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North African English teachers
Are so rare in Peru;
However, I was sent right there
By the Erasmus - EU.

My adventures didn't even start
When I felt strong unease;
As if I was followed by some,
Some dark and unseen breeze.

My first day was ruined by a bite
Happened in the toilet;
I saw a shade in the mirror,
Then, some tooth and eyelet.


On my first day I got injured
That was badly enough;
However, the first day kept me
A night just alike tough.

Knock-knock-knock I heard on my door,
The darkness was shallow;
Knock-knock without answer,
My guest was Diablo.

I'd been never superstitious,
Though, I believed in Jinns;
Just as I was a believer
Of many other things.


Knock-knock-knock - for a hundred times,
As if my head was' door;
My fear' fulfilled with angriness,
I faced the corridor.

I got the door slowly ajar,
A black claw might me seize;
I snapped its hand and bring Quran,
"It's time to Exorcise!"

The demon tore the door crying,
Of Quranic verses;
The North African welcoming
Has no demon versus.
As the man on screen aims
His rifle towards the zombie's head,
I picture myself holding the pistol
To mine.
Tighten my finger over the cold trigger.
The popcorn in my microwave
And dust on the shelves
Are all that hits my ear.

I'm fighting the zombie.
The sunken eyed ghoul that
Haunts my mirror.
Doesn't really mean anything. Just wanted to write about something.
Taken literally
Or figuratively
Either way

I feel the start
Of a tsunami



Sounds so
**** juicy
These day

Oh Lorde, please don't tempt
More than I am able!
I feel as weak as Brother Cain

Unable to hold
Back my lust for

God be ******
These words got
Me wondering


Doesn't that sound
Good with

Or Sweet Baby Ray's
On any one of the Wall

How do I hold back when
The scent of barbeque
Rises with each forest fire

I'm warming my fire to
Realities and dishes
Before impossible

My morals
I feel
With my

As I grow

It's so
Hard to say
What I

Would or
Wouldn't do when
Pressed with


An empty piggy
Bank staring at the
Fattest swine

In human history

George warned me
About so much
But I was naive

My life too comsuming
To look up and see
The leaves changing

I can't hold
This pain in a living
Heart any longer

So I froze
My mind dead and
I'll unthaw it

When you
Give me something

To eat
Than a
Rich guy
Racheal Sep 14
Started by teasing me waking me up three times a night to tell me how imperfect i am,to tell me that even sleep could not stand having me for so long without a break.

Drink hot water,hot milk your stressed they said but deep down i knew it was the demon of my imperfections waking up and tormenting me.

instead of praying before i go to sleep i prayed before i stayed awake.
My Insomnia,now my closet friend by default.

Am taking peels to sleep,praying that they do not damage my brain but hoping that this demon only remains mine and suddenly i cant breath but am awake i now know the difference betwwen being alive and being awake.

So i have learnt to love this my Insomnia with the hope that the pills it brings as gifts do not damage my brain more than they have  damaged my body,This MY INSOMNIA
Ensorcelé !
Heureux !
Imprimé dans mon fondement
De la marque indélébile
De ma diablesse
Marqué tel un zombie dans la fesse gauche
Marqué tel un zombie dans le blanc de l 'oeil gauche
Marqué tel un zombie dans le pied gauche
Du sceau de luxure
J 'ai juré allégeance à mon ange,
Ma soeur, ma mère, ma fille,
Mon épouse, ma reine, ma déesse.
Mon Ombre satanément fidèle,
J'ai signé un pacte avec Elle
Un pacte de non agression
Et de secours mutuel
Et ne comptez pas sur moi
Pour que je commette
Ni sororicide, ni matricide, ni infanticide
Ni uxoricide, ni régicide, ni déicide.
Ce ne serait que tentative de suicide,
Ombricide lâche, poltron
Voué à pendaison, géhenne,
Noyade et démembrement.
Ensorcelé !
Marabouté !
Morfoisé !
Vampirisé !
A d'autres les zombicides, les soukouyancides
Et chaque jour que ma Muse fait
J'honore de sa signature le chant du coq
Et la rosée sur le sang des coquelicots
Et le ballet des balais et des chapeaux pointus
Par delà les nuages comme des i accent circonflexe
Ou des parapluies ballottés par nos peurs archaïques.
Keiri Jul 30
Crawling into my layer.
Hungry for more.
Go ahead, make your prayer.
And beg your God t'ill you're sore.

For my eyes are drenching.
And there's a hole in my chest.
I'll always be watching.
Waiting, lurking to **** you my guest.

Blood will be drooping and clench
Into the screams that are made.
Covered by my sweet revenge,
Please let them be fooled by my façade.

And my eyes twitching hard.
Sore dry and red.
As it all gets discard.
When I'm not being fed.

My fingers scratching my face.
My mouth drooling with war.
And a lady in white lace.
Who had been stolen from far.

The typical muddy nails.
The well timed rhymes.
The screams that prevail.
The horror mirrors the dark times.

Oh, it's that cinematic feel,
Of when Dracula emerges.
The devil and his deal.
The night got so gorgious.

And the taste of the brains.
That are reaching my troat.
No more personal gains.
No more original quotes.

It's that creepy nights cough,
And a horror be feared.
As the jumpscare was just bluff.
Yet I thrilled as they dared.

It's that creepy night upon my eyes.
Big swollen black eyes on both sides.
Oh I know this is goodbye.
That alone I have abide.

It's the zombie feel when your eyes want to shut.
You're forcing you through this movie with fright.
With the creep, the witch or the nut.
Say goodbye to your sleep tonight.

For you won't sleep for a while anymore.
Oh the joys of a horror, making your eyes sore.
Yeah, I srsly made a poem about not being able to sleep, due to a horror movie, therefor becoming the horror myself.... enjoy.
rosaline Jul 28
i got an icee in the ER
it was my blood stream
now my bloods' green
shoot me
im gonna die with a slushy

everyday i take a pill
will i ever heal?
is this life or is nothing real?
now im a zombie
and everybody loves me

but it's draining
and everything feels so degrading
in without a warranty, they're coming for me
but they're never there for me
brain spill
Shakespeare's ghost!
Writing from the grave!
Trading the host!
Useful zombie slave!

Channel his ghost through a record player.
The sound of his song gets stuck in my head.
I hum the melody and it catches ear,
The sickness spreads like a trend.

Stupid people copy smart people
To make themselves feel smarter.
Smart people use stupid people,
To make themselves seem smarter.

Minds like channels on the television,
Eyes like ceiling fans collison.
A house with no walls!
A burgler can just walk right in!
I am living at Death's door\
I wanted to live some more\
That is why I never passed to beyond\
And now I'm a wanderer at this hour\

I am killing at War's front\
Against my willon this manhunt\
I wanted more from this life\
And now I'm a murderer and shunned\

I am eating at Famine's dining room\
With a hunger that leads me to ruin\
I want more to eat, all I am is gluttony\
And now all I do is consume\

I have Pestilence at my core\
Anyone I touch sickens, more and more\
I didn't want this for anyone, not me\
And now I caused this horror\

Out of control, I'm not me\
An apocalyptic creature, a zombie\
Created to **** and leaved the world free\
Of this curse that is known as Humanity\
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