They are here,
For you & me,
But just to see.

Let's care for the roses as if our,
As if our little & young children,
They are here,
For you & me,
But just to see.

To help us get them blue & red,
Give them all suitable nutrition,
They are here,
For you & me,
But just to see.

Their presence is eye-pleasing,
We let them be in our garden,
They are here,
For you & me,
But just to see.
My HP Poem #178
© Atul Kaushal
17.4k · May 2015
Gorgeous Sleeping Princess
Äŧül May 2015
Oh how calmly she sleeps,
Carefree she always seems,
Wish she gets sweet dreams.
So glorious is her face always,
I wish her all the happiness,
All in the hue of brightness,
None equals her cuteness.

Oh hope never she weeps,
Clarity she wears in deeps,
With time get the -ve wiped,
Such the cutest nature heaps,
I'll be her guardian forever,
At heart Atul is just a loner,
Not just now - but forever.

Only by respecting my love for her,
A clear old identity is rediscovered,
I'm known as Atul Kaushal for a cause,
Singing hymns to my magical love,
Ignoring all those distractions,
And I am happy being with her,
Nirvana comes just for us.
My HP Poem #870
©Atul Kaushal
16.9k · Jun 2014
Let Me Be Your Angel
Äŧül Jun 2014
Let me be the Angel
Who bears that pain for you
I am present in your memory
And my thoughts distract you

You will forget the pain
For that lose yourself in me
Always be ready for that detail
Which you find in a stingy bee

I shall as always tell that all is well
Entice you with my newer poems
Just lie back carefree in your bed
Feel me by the side stroking you to sleep.
My HP Poem #643
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Jan 2015
When I was recovering,
I used to get false sensations,
To urinate and I got illusions.

I thought that my parents were ghosts,
And so was I in hell under many pains,
That was when I was recovering.
My HP Poem #754
©Atul Kaushal
14.4k · Mar 2015
Just A Reminder...
Äŧül Mar 2015
I love you,
The best is yet to come.
Don't scramble,
Let us plan our lives.
We have it in our hands,
Luck and destiny will bend before us.

Yes we toil for it,
Both of us will put efforts.
Don't be scared dear,
Just hold my hand firmly.
What we can't individually do,
Together we will manage it all.

The sun in our sky has risen,
It will reach higher up above.
Not burning it will emblazon,
Just shining away all darkness.
How differences of ours remain,
We won't let them become large.

And yes, today I tell you darling,
Two different individuals we are.
So many of differences will ripen,
But how we treat them is unto us.
We can't let them become so large,
The love we share is much bigger.

Just practice perseverance my love,
Stay strong & toil hard we both will.
Not breaking mountains we must be,
Still challenging stay all our methods.
Zest of ours must not fail in this spirit,
Zealous we voyage on in the sea of life.

We both have that passion in ourselves,
Helping people parry off all the dangers.
Never would we worry about our past,
For we both cherish the lessons learnt.
Odds will often rise between both of us,
We won't let them disunite us any day.

This love I feel is a bit experienced,
And my experience tells me a lot.
We must never fall out separate,
Because together we're happy.
Differences do not invite rifts,
Neither should we let them...
Written under the effects of the wine called love.

My HP Poem #804
©Atul Kaushal
13.1k · Oct 2014
Dream & Desires
Äŧül Oct 2014
I have a dream & some desires,
Let there be contentment for me,
And no one should have for me, ire.

My list of desires isn't endless,
I actually require, not just need, her,
And for meeting her family's, particularly her father's, expectations.

When I'll have her in the delivery room,
Then I will just be praying to time,
And wishing our combined life to be peacefully happy and content extremely.
My HP Poem #679
©Atul Kaushal
13.0k · Nov 2014
Be Strong Babe
Äŧül Nov 2014
Yes I have been through it,
Our situations are similar,
They're different just a bit.

Tides of time are testing us,
We do not ever bow down,
Yes we will be strong babe.

We're together & we'll be so forever.
Words tried to strengthen our relationship but it all failed in the end.

