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Roses are red
Violets are blue
If you don't like Harry Potter
Something is Sirius-ly
Ron with you
Only Potterheads will understand❤
Carlo C Gomez Jan 10
"do you take this crown
to be your awfully embedded life?"

annus horribilis
hermetically sealed

she wore denim to Wimbledon
and half of Jolly Old England
wanted to burn her alive

annus mirabilis
the chain undone

the calling freedom
yawn sleep yacht
stroll yearn swive

pull the boat ashore
leave the shark infested
waters behind

tell the Queen
to put a cork in it

the sign out of town reads:
"Harry's game, Meghan's law"
Carlo C Gomez Nov 2019
Queen for a day.
Prisoner for life.
Her 'crimes':
New mother and wife;
A woman of color
Thinking for herself;
Just leave her be, please,
Lest history repeat itself.
Shin Aug 2019
Perhaps you think I groom them for my gain.
After all, I am just a Slytherin.
We are selfish beasts, some call us evil.
So clearly I'm just polishing my gems.

But I have to ask, do you know the pain?
The lonesome ache I find myself within?
A filthy balloon, just pass the needle!
If love won't find me, at least I'll have them.
Another thought of Harry Potter
Shin Aug 2019
My lips pursed by the power of Albus
as abuse lies dormant under my nose.
Oh how I wish I could be unbridled.
Oh how I wish I could just take a stand.

For now I'll sit in my matchstick palace,
I see the thorns, and I'll offer the rose.
Curse those soul-suckers while I sit idle.
Not Dementors, but family plagues this land.
A third thought of Harry Potter
Shin Aug 2019
I look to my Luna, my sun and stars.
My one remaining joy, life's true passion.
At times I see Pandora in her smile,
and in those moments the haze fades away.

Some might say my mind is a bit ajar,
A traitorous fanatic lost in sin.
This is fine, let them ramble, meanwhile
by Luna's side I'll live another day.
Another thought of Harry Potter
Shin Aug 2019
There remains a taste of lily on my lips,
as my thoughts grow into a mundane gray.
The Lords of dark and light intertwine
pulling my soul's string, but the dull ache remains.

Sectumsempra's slice can release the devil's grip.
As blood pools at my feet I feel it all fade away.
Finally, this moment I control, it is solely mine.
Alas, I shake myself awake, and return to the pain.
A thought of Harry Potter
Shiv Pratap Pal May 2019
Tom **** and Harry
Met a lovely fairy
She asked - 'How do you do?'
They said – 'Why should we tell you?"
How do we do?

Fairy gave a Smiling look
'There is a nice reason
I can fulfil all your wish'
Tom said – 'We don't do'
God does everything'

Fairy was impressed
Tom became happy
So was ****
Fairy winked and smiled
Harry Got Mad

Harry decided to Marry
Beautiful lovely fairy
He said – 'Fulfil my wish.
Marry me and be my Bride'
Fairy got angry, lost her temper

She threw them all
They all had a great fall
It happened all of a sudden
They found themselves fallen from bed
Now they understood clearly

Whatever they saw was just a dream
Both Tom and ****
Started beating Harry
They Kicked and Punched
Harry was so sad

He was not that bad
He realised, said sorry
He also touched his ears
But when he turned his pillow
Found a pleasant Red Rose

Soon Tom and ****
Turned their pillows
Found nothing at all
Now they turned to Harry
Knelt down and felt sorry

A Fairy Tale
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