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Àŧùl May 9
People are not nice,
They can dishearten you,
But don't be like mice.

Let me tell you a story,
My story of victory,
It's after the accident.

When I was in the ICU,
Thought I won't be consequential,
But I disappointed them.

This young man is alive,
An ex-SBI PO, now a DRAAO,
Oh I worked hard for it.

Did not I, oh life,
I don't play the fife,
You know, right?

Now I talk to you,
Yes, you, the dejected one,
Now I ask you this:

Being a survivor,
If I can be successful,
Why cannot you?
Life-Threatening Coma-Inducing Bike Accident: May 7, 2010
Awoke From The Comatose State: June 1, 2010
Discharged From The Hospital: June 18, 2010
Lost academic time: 5 years
Lost physical capabilities: Can't play my guitar as nicely as I used to, stammer at times, limp a bit, difficulty in balancing myself, memory problems

But I didn't give up on life. I knew that I can do it.

People who saw my mangled state in the ICU and HDU, they suggested my parents to look after me for the rest of their lives. They suggested my parents to get me enrolled in an easier vocational course to weave baskets or sell newspapers.
They disheartened my mother, who in turn thought that I could not do what others can.
But my father always has had full faith in my capabilities and capacities.
I not only completed my Bachelor of Technology degree in Biotechnology from the Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak, but also I went on to complete a postgraduate degree (M.Tech) in Animal Biotechnology from the ICAR-National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal.

And now I have done it.

Professional Success 1 (SBI PO): July 4, 2023
Professional Success 2 (C&AG AAuO): March 12, 2024

My HP Poem #1968
©Atul Kaushal
Àŧùl May 9
I met a friendly woman at the college,
She sat in the entrance gallery west of the labs.
I said, "Hello, may I know your identity," with a smile,
And her lips spread to a mile.
She said, "Hello, I'm here on my job,"
Little did I know that blowing was her job.

Anyway, I started telling her about myself,
And as a loner with an infrequent *****,
I respect and I know myself a lot.

When she sat in rapt attention for me,
Listening to my breath between the words,
And my gaze often slid down her face.

There they sat elegantly and imposingly,
Two cute babies, a picture of them, actually,
In a picture printed on the ***** of her shirt,
And I asked about them curiously.

She said, "They are my nephew and niece,"
"Both are twins and each weighs 7 kilograms,"
And looked for validation, "Aren't they both so nice?"

I nodded in agreement saying, "Definitely,"
And I continued, "I want to play with them both."

She said, "I know that you fell in love with them,"
Now she continued with another broad smile,
"You are welcome to play with both of them,"

I asked, "Are they with you?"
She laughed shortly and said,
"They always remain with me."

Puzzled, I said, "What?"
My jaw remained hung open in astonishment.

She put her finger under my chin,
Then shut my mouth to say,
"Don't act like an innocent kid,"
And she continued,
"I like you, and I want you,
Come in the morning,
We'll have a lot of fun,
And I'll blow my favourite toy,
Before both of us go for a movie."
My HP Poem #1967
©Atul Kaushal
Àŧùl May 2
My word is good, it's also true,
I promise to you all my life,
For you will be my wife,
Touch me & you'll see,
How I turn to gold soon,
You'll be my intense magic,
Our families will be our glue.

When the time is ripe,
For me & even you,
It will be alright,
Because you will be my wife,
To indulge in romance,
Engage in this dance,
To create new life.

Don't worry dear, I won't stifle you,
You I won't send in a swoon,
I know you can achieve,
The greater glory.
That will be the day,
For us to unite as one body,
Come dancing to me, my dear lady.

Now, don't procrastinate much,
I'm yours and you're mine too,
And both of us are alike each,
Both me & you were let down,
By the ones we took to be ours,
But we don't need such friends,
Oh, such fake faces around us.

I know that me you'll not disappoint,
You I'll never let feel disheartened,
Babe, I will be patient with you,
And I will let my poems now,
Trust me & you'll see the peak,
Not of any other mountain now,
But of the friendly hillock of love.

You must trust me in this skydive,
I'll take care of you when you need,
When it's time, your dough I'll knead,
Feel my deep love as you dared to jump,
You're the most beautiful of them all,
Now feel confident about yourself,
You're cautious and that's good.

Just don't hold back fearing me,
I'll be gentle and kind with you,
And I expect you to be receptive,
Also, you be ready for new love,
Come, let's look after this dove,
Be receptive to my love, don't fear,
Be intimate when I pull you near.
My HP Poem #1966
©Atul Kaushal
Àŧùl Apr 29
If I were a time traveller,
Would I be able to jump back?
Or would I die in the process?