My HP Poem #693
©Atul Kaushal
12.8k · Mar 2015
Selfless Promise
Äŧül Mar 2015
Some might consider me a fool,
But I promise you my fidelity,
Not just till we are married,
Even as we sally forwards,
I stay as true as that sun,
In our joint life I pledge my fidelity,
And I pledge my exclusive faithfulness.
You need not feel the same for me.
This is a selfless promise, my dear.
I will never doubt your integrity.

I know that you might be angry after reading this, but I must be accepting some essential practicalities of life.

Though I feel that you are as sincere as any human beings can get,
I won't ever compare the extents or the natures of our mutual fidelity as I am no alien.

I am a **** sapiens sapiens just like you and we can get married to multiply.

I am sorry that I behave weird often, dictating you to not to talk with some people, and now I will let you experience and experiment with people's ingenuity.

My HP Poem #807
©Atul Kaushal
12.6k · Feb 2015
A Lion Was Born
Äŧül Feb 2015
As the sole cub born,
I had some tiniest spots,
My mother was the world,
And my father was the king,
As she fed me while I crooned for a sibling,
Dad used to just look at her,
But differences spawned and they magnified.

I never had a sibling,
I lack a big teaching.

Now I am the lonely lion.
My HP Poem #773
©Atul Kaushal
11.8k · May 2014
You're Nutritional
Äŧül May 2014
I saw a brinjal...
I saw a brinjal...
I saw it on the roadway...
Yes it caught my eye,
As I walked on by...
There must be a vendor...
With desperation on his face...
Who thought I would eat you...
And he fumbled you in the midway...

You're nutritional!
You're nutritional!!
You're nutritional!!!
It's true!

There must be a vendor,
With a smile on his face,
When he thought I would buy you,
But it's time to face the truth...
I shall never ingest you...
My funnier version of the James Blunt song called "You're Beautiful"


My HP Poem #635
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Jun 2014
Darling, there are few facts that you
must know as a student of science,
And there are many more that you
must know as a cute human being.

There are three bearing mango trees
& one guava tree outside our home,
The guava tree is infested with the
parasitic growth of a sacred fig tree.

After many years' from today
the "Bargad" tree will grow out,
Ousting the guava tree it will finally
be free but it won't forget guava tree.

It will always feel having been parented by the guava tree, and so it might actually become a hybrid of both the trees and so a love child hybrid tree would ultimately give shade and fruits to people in the future generation.

So should be the ideal love of a human being be inspired towards everyone including the ones who they love and fellow human beings - selfless and pure.
A bargad tree is called sacred fig in English

My HP Poem #640
©Atul Kaushal
11.2k · Aug 2013
Get Your Hoes Out And...
Äŧül Aug 2013
Dig the ground,
Deeper & broader,
Large enough to accommodate,
And peacefully lay us,
The commoners to rest,
Without causing any disturbance,
To the Clout-clad looters.

Don't rest till you collapse lifelessly,
Into the mud extracted for digging,
Digging their trap deeper enough,
Deeper enough for all the clout,
'Cause you wouldn't even want,
Their zombies to be turn-out,
Escaping out stark naked,
Out in future to plight,
****** and blight,
Pester and fester
The future generation.

Oh but do we not know,
They will survive and flourish,
Indian or Russian or American or British,
The clout will always be there to ****/eat,
**** blood and eat meatballs,
Why they will survive,
And why the civilians suffers isn't riddle.
I refer to hoes as tools for digging, like the ones you might use in your gardens; the other meaning may also fit in with other combinations of similar words.

Clout-clad looters = Politicians

There's this globalization of the schemes of scams.

Hopefully, this lantern of questions will enlighten the way.

My HP Poem #401
©Atul Kaushal
10.2k · Apr 2016
Äŧül Apr 2016
See this hollow trunk here,
It houses a parrot family now,
The elder tree let itself be pecked,
A woodpecker carved a home inside,
Then parrots came to the hollow,
It protects their children a lot,
Seldom do they thank God.

The woodpecker seeks the credit not.
Is it not just so beautiful?

