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annh Sep 2019
Bright anime eyes,
Cat-astrophically bewitching;
Forty winks required.

‘In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.’
- Terry Pratchett
Clive Blake Mar 2018
Do you know what it’s like
To be required no more,
To be put out to grass,
To be kicked out the door,
To know your work’s ended,
No more will be done,
To be slung on the tip,
Pushed aside by the young,
To be pensioned off
In an unceremonious way,
To know you’ve had your’s -
Every dog has its day,
To have an appetite for work,
But be left to hunger,
To be replaced by someone
More able and younger,
To be told you’re too old,
When you feel in your prime,
To be sent on your bike,
Before it’s your time,
To be all washed up
And flushed down the drain,
To have no physical wounds,
But still be in pain,
To feel your age,
Find you’re no Peter Pan,
To see your life going
No longer to plan,
To recall when you felt rich,
But now you feel poor,
To hear your heart slowly pumping,
Alas’ it races no more,
To experience an emptiness
That nothing will fill,
To have no medical symptoms,
But still feel ill,
To be out of control
Of your own destiny,
To be constantly asking
Why me ... why me?
There is a follow up poem to this entitled 'Required Once More'
Eleanor Rigby Sep 2016
like two birds
on a wire
if one flies away
the other is required

to fly away too...
to fly away too...

Mohammad Skati Jan 2015
Barefooted is not good ,so                                                                                       A pair of shoes helps in any season ...                                                                     People rush to buy the best and the highest qualities                                            Even if their prices are like pyramids ...                                                                 I don't understand this rush towards                                                                      All different kinds of pairs of shoes ...                                                                     There are people who are ready to buy                                                                 The whole shoes' stores                                                                                            At any price !

— The End —