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annh Mar 2021
Peace abides in the gentle velvet folds of patient time;

When industry is forgotten and rigid right angles

Give way to soft currents of inspiration;

Lacking definition, judgement or expectation

My yardstick shrinks and disintegrates into nothingness...

Inadequate to the task of measuring infinity.

‘Where is beauty to be found? In great things that, like everything else, are doomed to die, or in small things that aspire to nothing, yet know how to set a jewel of infinity in a single moment?’
- Muriel Barbery, The Elegance of the Hedgehog
Ron Gavalik Feb 2021
Sometimes I'm the boy
who stood helpless
on my grandmother's porch
looking down the hill
upon Hell's fire
and the black plumes
that pushed men
into early graves

–Ron Gavalik
Coralium Feb 2021
a kelp forest fire
man-made pelagic demise
the vengeful tides rise
Ken Pepiton Sep 2020
An experiment in thought at my own speed,
attested as being variable based on vocabulary of my AI,
pretty quick.

Establishing the point in value, the idea,
of attending to wealth while wool gathering, late
in the summer of 2020,
thinking at leisure beyond measure of any man in my class
a short time ago.
This now, a moment in a given day during
the September, final summer moon,
seventh moon on a world with a
time measured finite
seemingly, ostensibly, suppposedly -- in clumps of the three
as if all things may come in threes at one
stage in being realized
to matter --- but of the three ways to say
supppose, sup?
The answer presupposes the quest
to find it, any story told
poses the problem, the thing that catches our
attention, that thing
holds attractive value, see,

made you look, and peek-a-boo are one game.
Hide and seek is as well.

Two sides to every story, three if we see the story
has us in it. We are nothing if we share no
knowns finished and finite, as this is formed from those
early knowns we intuited everybody knew, and
these acculturation inoculations bring about socially
proper manners
in spaces with others
cultured, leavened, spiced and fashioned
thoughts we were taught,
we learn today
and those others everyone knows, or
maybe not,
may be otherwise… slow dawning aspect

some people never think experimentally

- experiments are guesses, rolls of the die
- I imagine we agree, but, as yet, your guess is as good as any

maybe not, may be otherwise… slow dawning aspect
as the world turns, while our attention is locked
on a star nailed
to the roof of heaven,
--- apsidal vault of stars as seen in church-like structures (1)

as imagined and portrayed prior to Tycho losing
his nose for nuance by lack of focus,
a moment of inattention,
all a magi-tech needs
- look to the quarry you come from
see, before,
back when no lens had yet been ground round
on one side,
flat on the other,
our un augmented eye could chance a glance,
a camera obscura occurrence
once each year as Sirius
rises in line with the story being told, to prove,

we know, and now, you know,
you don’t know how and you may only guess why.

Your mortal dilemma, you cannot imagine knowing
everything, ever, but
can't wish to go over the edge to learn much faster
if that means dying as
all that ever matters does,
based on experience as recorded in all Wikepedia,
if this tekhne ever fails, these thoughts
remain to be thought,
gains again are terms of worth-ship man seems the
measurer of,

I'd love to make sense of all the info in the cloud,
sort it into searchable stacks, and as I wished,
AI took that care from me
but, finding some worth in being still
demands attention for which we must pay,
the daily effort keeps your bowels moving in time.
Minds of our kind imagined all this stuff we can't make up.

apse (n.)"semicircular extension at the end of a church," 1846,
from Latin apsis "an arch, a vault,"
from Greek hapsis (Ionic apsis) "loop, arch,"
originally "a fastening, felloe of a wheel,"
from haptein "fasten together,"  {boing, pro-tein haptein}
which is of unknown origin.

The original sense in Greek
seems to have been the joining of the arcs
to form a circle,
especially in making a wheel.
The architectural term is earlier
attested in English
in the Latin form (1706). Related: Apsidal.

From <>
While listening to Marxism by Thomas Sowell with half my brain.
Jenie Aug 2020
unfiltered interviews displaying
for all to see

alluring youth offered drive dedication
exposed their introspective sensitivity
kindness obsessions analyzed
their deepest anxieties

fans of their own with
-ia-ending disorders aplenty to bear
their days shared or stolen
entrusted archives auctioned

camera-ready smiles
inner balance thumbed up to the tilt
album sales to arena wealth
ardor of a musician sold

role models pinned to the walls
hunted market gods
Work in progress, I've been reading and watching videos of young artists, mostly musicians, and there seem to be common themes: mental health issues, impact of social media on self confidence, deification and fetish tendencies of some fans. Feels like their talents and mental health are being sold by some banking on people's need to chase dreams
Big Virge Jul 2020
So EXACTLY... WHAT... !?!
Is The... " INDUSTRY "... ?

A Place For Sheep To BLEAT... !!!!!
Or Somewhere For The Weak...
To CLAIM That They Sound Sweet...

