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Oskar Erikson Jun 25
we measured the time
by what infatuation took us
that year.
Year 7 was flittering
8 was unfounded
9 was groundbreaking but
10 was changing
Year 11’s love might still be reigning.

you never forget those 5 years.
even if you'd like too.
spongy tapped that dire tweet
and made it tweak a moonlit sky
with this teacher in a spoon
found thus in online game room

these warriors again hit their speed with such utterance
that sought a time still learned of design though what suspiciously
in their console as it made their jobs shine

in matter of moments these ones start
as friendly their epilogue in neighborhoods
that peace has proffered reward again
while tonight they'd emblem cursed fate
a tutor in remorse
Through a veil, I see it all.
A building big, a building small.
Dressed up in its qualities --
An experience my sense recalls.
Äŧül Jul 2017
Mum she is in the beginning,
Armed with a lot of patience,
Rhyming it with an elegant silence,
Yarn of poetry she is threading.

With all her immense patience,
In this wicked world she is happy,
Not worrying about anything,
She keeps her patience unharmed,
Leveraging her happiness on herself,
Of beautiful words she is a lady,
W**ish her I do a lot of happiness.
My HP Poem #1619
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Jan 2017
Lost in the vast bog of stories,
It dies a slow unsung death,
May it meet its personality,
Only impersonality shrouds it now,
Under the flutter of wings,
Shall not get all it deserves,
It'll remain majorly ignored in the clutter of words,
Not because it's poorly projected, but,
E**ntirely because it's not written in my destiny.
Secondary acrostic LIMOUSINE poem.
Though my eBook novel has the best story,
It will remain unread because of my destiny.
My destiny is dictated by the planet Mars,
And it has so far marred my happiness.

If anyone is interested in my eBook novel titled 7 Seconds, they may go to its Amazon page for purchasing it.
Find it on:
And help me bear my medical costs.
My HP Poem #1379
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Dec 2016
She will be even more beautiful,
Heavier will be her eyelids,
Eager will be men for her body.

Would she even miss me,
I** am not aware about it,
Longer this time spent,
Lot she will try to forget.

Ringing bells of her heart,
Every time she will bathe,
Pouring water from the shower,
Early tears will get veiled,
No memories get subsided,
Time spent she will recall.
My HP Poem #1349
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Nov 2016
I** am not so dumb

Kronos wept when you deceived
Not knowing what exactly you did
Of late I now have known it all
What you did in pretence

What pretence you can ask
How could you even ask
An explanation you owed me
Till things could've been fixed

Yucky all your fake love
On your family I feel pity
Unashamed you will thrive

Dope he took to take you high
In the night for hours together
Doomed could have been my life

If I had married you in future
Not a faithful partner you made

When we had started
I should have taken it easy
Not so easy is to be plain sincere
Terminal velocity my love reached
Erring en route the rules I breached
Road accident bothers me not as much

2 were our hearts in love
0 was the problem until
1 vile man came to you and
4 hours you stayed in his room
What you had shown to me as my name embossed below your neck,
Was actually a collection of love bites.
Whose love bites?
You know better,
It was his name and marks.

I could clearly read ABHI on your chest.

The pretence you cited was my unavailability whenever you required to satisfy your horribly strong *** drive.

He came and met you while I was just unable to attend you properly as I was busy securing the property deal down the South for our decent future together.

You are so wicked and so unfaithful.

HP Poem #1270
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Nov 2016
Amidst the days of life,
Lazing leisurely seldom,
Longing for company.

All I have is emptiness,
Lending me some smiles,
Or some happiness,
Not someone else,
E**verything is lonely.
HP Poem #1251
©Atul Kaushal
Viseract May 2016
This isn't a new story;
In fact it's quite old
I may have mentioned it before
But now this story must be told

All through my Primary years
All I had was sweat and tears
I had no friends and too many fears
I couldn't even trust my peers

I kept my secrets hidden deep;
They began to devour me
I tried to talk to somebody,
Please oh please, anybody!

I had begun to play yard games with kids
Who weren't really my friends
They used and abused me every day
Until I felt like it was the end

I blurted it out to them
"Stop this, I can't take it!
I have Aspergers, *******,
Do you know how I deal with it?"

They didn't know how I did it
They were absolutely speechless
Now I regret saying it
Till then it was only known by teachers

My simple reply
To the question I posed them
"I don't"
And a new level of bullying began

Now "******" actually meant something
"*******" was introduced
I regret ever opening my mouth
And helping these new taunts be produced!

Had to move schools because we were moving house
My first term in new uniform, new school and different people
I had hoped that moving would get me friends and less enemies
But no matter where you go, it seems, people are still evil!

I had a crush on a girl that year
And she was always taken
She swapped boyfriends so fast they called her a ****
If I'm not mistaken

I wrote her letters, I was too shy to talk
And the best bit? She wrote back
I kept her letters to this very day
But I did not know she would betray!

She showed my letters to some guys
These guys who used to tease me
I only found out through a friend
When he said he'd seen the pieces

She'd scattered them at the school pond
I found a piece hidden in the grass
It dawned on me that all her beauty
Hid a ******* *******!

She knew I went down to the pond
She didn't feel guilty then
I thought that she was better!

That friend who told me, by the way
I made halfway through the year
He is and was an absolute legend,
Is my friend Pal Tear

Moving on to Year 8
New Year, New Me, right?
******* hell it wasn't
First term, and already in a fight!

Betrayed again by someone who
I had the trust to call a friend
Trusting others is one of my flaws
So I get stabbed again and again

Year 9 comes around
People look but do not speak
There is no reason to diss me
I'm no longer shy, submissive and weak

Instead they **** my anger
As I found out in Year 10
Thought the torture was over
That it wouldn't happen again!

Food scraps thrown at me
Names called from afar
I pretend I just don't care
But it's all a great big façade

I started to ponder
The sharpness of blades
And how easy it would be to cut myself
And try and replace the pain

For a pain I could tolerate
That in good time I would love
The blade would be my bestest friend
When I'd had enough

And so it came to be
For I got set in bad ways
These old habits die rather slowly
I've been trying, for so many days

I made a promise to a girl
A girl I loved, now all is neutral
That I would try not to cut
That a blade is, by far, more than that kind of useful

I'm still trying to stop
To this very day
But although I do it very little
I still get by with my wicked ways
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