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[F#m, A, E, F#m, D, A, E, F#m]

Zombie Heart, why do you keep coming back?
Thought I killed you long ago.
Tried to hide from you undead love attack
Ran as far and fast as I could go.

Left you somewhere I hoped I would forget
Dug a heart-shaped grave and threw you in.
Buried you down so deep I haven't finished yet
An endless war I know I'll never win.

[A, E, F#m, F#m]

Do you think I like breaking you?
My hands are stained red.
Do us both a favor and
This time just stay dead.
Happy October!
Ces Sep 26
The Facebook zombie
Distorts its face:
Contorted, convulsing
A spasmodic smile.

Ignoring internal scars
Emotional wretchedness
Faking with gusto
What the good life is.

The Facebook zombie
Hunkers not for brains
But drools for likes
And virtual applause.

Like dazzling neon lights
Its ego shines bright
"I am the best"
"I am number one"
Says the connoisseur
Of filters and fakes!

The Facebook zombie lumbers
Towards the next bite
The next hit
Mindlessly raising its
Bony hands
As the camera sways
Finding the perfect angle.
Jay M Sep 24
Talking sleep
Memories I wish to keep
Time knows the tears I weep
As I let my tea steep

Walking with head hung low
Eyes but a dim lit glow
Hidden heart, refuse to let it show
Ever afraid of letting go

Draperies sewn shut
Stolen into a hollow hut
**** the peacock that did strut
Replaced with what
But a weak mutt.

- Jay M
September 24th, 2020
Walking like a zombie, living but unsure what's driving it.
August Sep 9
rubble and ruin
grief and despair
bones and blood

leave them to silence,
leave them to hate
leave them to everything
they've come to love.

no --
not love.


they live in the shadows,
and block out the light.

consider the fear
of the hope and the wonder
the awe of a great glowing orb

because nobody understands
the dead and the dying

nobody lives
to tell the story.
will smith (i am legend)
watched it ten months ago and it still scares the **** out of me
Norman Crane Sep 9
Mister Maxwell reads the paper
Of the party that he pays for
And with subtle nods agrees
With each printed word he reads
He knows all the phrases to say
About the topics of the day
And he's politically engaged
(Marching in manifestations)
And appropriately enraged
(By violence and discrimination)
To be a hero of society:
A once-born self that's ceased to be,
A real symptom of democracy!
A truly enlightened zombie!
s a m Sep 2
From the pain of being chained
in a world with full of stains,
I turned dumb and become vain
like a zombie craving brains.
I wrote this poem purposely to reflect from the changes that had happened in my life when I was suffering from depression. I had a hard time battling with my mind about the words that I want to speak about but I just couldn't. Because I'm afraid. Because I think everything that I will say might not make sense to other. I think, being held back from my own opinions has made me become a lot more stupid and fool. Like seriously I just lost everything — my self-esteem, my trust and the confidence. I also went to a point where I was stuck in a thinking of "suicide is the only answer to all of these". But then, this very life gets to experience a whole new level of exhilarating journey with the help of writing. I was saved. I realized there's more in life waiting for us that we never knew existed because we're stuck in one place. So I am glad of being able to break-free from all the hell that myself and other people had put me through. I have the biggest thanks to the people in this community for reading and relating to some of my words that are all deeply about myself (most about my dark side). I will be forever thankful 'cause writing my own thoughts built me up to continue expressing myself and encourage everyone to never shut people down and just appreciate them for what they are and what they love because we never know if in the end they never get to express themselves after committing a sad choice. Please don't wait for them to cut the line, instead, go to them now and wrap your arms around their body and say you love them. Say every good words. Show your support. And after that, a new life has been save from the death.

With much love, Sam.  

Copyright © 2020
Sam N. de la Rosa
All Rights Reserved.
Aaron E Jul 27
Rap at those enraptured under fears of the bacterial,
as children try discerning ethereal from material.

Drowning in the oceans of history, since repeating
these anachronisms trumpeted a fracture fed imperial.

Curse the brittle bones encroaching faster by the minute,
while the sinners broaching laughter couch a ghost within a cynic.

Living flesh against a ghost.
Spoken word against it's host
Who's the zombie here,
between a thread of hope and varicose?

Who's to know the line approached?

Serve the rabble in our throats?

Turn the table in our notes.

Learn the fables from the jokes.
Ghosts are just as dead as zombies.
Life is balance.
Riley Jun 6
Decaying parts
Live zombies
Ungodly bodies made holy again
Are you still alive?

Though I know you to be ashes stashed in the broom closet,
how is it your skin still walks this Earth?
Unattached to me, but grasping onto a stranger.
If they wish to pull the heart from their chest, will you die again?

This imposter wears your skin as a sweater.
If he sins will you too, be a born again sinner?
Tizzop May 21
a face of stone and bloodred eyes
he is not dumb, he is not wise
a vampire, dressed in black attire
ruler of the world, lobby boss, a rock

a fierce narcissist being hurt
even by your friendliest words
knife-like fingernails, teeth spiky
he slits you up, devours your heart

cannibal lecter style for real
he just does not know how to feel
psychopathic soul, a tall goon
ruling from a bone-made throne

you can not make a deal with him:
he's like a bank and always wins
your family is dead my friend
today is your turn: you will burn

barbeque-images, intestines
human-scented steak with bloodshakes
festival of gore, you creature
since you are the vampire's feature

humans come, humans go, you know?
a vampire does not bother
he will tear your body apart
to carve a poem into your flesh
Today is a gory day.
Oka May 11
I became a zombie,
A mindless being
Drifting through life aimlessly
wanting to change something
Not capable of doing anything
And ended up with no one by my side
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