Words elude expression
And on pages blank,
No ink splashes emotion.

Words refuse to materialize.
And when parched lips part,
No secrets elicit nourishment
To the bleeding heart.

Colours play hide and seek.
And inside bland lives,
Never do hearts find a reason to beat and beat and beat.

But often,
Expression survives without the crutches of words.
And even the blankness of pages
Become evidence for the empty hollowness gnawing inside.

But often, blurred words escape the rhizome of parched lips
As they quiver and quiver in hopelessness and speak a tongue of their own.

But often,
Bland lives fail to seek colours and remain bland
Their world turns into a living coffin
While the dead caravan of numerous bones breathlessly goes on and on and on.

I Am Alive.
I sing the song of life.

I Am Optimistic.
I hope the good of life.

I Am Positive.
I am the best of men.

I can not find it convincing to write about depressive thoughts, so I edited the poem.

My HP Poem #1679
©Atul Kaushal

Just hold on baby girl Pooh Bear,
I am here as your guardian angel,
None more other than you I love,
Xerox my love and give it to me,
Easier than me you can't love anyone,
Drive you to ecstasy I will for sure.

Not fearing the future anymore,
Or not fearing their judgement.

Mighty love will take us to our port,
On the port of satisfaction we'll land,
Roam as much you want in my heart,
Exceed my expectations always you do.

My HP Poem #1678
©Atul Kaushal

I love You, my dear Princess Pooh,
There can't be anyone as good as You,
We are yet to meet each other,
Months spent together are so few.

My HP Poem #1677
©Atul Kaushal

Dil mein mere hai tu,
Dil mein mere hai tu,
Tu dil mein mere hai basi,
Tu dil mein mere hai basi.

In my heart are you,
In my heart are you,
You are housed in my heart,
You are housed in my heart.

My HP Poem #1676
©Atul Kaushal

Right when it was the end of the road for me I thought,
I saw some light at the end of the tunnel so very dark,
Casually being nice and so friendly to a fellow poet.
Hugging my soul so tight in this love-decorated ark,
Enriched I am by your presence in my life,
Need you I do as my compatible loving wife,
Eternally grateful to yoh I will be even in my afterlife.
Dear, dear Princess Pooh, I will always love you.

By that Creator I swear to be with you forever,
Your days will see healthy sunrises with me.

My forever lover you are going to be,
Your eternal lover I will forever be.

Love you I do like our Creator loves us all,
Only careful I am being so I am not so fast,
Vents of oxygen that you have unclogged,
Early days of our relationship will forever last.

A surprising ray of hope you were initially,
Nicknamed you as my dear Baby Pooh Bear,
Did you ever think that you will get your Angel back?

Casually you kiss my cheeks & I kiss your forehead,
And we kiss each other on the lips too,
Righteously I care for your comfort & health,
Enhanced with your love is all my wealth.

You are a super woman, my Love,
And you are
Richened by my love and care.
Another one of my secondary acrostic poems.
My HP Poem #1675
©Atul Kaushal

I am not a believer in the popular notion of God or Allah or Yahweh or Prabhu or Bhagwan or Rabb or any other concept.

I do believe that something has created all of it but that power isn't as selfish to make its creations worship it. The power will be happy if we remain faithful towards life on Earth and do not conduce in destroying any form of life that can express its pain animatedly.

I despise the promise of a place in an imaginary place called heaven or paradise if we comply with the words conveyed to a single person by the fictional creator or the punishment in boiling oil if we don't comply with the words conveyed to that fictional man.

Heaven is nowhere if logic is to be heeded to, but heaven is now here if love, compassion and brotherhood towards all creatures on this planet is on our minds while all of us humans loyally comply with our duties.

Any creator, that will tell a man (probably on marijuana) in his dreams that nonbelievers are to be either converted or killed before the descent of Pralay/Qayamat/Doomsday, is a figment of imagination which propagated through the course of time.

Do good, practice fidelity to your family and your Karma will be balanced to help you attain Nirvaņa.

Another piece of my thinking.
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