I luckily live so close to mother nature that I see her in her almost ******, undisturbed natural love.

My HP Poem #1066
©Atul Kaushal
10.0k · Dec 2015
How HIV Originated
Äŧül Dec 2015
*** was transmitted from chimpanzees to humans,
Eating chimp meat in Africa they thrived,
Most not realizing the sanctity they destroyed,
And chimps got it from mangabey meat,
New SIV+SIV gave *** at the lethal end for humans.
SIV: Simian Immunodeficiency Virus
***: Human Immunodeficiency Virus

Part of my M.Tech Animal Biotechnology studies.

My HP Poem #931
©Atul Kaushal
9.3k · Sep 2017
My Answers To Your Queries
Äŧül Sep 2017
You ask me a query,
You ask, "Where Are You, Honey?"

I have an answer for you,
I say, "I'm inside your heart, honey."

You let it extend, your doubt,
You implore, "But why is it so hazy?"

I fire a ******* in response,
I say, "It's hazy because you're lazy!"

You smile but get perplexed by now,
You ask, "Will you stay if moving on I fail to?"

I am mature and couth,
I say, "I find no reason good enough to not to."

You wonder to yourself,
You ask, "Where from I got you?"

I remind you that I came back,
I say, "I consider it my responsibility to imbue your life with the brightness,
The light lacking in your life,
And to provide you with warmth,
So that you are free from your shivers,
And so that you can be my wife,
I want to fill that void in your day,
Maybe I was sent back only for you,
On your mother's recommendation,
And so wise was her receptivity,
I know that I am a man of my words,
Surely I will make it large for us,
And you are such a hardworking lady,
Our children will have it healthy,
And they will surely have it wealthy,
The wealth won't just be material,
But they will be taught fine civility."

You now ask me your final query,
You ask, "Who will be their tutor?"

I smile and simply end this discussion,
I say, "Obviously, me and you."

Even you are satisfied by now,
You smile & say, "I love you, honey."

I hear what I have been longing to,
I say with a broad smile, "I love you too, honey."
Another response to the poem by Pooja Shah:

My HP Poem #1664
©Atul Kaushal
9.1k · Aug 2014
Äŧül Aug 2014
In that virtual world of my dreams,
You feel like the solemn reality,
The only dream which came to life,
You are that sweet girl of mine,
In my heart I do not know where,
I don't know when but it's fine,
'Coz I know in the end we'll meet.

If that virtual world of my dreams,
Ever comes to life in full bloom,
Then we'll both enjoy during days,
And during all those nights too,
Which otherwise would go lonely,
I would sure be blessed by you,
Yes you are the Angel who loves me.
My HP Poem #661
©Atul Kaushal
8.9k · Feb 2016
I Miss The Gorgeous Hills
Äŧül Feb 2016
Hilly areas are really beautiful,
And the peaks are breathtaking.

The crevices are often so deep,
And the peaks so very luscious.

Her hills are missed by me,
And the cool, dark peaks too.
I speak of the hills of Uttarakhand in India.

My HP Poem #1036
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Mar 2015
Tum se hi meri pehchaan hai.
Atul yoon hi nahin bana main.

Tum se hi meri zindagi hai.
Aashiq tumhaara yoon hi nahin bana main.

Tum se hi meri khushi hai.
Pyaar tumhe aise hi nahin karta.

Tum se hi meri santushti hai.
Pyaar tumhe yoon hi nahin karta.

Har kavita mein meri tumhaari hi jhalak hoti hai.
Kavi bada main yoon hi nahin bana.

Har saans tumhaari hi yaad dilaati hai.
Zindagi ** meri tum yoon hi nahin kehta.


Fr­om you is my identity,
Atul originates from you.

From you is my life,
I am your crazy lover.

From you is my happiness,
I love you just so seriously.

From you is my satisfaction,
I don't love you just for fun.

Each poem of mine carries your imagery,
I have been a seasoned poet worshipping you.

