6d Atul
Duchess of Cambridge's hair,
That makes everyone glare,
Cara Delevingne's face,
That all men seem to chase,
Emma Watson's hips,
And Kylie Jenner's lips,
Almost all girls want this.

This is the perception of beauty that most hold,
And into that,they are mould,
Misfits often termed unattractive,
A socially constructed notion taken as truth,
Especially by the youth.

But there is a side they do not tell you,
The pain,the needles,the depression they go through,
So please be happy as you are,
You are beautiful and like a star you shine,
Flaws make you unique,
You will find the happiness you seek.
Atul Jun 10
I never had a best friend in my life till I met you,
All I had were normal friends who were not close,
Or fake lovers.

The most genuine friend I have is none other than you,
I consider it lucky that me as a best friend you chose,
Your love is as scented as a rose.

And I will not ever disappoint you my friend,
I am learning youthful ways from you now,
Of our friendship there lies not at all an end,
They will notice us only getting closer & how.

For you, My Pooh, I write this poem as I am really happy today remembering all the good times that we are spending together.

Yes, I am possessive and selfish when I ask you solely and solemnly for myself,
Not because I am negative, but more so because I am hopeful that our sun will shine,
Your happiness is my main motive as I motivate you to stay strong for yourself,
Not because I will gain something out of it but as you are going to be happy in future.

In you I have seen an Angel,
So helpful and kind you are,
Motherly care for future family,
Now I conclude this post buddy.
My HP Poem #1711
©Atul Kaushal
Atul May 30
If I were a sweet wizard,
I will apparate by your side right now.

If I were a nursing wizard,
I will wave a hand to heal you.

If I were a guard wizard,
You will not be afraid of any lizard.

If I were a romantic wizard,
I will write the sweetest words you want to read.

If I were a Godly wizard,
I will bring back your Consciousness.

If I were a complete wizard,
You will not be so sad.

But you are sad as I ain't a wizard,
Not even a professional success.

You are plighted with miseries,
Not filled with dreamy happiness.

Since I am not an older woman,
You can never aptly find your mother in me.

As you are sad now,
I feel so worthless.

But trust me, my Dear Future Wife,
I will definitely make it up to you.

I will pamper you like your mum,
But only if you feel my love, Dear.
My HP Poem #1710
©Atul Kaushal
Atul May 27
And that you were an infant.
I shall appear from your mouth
And I would pop before you knew.
For my dear Pooh Bear.

My HP Poem #1709
©Atul Kaushal
Atul May 14
For the first time in my life,
I now live in a home of my own,
Regardless of the financial constraints,
Sweet parents built this dwelling,
Then I also pumped some capital.

Of late, we sold our previous property,
Well, I planned & cracked the deal,
Now we have this new bigger home.

Regards to my parents are never going to be enough,
Especially when we went through my accident saga,
Salty moist memories do not follow me now,
Indian, this Anugraha looks so graceful,
Darkness of night fails to take away the sheen,
Enjoying my time here in the life,
Not forgetting who made this house a home,
Call them I do my sweet and kind parents,
Even the darkest memories seem to fade away.
Our new home is called Anugraha, a word that means grace.

I am very happy that we are now living in a home that is our own.

Before this, I lived in the NDRI Karnal campus in a rented accommodation.

The close-to-nature Government-funded National Dairy Research Institute campus I will dearly miss but I am really satisfied with this new place that I now call home and even my best friend and future wife Pooja Shah will have a leisurely home in future. I am very happy that I finally live in a home that I can call my own.

My HP Poem #1708
©Atul Kaushal
Atul Apr 8
Human life is not weak,
And it is very audacious.
Nearing its extinction,
Humanity was in the 1300s.
But humanity resurged,
Even after the great famine,
And the Black Death too.
My HP Poem #1707
©Atul Kaushal
Atul Apr 5
Dear Pooh Bear
I can never get over
The memory of your scent.

Never let me
Find you gone and
Just stay here until the end.

We have a dream
To pursue and achieve
For our cute next generation.
My HP Poem #1706
©Atul Kaushal
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