Dear Pooh Bear
I can never get over
The memory of your scent.

Never let me
Find you gone and
Just stay here until the end.

We have a dream
To pursue and achieve
For our cute next generation.
My HP Poem #1703
©Atul Kaushal
Patience is the word
Of the wise, spoken
Or written through
Jargon of expertise
And experience...
My HP Poem #1702
©Atul Kaushal
strong>I Am Not An Avatar

Aiming for immortality I am not,
Mortal I am happy and content.

Traveling I met with an accident,
Hoping to reach home I was,
Expecting the mishap not.

But I still fought my life back,
Except I have been surely fitter,
Still I have never been more alive,
The Angels of death were left craving.
Assurance by a nearly immortal lover for his dear lover, Pooh Bear.

My HP Poem #1702
©Atul Kaushal
strong>You need me to be around round the clock,
Obviously, you are lovelorn far from me,
Unsatisfied, although, you're definitely not.

Again, I want to look at your beautiful fingers,
Rosy nails of your hands, I will never forget,
Especially the skin on your beautiful hands.

Soft and tender are your thoughts,
Often you bring me to comfy slots.

How you own me is unknown to you,
Ears yours are so gorgeous & beautiful,
Awe-filled are my moments with you,
Violets and peaceful greens I love yours,
Even your tiniest responses are heart-rending,
Not just in the moment but for a lifetime,
Long lost lover from a past birth you are,
You are my eternal lover and my baby.

Caring for you I am now and forever,
Understanding my love you are,
Thanks for accepting my love,
Ethereal you are in my life.
My HP Poem #1701
©Atul Kaushal
You love me like a cute and young Goddess,
I can't ever feel that I have loved you enough,
My potential of loving you is unreal and Godly.

You, loving me, make hundred times the progress,
I just need to maintain my love over each trough,
My lover, you are so very much cute & Godly.
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My HP Poem #1700
©Atul Kaushal
I got my first job.

Lesser than expected salary,
Otherwise, I'm very happy,
Very satisfied I'm as well,
Except for that change it I will.

You inspired me, Pooh Bear,
Of a bright future, I'm a holder,
Utopic partner, you're my beholder.
My HP Poem #1699
©Atul Kaushal
Though they outsource manufacturing,
The major profit stays within the nation.

Micromax Canvas Infinity is definitively a great device.
Both Pooja and I have got one each of this fantastic device.

My HP Poem #1698
©Atul Kaushal
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