Every breath reminds me of you,
I call you my life not just for saying.
My HP Poem #809
©Atul Kaushal
8.5k · Sep 2016
Into the Sunset
Äŧül Sep 2016
A happy couple,
You and me,
A painter paints,
Both of us,
Into the Sunset.
HP Poem #1150
©Atul Kaushal
8.5k · Oct 2014
Paradise Lost
Äŧül Oct 2014
The border at Jammu & Kashmir,
One of the highest battlegrounds.
Though that scenery is beautiful,
The soil there is stained in blood.

The blood of terrorists & soldiers,
Sadly defiles the heaven in there.
White peaks often don a red hue,
Those serene valleys face hellfire.

They do not realize that it is vain,
They war in the name of religion.
Disrupting peace and calm there,
They often desecrate the paradise.

Christ is said to have gone there,
After his resurrection of course.
Hindu deities are also fabled so,
The land of Gods and their messengers has been desecrated time and again.
I fear some weirdos might bombard this work with their negativity.
But I am unfazed.
My HP Poem #675
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Dec 2013
It's been months since I played it,
The guitars have my exams in their way,
They miss me at Karnal just as I miss them here at Rohtak.

The strings crave to be played - to be touched by me,
It's high time that I played it so the tuning must be long lost,
The hollow & the pickups feel lonelier in my memory without me & strings missing my touch.

I must hold them in my hands and write musical notes with them,
I will make the strings my pallet & strum them in rhythm while I sing,
I will apologize to my guitars for having ignored them knowingly.
Both of my guitars are properly packed in their covers. But still both of them - the acoustic and the electric guitars - might have gathered dust. And so the title is justified.

I have a third guitar as well which I no longer play.

My 500th poem is dedicated to the she who I love to play guitar for, my guitars themselves and my parents who are wondering when I am next going to oblige the guitars by at least tuning them.

My HP Poem #500
©Atul Kaushal
8.4k · Mar 2015
My Best Friend, My Pooh
Äŧül Mar 2015
I never had a best friend in my life till I met you,
All I had were normal friends who were not close.
The most genuine friend I have is none other than you,
I consider it lucky that me as a best friend you chose.

Now I won't ever disappoint you my friend,
I am learning youthful ways from you now,
Of our friendship there lies not at all an end,
They will notice us only getting closer & how.

For you My Pooh, I write this poem as I am really happy today remembering all the good times that we have been spending together.

Yes I am possessive and selfish when I ask you solely for myself,
Not because I am negative, but because I am hopeful that our sun will shine,
Your happiness is my main motive as I motivate you to study for yourself,
Not because I will gain something out of it but as you are going to be happy in future.

In you I have seen an Angel,
So helpful and kind you are,
Motherly care for future patients,
Now I conclude this post buddy.
My HP Poem #820
©Atul Kaushal
8.4k · Mar 2014
In The Desert Of Loneliness
Äŧül Mar 2014
I feel deserted in this desert of loneliness,
Even though several people surround me,
Just lonely sand anywhere the eye can go.

I was aimless if not for your thought dear,
Your presence in my daily life's beautiful,
Like an oasis which is needed in a desert..

I am valuable for you & similarly you are,
Invaluable for one another we're lifelong,
Igniting warmer the feelings kissing lips...
My HP Poem #586
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül May 2013
Before you criticize me too soon, I think you should spare some seconds and answer a simple question to yourself...

If Shahjahan loved Mumtaz Mahal so much, why he had a harem of wives to use at his own pleasure?

While I agree that the Taj Mahal is arguably the most extraordinarily beautiful monument in the world, I don't agree upon the fact that it was built as a tomb of love. It is just a symbol of madness if you asked me. An emperor's insecure feeling to get his name registered in the history books. While it may be one of the most beautiful architectural monument, it was built by over 20,000 architects, craftsmen, masons and engineers who took over 16 years to build the magnificent building.

He got this apparently high & prestigious monument of love built but everything that the Emperor did was not pleasant at all.