And if I could do a thing again,
Presuming that I reach back in time,
Would I remain conscious of what needs to be rectified?

And what's the guarantee that
What happened won't repeat itself the same way?
And what's going to happen to my existence in this timeline?

Traveling time would not make any difference,
Because the past has already happened, it can't be changed.

If at all, I'd end up in a parallel timeline,
Stuck forever,
In the middle of people who want me dead.
My HP Poem #1965
©Atul Kaushal
Àŧùl Apr 25
Once again while on the path of words you tread,
The 'Angel?' Saga
I hope you find it convenient to read.

I seek your opinion to develop myself
Please cooperate
Just as you have read the 7 poems, them you re-read.

Tell me which part you love the most,
It I shall write
On paper and in a handwriting so beautiful.

I'm addicted to my brainchild poem,
And I remember
What wind - what land - what sea.

14 years after that accident,
I finally succeed
To establish myself as a professional.

Poetry played a crucial part,
In redefining me
And my mental acumen.

So, I want to celebrate my success
By expressing my love for poetry
And the respect for my fellow poets.
Àŧùl Apr 8
Tell me your likes,
But emphasize on your dislikes.
I want to impress you,
But more than that,
I want to conform with your desires.
Also, tell me what you like about me,
And while pointing at my greys, just feel free.

We're strangers with a great potential,
Don't procrastinate much,
And just let yourself come closer to me,
I'll protect you, and I'll kindle you,
Dear, you I'll encourage,
I'll also facilitate your success,
Not because I seek credit, but because I love you.

There's an age gap between us,
But it's still less than a decade,
I know you are young and ambitious,
Don't fear me, you I will nurture,
And don’t worry, please remember,
I'll never obstruct your career,
You have told me your aspirations.

You still have half-a-decade,
And I can advise you, dear,
You I can suggest strategies,
You're going to be a teacher,
And I know that you aim higher,
I refer to that dream of yours,
Through you, I can live my dreams.

We're made for each other,
In you, I see a young but mature lady,
I can read faces, like I did that day,
Yes, I'll always read how much it'll bother,
If you're sensitive, so am I,
I know that you like me,
You should accept my care.

You are close to your grandpa,
I don't say that I can love you like him,
Or even your parents, dear,
But my mother will be gratified,
And so will be my father,
You'll receive a similar care like your home,
And my romance, it will be your bonus.

This is a love letter filled with deep promises,
I'll let you follow your heart,
And try to keep you close,
Or rather I'll be there like an umbrella,
Shielding you from the torrential shower,
Let me bear the responsibility,
Just trust me once and be my wife,
I'll shield both you and our child,
From the necessary evils of modern life,
And also the unwanted stares of the society.

Your acceptance of my love will be my gratification,
Eventually, even you will love me,
I know that I hurt you,
But I did so to let you know what hurt me,
You're jealous about my other friends,
So am I, buddy, so am I about yours,
Relax, just relax and embrace me.
My HP Poem #1963
©Atul Kaushal
Àŧùl Apr 7
And he had said,
"Ladakh is a barren piece of land,
Let the Chinese have it,
Nothing grows over there,
And it's a useless piece of territory,
The lesser the liabilities for my government,
The better."

And the Chinese still sit in Aksai Chin,
That part he called barren,
It's our lost land that China usurped,
Yes, the expansionist China,
And how shamelessly he escaped his duty,
His responsibility to maintain the integrity,
Of our nation he ought've known the nitty-gritty.

But now we face an uphill task,
That Hindi-Cheeni Bhai-Bhai,
It's now a laughing stock,
Yes, sir, people laugh at it,
Albeit less than they do at your scion,
The same scion who has nil experience,
And simply a negative IQ, perhaps.

But that was just one of your mistakes, sir,
How can we forget your ambition to be the Prime,
Even at the cost of the national integrity,
You let them unleash a rein of terror,
Both the sides suffered civilian casualties,
Not just the dead I refer to,
I also refer to the ***** and mutilated.

You behaved so power-hungry,
So irresponsible and immature,
So ignorant and inexperienced,
So unwise and unintelligent,
Of that post, oh sir,
That position that you won by your clout,
You knew that Bhai made a better choice.

Yet you felt entitled to the post,
By the mere virtue of your birth,
Born with a silver spoon in your mouth,
Linen sheets underneath your body,
Much like your dumb scion,
Yes, the very same one who fumbles.

He fumbles in his speech,
And in his lack of preparation,
The Grand Old Party, it trembles,
Trembling under the unwanted burden,
Voices of dissent grow louder,
The Party you usurped is slipping away,
Drifting further everyday.
My HP Poem #1962
©Atul Kaushal
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