Within The... Industry... !!!!!

Because of These Sheep...
Who Choose To Be Meek...

So Therefore DO NOT Speak...
On How They're MADE TO BE... !!!

PUPPETS Like The Muppets...
Who Act Like... ***** In Buckets... !!!!!

While Those Who Choose...
To Speak The... TRUTH...
Are Seen As Crews
Who CAN'T BE Used... ?!?

I Guess Because... ???
They WON'T BE USED... !!!

To... " Play The FOOL "...
When They've Been Schooled... !!!

The TRUTH Is It's... " EXCLUSIVE "...
To Be Someone Whose Music...

Gets To Be... " INCLUDED "...
In Being Seen As GROOVING... !!!

They're Seen As Being... " Artists "...
When They HIT Profit Margins... !!!

When All They've Done Is BARGAIN...
To Get Their Music Charted...

Producers TOO Be... " Cooling' "....
On Artistry That's Movements...
Are Challenging And Prudent...

They'd Rather Be Producing...
For Music That's Recouping...
BIG BUCKS For Sounding STUPID... !!!!!

And Artists Who Be Choosing...
To Do Music That's Proving...
That Artistry IS... LOSING... !!!!!

It's Really Quite INCREDIBLE... !!!
What They'll Do Cos' It's... " SELLABLE "... !!!!!

Setting Up Their Schedule...
To Work On Instrumentals...
That CLEARLY EARN Them Medals... !!!

For Stooping To...
... "low levels"... !?!

And Nowadays The... " Lyrical "...
Is Seen As Being......................... Dismissible.......

Because It's CLEARLY NOT...
What THE INDUSTRY Wants... !!!

So This Verse HERE Is CRITICAL...
To The Industry's... UMBILICAL... !!!!!

Because It's Chord...
DOES NOT Enforce... !!!!

Those Whose.... " CREATIVITY's "....
Made To FEED The... INDUSTRY...

If Your Art's Made For WEALTH...
You NEED TO... CHECK Yourself... !!!

That Comes For Souls Who SELL... !!!

The DEVIL Has Lived WELL... !!!
Off... INDUSTRY Type Smells... !!!!

So Those Who NOW COMPLAIN...
About The Game... TODAY...
UPON The... " Wall of SHAME "... !!!

BEFORE Saying What They Say... !!!!!
Because THE ROLE They've PLAYED...

Has Shown How They've ENSLAVED...
The ARTISTRY... They CLAIM... !!!!!

To Be Their... INSPIRATION...
For Making Their CREATIONS...

If MONEY Is Your PRICE... ?
For... DEVOTING Your Time...
To Creating Art That's FINE...
And UNIQUE By Design...

Then RECOGNISE The Line...
You CHOOSE To Make The Music...
That You Say... KEEPS POLLUTING...
Our NEW... CREATIVE Minds... !!!!!

I'm Gonna Say That TWICE... !!!!!

If Money Is Your PRICE... ?
For... DEVOTING Your Time...
To Creating Art That's FINE...
and UNIQUE By Design...

Then RECOGNISE The Line...
You CHOOSE To Make The Music...
Our NEW... CREATIVE Minds... !!!!!

When YOU KEEP Contributing...
To ART That Should Be... "MUTED"... !!!

And RUN AWAY From Movements...
Because of What It... CHOOSES... !!!


And Artistry That's... " Coolness "...
Comes From Being... TOOTHLESS... ?!!!?

I Guess They'll Say THIS PIECE of ART...
Comes From A Place That's WAY TOO DARK... !!!

So WON'T Get A PASS...
To CLIMB UP The Charts... !!!
And... SHINE Like A STAR....

"Okay, Blah DI Blah !" …

These INDUSTRY Farts...
REALLY Make ME Laugh... !!!!!!!!

But THESE WORDS Impart...
Through THEM And Weak Hearts... !!!

From Producers To Rappers...
To... Singers And Actors...

One Day You'll NEED Answers...
For... What You Have Done... !!!

DON'T PLAY That You're Dumb...
When It Comes To... Your Stunts...

WHO You Have... "Worked With"...
And WHO You Have.............. SHUNNED... !!!

To Get Your Art NOTICED... !!!
Because It LACKS DOPENESS'... !!!

If That's What You've USED...
To Get Yourself... INTO...

A Game That's NOW RULED...
By Art That Now PROVES...

How Artists Have SOLD...
TRUE Artistry... short... !!!!!!

And Have Made A NEW BREED...
of Fans Who Now FEED...

On Art That Is MADE...
NOT FOR THEM But For Heads...

About... REAL Artistry... !!!!!

So... As I've Now Said...
If YOU'RE One of THEM... ?

Cos' You Should Be ASHAMED.... !!!!
of... " PLAYING The Game "...

Artistry's Drained...................................

For What's FAKE To GAIN FAME... !!!