° The lavishly living Mughal Emperor spent all his - his subjects' money into building this monument of love instead of keeping his subjects well-fed.
° Mumtaz Mahal might have been the luckiest woman to have died and got such a marvelous building built as her mausoleum but she died giving birth to her & Shahjahan's 17th offspring and then Shahjahan who had uncountable other wives was inspired by her demise apparently to undertake what is termed as the biggest project in history build the costliest monument proclaiming his rule.
° The arrogant - falsely proud lover - Mughal emperor didn't know that what he thought to be looked at as the greatest symbol of love will be criticized by some poet in his own land nearly 375 years later. The insane Mughal Emperor got all the builders of the Taj Mahal's fingers cut-off of so that there could be no other Taj Mahal.

But Aurangzeb, his & Mumtaz Mahal's son overthrew his power when Shahjahan got older and locked him up in a jail at the other end of Yamuna river where the emperor then died a sad old lovelorn bedlamite person in prison. Aurangzeb was the exact opposite of his dad, he showed religious intolerance and his habits drove the empire towards its doom after his death.

But let me think this way; when I look at any picture of the Taj Mahal, what I get the first thing in mind is this: *Such a CRAZY emperor who got such a beautiful monument of Egotism built!
Sorry Shahjahan's admirers, his love's sympathizers, people with softer views towards such love & romance.
But I believe that such people are just confused in their lives.
My idea of love isn't just that ideal.
My HP Poem #222
©Atul Kaushal
8.3k · Mar 2014
Examination Ghost
Äŧül Mar 2014
A necessary evil for our segregation,
It's the deadly examination monster.

It's rough-tough so it never spares us,
Alongside the weaknesses it bares us.

Prepare for them if you want it easy,
Your scores often determine the life.

Never you give-up all fearing failure,
For you can write your future bright.

Holding shining silver string of love,
You 'come more courageous in life...
My HP Poem #594
©Atul Kaushal
8.2k · May 2014
Pure & Divine
Äŧül May 2014
What's pure & divine?
An early morning sunrise,
Sun peeking through the trees,
Darkness giving way to the bright,
Observing the sky turn yellow from gray,
Birds singing welcome to the new day,
Listening what these early hours say.
A poem that came to my mind at 4 AM.
My HP Poem #626
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Jun 2013
I observe our mango tree,
In these times as its mangoes ripen.
But that's not the only place,
I see mangoes developing elsewhere as well.
I also observe my dearest darling,
Up above her slender tummy and below her neck.
I find the sweeter mango hard to decide,
As her mangoes I have not tasted yet.
I wonder whether hers would be more lemony,
As those will surely taste more of sweat.
My HP Poem #274
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Mar 2014
Dry deserts in parts & dripping water holes
As well the body sure is a varied ecosystem
Having its own hairy forests having blooms
A body is like that as it's both moist and dry
Dusky at places where light seldom reaches
My HP Poem #584
©Atul Kaushal
7.6k · Aug 2015
Grotesque Manifestation
Äŧül Aug 2015
The VIP culture is the grotesque manifestation eating up the democracy inch by inch.

They are elected by us from among us and then they want to be treated really special,
They want to be treated as someone royal by everyone,
Do you get the joke?

It still remains a democracy!
My HP Poem #896
©Atul Kaushal
7.3k · Jun 2016
The Wise Owl
Äŧül Jun 2016
An owl so elegantly sits here,
On the branch of any mango tree,
It so silently sits sans any fear,
On the three mango trees we have,
An owl so wisely perches there.
The owl is the most gorgeous bird.
My affinity to owls grew since Harry Potter.

My HP Poem #1083
©Atul Kaushal
7.3k · Jan 2016
Spanish Guitar Licks
Äŧül Jan 2016
Andre Andre Andale Ariba!

So do my fingers slide up,
And they slide down my guitar neck,
Getting hurt is imminent.

These guitar licks will hurt sweetly.
My HP Poem #1002
©Atul Kaushal
7.1k · Oct 2018
What's In A Name
Äŧül Oct 2018
6:30 PM 15/10/18 slam poem
"What's her name?" An excited voice whispered.
My benchmate asked me,
Just as the new girl entered,
With all her glowing ebony beauty.

I thought about something,
Ignored him and simply so,
Continuing my reading of the drama.

He prodded on like a nagging child,
"Tell me, Atul, what's her name?
Who's that **** girl?"

His whisper was loud enough now,
The girl heard it as she climbed,
Climbed higher on the back seats and how.

I glared at my benchmate,
In disappointment & disgust,
It was him who I had befriended.

'Him! I befriended him!! Out of them all!!!'
I thought about my vulnerability in our society,
But I did not react to him out of that anger.

I just said, "What's in a name?"
He raised his eyebrows and moaned, "Huh?"
I said with mirth, "Yes! Someone like you will get her renamed!"
7:00 PM
6:30 PM
Half-an-hour slam poem I wrote in the Literary Club at my PhD college.
A tribute to Nirbhaya and women safety all around the globe.
7:00 PM

My HP Poem #1724
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Apr 2015
Main tennu eevein chaahnda,
<Yo baby! I love you like this,>
Jeevein Mor koi Morni nu - haaye...
<Like a peacock loves a peahen, yeah...>

Saath poori jindadi daa...
<Well we'll be togetha foreva...>
Ehi saddaa vaada hai - haaye...
<Yea this is our commitment - yo...>

Jadon tu kitey meri jindadi vich jaaye, haaye...
<If you go away from my life someday, may mercy be upon me...>
Naal meri jindadi v jaaye, haaye...
<Along may go my life too, yea...>

Ke main tennu eevein chaahndi,
<That I love you like this,>
Jeevein Mor nu koi Morni ** - haaye...
<Like a peahen loves a peacock, yeah...>

Jadon main tennu kadi mildi haan,
<When I meet you,>
Bol paendiyaan akkhaan teriyaan, haaye...
<Your eyes start talking, yea...>

Main tennu eevein chaahndi,
<I love you like this,>
Jeevein Mor nu koi Morni **, haaye...
<Like a peahen loves a peacock, yea...>

Main tennu eevein chaahnda,
<Yo baby! I love you like this,>
Jeevein Mor koi Morni nu - haaye...
<Like a peacock loves a peahen, yeah...>

Main tennu eevein chaahndi,
<I love you like this,>
Jeevein Mor nu koi Morni **, haaye...
<As if a peahen loves a peacock, yea...>

Saath poori jindadi daa...
<Well we'll be togetha foreva...>
Ehi saddaa vaada hai - haaye...
<Yea this is our commitment - yo...>
Another Of Our Collaborations Together

My HP Poem #842
©Atul Kaushal
7.0k · Jun 2015
Our Love Matures
Äŧül Jun 2015
And it becomes stronger,
So does our relationship,
And likewise we become.

And it becomes strengthy,
So does our bond of trust,
And so our love matures.
Just in a good calm mood this morning.

My HP Poem #887
©Atul Kaushal
7.0k · Apr 2014
Oh My Darling
Äŧül Apr 2014
Come oh my darling come,
Come fluttering to my arms.
Let me dream some more,
Let me house you in the eyes..
Your abode is in my heart,
Your dwelling is not just eyes...
Fluttering in its own way,
Fluttering here is your shade..
Relaxing in your lap I am,
Relaxing in my sole heaven.
My HP Poem #604
©Atul Kaushal
6.7k · May 2013
Jammu & Kashmir
Äŧül May 2013
Another beautiful state in the republic of India,
It is plagued by cross-border terrorism,
How they redden the green valleys is appalling.
My HP Poem #208
© Atul Kaushal
6.7k · Dec 2015
The Royal Ass
Äŧül Dec 2015
The king had a terrific ***,
The *** ran a race & won it!

The media glorified it and put,
'The King's *** Won The Race!'

The king felt embarrassed,
He gave his *** to the queen.

The media again hyped it and put,
'A Royal Exchange: The Queen Has The Best *** In The Kingdom!'

The royal family felt frustrated & flustered,
They decided to do away with the *** now.

The Queen's ***, which earlier was the King's *** was abandoned in the forest,
The royalty felt at ease now.