You're Just PROVING How Weak...
That You... TRULY BE...
By Sowing THE SEEDS...

That FEED The....

...... " INDUSTRY "......
Listen Here :
Nandini yadav Jun 2020
बिन कुछ कहे क्यों चले गए तुम,अभी न ऐसे जाना था

अभी तो ज़िन्दगी शुरू हुई थी,जिसे अभी और सजाना था

अपने किरदारों से तुमने,कभी हँसाया तो कभी रुला दिया

बॉलीवुड के चंद हकदारों ने तुम्हें मौत की नींद सुला दिया

भेदभाव की इस नगरी में तुमने,कितना दर्द सहा होगा

सिर्फ टैलेंट के बूते पहचान बनाना,मुश्किल बड़ा रहा होगा

बस,उस पल से और लड़ जाते तुम,जिस पल में तुम टूट गए

हताश हुए,निराश हुए और हयात से यूँ रूठ गए

ज़िंदादिल इंसान थे तुम,तुम्हे चाँद पर घर बसाना था

बिन कुछ कहे क्यों चले गए तुम,अभी न ऐसे जाना था

कुछ वक्त पहले कंगना ने खुद ये राज़ खोला था

भाई भतीजावाद के ख़िलाफ़, सिर्फ उसी ने बोला था

उसकी तीखी बातों पर न कभी किसी ने ग़ौर किया

नेपोटिस्म के सौदागरों ने फिर एक नया शिकार किया

इन तुच्छ लोगों की साजिश में,न खुद को यूँ मिटाना था

बिन कुछ कहे क्यों चले गए तुम, अभी न ऐसे जाना था

आत्महत्या नहीं ये हत्या है,तुम्हे इंसाफ मिलना चाहिए

फिर से कोई सुशांत, अब न शांत होना चाहिए

चला गया वो खामोशी से,अब तो थोड़ी शर्म करो

बॉलीवुड में नेपोटिस्म का ये काला धंधा बन्द करो।

            Did not want to go now ..

Why did you go without saying anything, you did not have to leave now
Life had just started, which still had to be decorated
You laughed at your characters and sometimes made you cry
Bollywood's few entitles put you to death
In this city of discrimination, you must have suffered so much pain
It would have been difficult to identify only on the basis of talent
Just, from that moment you would fight, the moment you broke
Desperate, disappointed and disgusted with the Hyatt
You were a lively person, you had to settle on the moon
Why did you go without saying anything, you did not have to leave now
Kangana opened this secret herself some time ago
Only he spoke against brother nepotism
Nobody noticed his sharp words
Nepotism dealers again hunt a new one
In the conspiracy of these frivolous people, not to erase themselves
Why did you go without saying anything, you did not have to leave now
It's not ******, it's suicide, you should get justice
No Sushant again, no more calm
He has gone silently, now be a little ashamed
Stop this dark business of nepotism in Bollywood.
This is a tribute to sushant singh rajput who made his mark in bollywood only on the basis of his talent. actually this is not ****** but suicide sushant get justice now nepotism hast to be completely eliminated from bollywood and lets boycott all those **** people who promote nepotism
mars Feb 2020
I got this job because I was seventeen
Available everyday at three
In debt with a man after I went clean
My boss at the time was thirty six with a goatee
Five dollars an hour plus tip, you see
It was fine for me.

I met the others standing by the kitchen line
All of them with the same look in their eye
Lying to family and friends saying, financially, their fine
Getting nothing on a tip and never knowing why
Yet they return the next day to serve white wine

Looking around I see all of us wanted more
But I’m in debt and you have to pay the rent
Do it all in one day and go home to a son that’s four
Under the thumb of an old vice president

The roof over the kitchen is about to cave in
And we watch with silent eyes
Because our uniforms are being held with safety pins
Promised new ones but Corporate lies

And when the bubble in the ceiling pops
We’ll be by the dumpsters flicking cigarettes on the road
While the greedy pigs come in drawing lots
Waiting for the gas stove to explode

Paid vacation sounds lovely
Been here every week for the past year
Sometimes I’m called to  come in early
Pick up the broken glass from lunch rush beer

The people come in
Angry as they usually are
Now the glares don’t even touch my skin
It makes me laugh how many nasty people sit at the bar
The high-class families who come in for din

It’s been eight hours and six years
Since we started our shift
Staying here for three more is the biggest fear
But we’re already ******
We’ve been here for long we know this career

What else am I supposed to know
Other than how to make dough

It’s been a long night
You can see it in the height
Of cigarette buts by the dumpster
Where we can freely talk about the customer

It’s a busy life
Feels like we’re running out of time
To get out and ignore the strife
But there are times when the tips make us feel sublime

And we can buy a warm meal
Cause maybe it will heal
These aching muscles
That come from a constant hustle

Don’t you see why they say
At the end of the day
We need an ashtray.
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