But the media hyped it too!
Inspired from a Whatscrap joke I received.

A King enrolled his donkey in a race & won.

Local paper read:
'KING's *** WON'

The king was so upset with this kind of publicity that he gave the donkey to the queen.

The local paper then read:
The king fainted....

Queen sold the donkey to a farmer for Rs100.

Next day paper read: "QUEEN SELLS HER *** FOR Rs100"
The queen fainted...

The next day king ordered the queen
to buy back the donkey and leave it in jungle.

The Next Headlines:
The king died... !!

This was Indian media in Britain, you know better.

My HP Poem #932
©Atul Kaushal
6.6k · Jan 2016
57 - A Fond Living Memory
Äŧül Jan 2016
My classmate from high-school,
Roll number 57 - Mohit Kamboj,
Is the coolest & the most freaky.

I have not seen anyone as awesome,
In their give & take with the teacher,
He made the class laugh effortlessly!
I was in Kendriya Vidyalaya (Central School), Karnal for my high school years and it was here that I made friends with some unforgettable people.

I miss each one of them.

My HP Poem #957
©Atul Kaushal
6.5k · Mar 2015
Take Care
Äŧül Mar 2015
Tale told to me by dear time,
It is an incredibly short story,
For it dictates my destiny.
My HP Poem #801
©Atul Kaushal
6.5k · Jan 2016
The Best Chef
Äŧül Jan 2016
She needs no comparison,
My mom is simply the best!

Her food preparations,
Ah! The best chef ever.

My satisfied smiling face,
Is her biggest prize, she says.
My HP Poem #959
©Atul Kaushal
6.5k · May 2015
Distances Disappear
Äŧül May 2015
I am here
You are there
Yet we both are near
Come that one bit closer
Let all distances disappear

Just bear it with me
We will synchronize
Come respire with me
Let both our lips meet
Hips moving to the beat
The above poem was written as a comment for a poem by Kripi, read the poem by Kripi 'Come' @ and enjoy.

My HP Poem #854
©Atul Kaushal
6.4k · Mar 2014
Hey There Evening
Äŧül Mar 2014
Come over...
Now just relax,
Don't worry at all,
Needn't act hurried,
Sun often sinks early,
Now it shall set as well,
Today let it happen slow,
Night can wait some more.

Now we both will imagine,
She imagines me around,
Not just I reciprocate,
But I even admire,
New joy of hers,
Heavy breath,
Nose swells,
Good bye...
My HP Poem #602
©Atul Kaushal
6.3k · Jun 2015
Prone Orphan
Äŧül Jun 2015
If I lose my father,
I will be an orphan.

If I lose my mother,
I will be an orphan.

If I lose my loved one,
I will be an orphan.
My HP Poem #883
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Feb 2015
In this poem, I speak directly to you-know-who-because-it's-you.

Dear old friend, don't miss me ever,
If I had some genuine value in your life,
Now I add the element of request, please,
You know that most of my poems are for you,
Whether normal or proposing you to be my wife,
Please do not spoil your career being busy in vain,
The social network & apps are a total waste of time.

The social network is not a place for social service,
It is only so harmful for your own career prospects.

This is just my last request to you, Kripiji.

I know you are upset with this preaching,
But please take the positivity from this post.
Realize your ultimate aim in life of a good career.
And remember your exceptional performance two years ago.
Take some lessons from it even if you don't want me to say anything.
You were away from Facebook.
Facebook is a really cool thing..
But it is not so good for students...

And please don't resent me, Kripiji.

I am just performing my duty as a responsible lover.

By the way, it's a bit funny how I am requesting you timidly, scared to spoil your mood, I respect you for the love you have given to me from in between of all this busyness in your life which sees you prepare for your exams.

My HP Poem #777
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Jan 2017
Daughters in India are the most unlucky,
As August may their birth be always,
Unlucky their existence in vivo,
Graceful be their existence,
How sweet the angels,
Testify the Gods,
Equally well,

But in India they often **** them in vivo.
My HP Poem #1401
©Atul Kaushal
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