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Simon Soane Mar 28
I’d hazard a guess there aren’t many folk who don’t know the tales of Harry, Hermione and Ron
and how with a cast of a multitude of friends they defeated Voldemort with aplomb,
rightly these heroic adventures are held in the highest regard,
and will be told forever by musicians, singers and bards,
these stories will be remembered, people will talk of those courageous and brave
and how they turned the evil tide of The Dark Lord with everything they gave,
how they dispelled the magic of horror with the strength of the Gryffindor lion,
but less well known than this wonder is the fable of Tayrn and her Ryan.
R and T arrived to Hogwarts  10  years after He Who Can Not Be Named was vanquished in the great struggle,
Tayrn was pure wizard born whereas Ryan was pure muggle,
both took to wizarding school easily and did well in all their classes,
of course Tayrn was a hit with the lads and Ryan a swoon with the lasses,
but it didn’t matter they gave all folk in their year at Hogwarts an involuntary love shudder
because ace Tayrn and Ryan only had eyes for each other!
Their wonderful sweet love was easy and went without a hitch,
spent Saturdays gazing at each other when they should have been watching Quidditch,
hand in hand they skipped around The Forbidden Forest, their romance knowing no rift,
saying hello to a friendly centur or a flying hippogriff,
they galloped around Diagon Alley, their souls full of cheer,
or sat relaxed and tranquil in The Leaky Cauldron sipping butter beer.
T and R were ace at spells, Tayrn’s best was with a wand swish creating healing
and Ryan’s wonderful arty prowess was painting The Sistine Chapel on any ceiling;
yes they were each other’s equal in the way they weaved the magic from above
and this is one of the reasons they were very much in love.
One night T and R were going on one of their romantic walks
and decided to have a jaunt to a wonderful clearing just near Hogwarts,
they sauntered through the darkening evening with a song on their lips,
swaggered along the green with the music of love on their hips,
as they got to the secluded clearing they were anticipating with glee each other’s hold
but then all of a sudden they started feeling very cold.
They both noticed that the summer grass was covered in a blanket of frost,
the trees were looking pale, freezing, withdrawn and lost,
the air was filled with frigidity and held the hints of scare,
the flowers were wilting with chilled terror, bloom given way to despair,
as Tayrn and Ryan wondered what was the cause of such floral bad health
just a few yards away  the answer revealed itself;
over a hill came a hooded figure that immediately brought fright to the fore
as Tayrn and Ryan paid attention in Defence Against The Dark Arts they instantly recognised it as a dementor,
but they noticed something different about this one, it was nearly trebled in size,
and had a deeper blackness where should have been it’s eyes.
Being skilled at magic they knew what they had to do to avoid any harm
so both quickly fired off their best Patronus Charm,
but these spells had no effect, the huge dementor merely shrugged them off
and they could have sworn beneath it’s hood it let out a derisive scoff.
The enormous dementor hovered over Tayrn and Ryan and from its mouth emerged a hiss,
as it prepared to give the two lovers their final goodbye kiss,
but as it stooped over them with it’s awful deathly hue
T and R looked into each other’s eyes and figured out what they were going to do;
they remembered in one class learning about the bravest man Hogwarts had ever knew
and how he was able to hoodwink The Dark Lord with a love strong, solid and true,
how Snape drew on his love of Lilly to ride through any storm,
even on his darkest night it was what kept him warm,
so Tayrn and Ryan pushed their wands together and thought of beautiful Severus
and how they both too shared the romantic love buzz,
and channelling the wonder of that special feeling thus
they both pointed their wands in unison and screamed Expelliarmus!
Emitted from the tip of each wand was the half of a love heart projected from each soul
that both came together to create the fantastic whole,
in the shine of such love the vast dementor instantly recoiled,
knowing that it’s draining wish was in no doubt foiled,
it writhed around and in the glare of joy did it’s nefarious purpose erode,
every bleak and blank about it started to corrode,
the dementor slowly ebbed away until all of it did go
and in it’s place was left a striking brown young doe,
it bowed it’s head to Tayrn and Ryan and then it flew into the trees,
gliding with majesty on the sweet night breeze.
Awed by what had happened Ryan and Tayrn turned and started to walk back to the dorm,
aware of what occurred was special and not the norm,
but then they stopped in their tracks and at the same time both did say,
“oh my beautiful love, I know  I’m going to marry you someday!”
luna Mar 13
knowing there is no way
i can meet you
being aware of
the distance between us

makes me think
how i have put you
in a shelf
where you might not

dreaming about
your perfection
and wishing to meet
like you

like you
there is no you

is not real

we both know

i made “you” up
memoona kazmi Feb 18
in the world full of,
james and lily potters,
will you be my severus snape?????
Toxic Venom Feb 14
Deaths call
By: Shelby Yanzer,

Vanished, the snake ready to strike.
A burst of flame in from the five statues.
“ Look out” he shouted.
Jet of green light and snake had struck.
Swooped opened,
the jet of green light burst into flames.
Fell to the floor flightless.
The snake sinking it’s fangs into him,
Vanished in a wisp of dark smoke.
A few seconds only as dark,
Shimmering and indistinct upon the plinth.
Struggling he was gone, water fell with a crash.
Master sure it was over, decide to flee.
For the first time frightened.
The hall was quite empty, sobbing,
still trapped feebly on the floor.
Then, he was dead, pain beyond imagining.
He was gone.

Red eyes that did not know end,
They were bound by pain, and there was no escape.
“**** me now” blinded and dying, every part,
Screaming for release, “if death is nothing”,
Let the pain stop, Let him **** us, end it.
As the creature was lying face down on the floor,
There were voices, through the hall,
More voices then there should have been,
Opened his eyes, now lay flat on his back,
He could not hold his head,
The floor reflected the emerald green flames,
From all the fireplaces along the wall,
Pulled himself back to his feet,
He was there, spun around, he could hear footsteps.
Death came running to join them.
Death was surging into the room,
She had slid over its surface, lay sprawled on the floor,
And then she ran at him although he dodged,
He sprinted back up the room and was safe,
Momentarily frozen by death,
In spite to watch for a moment.

Suspended in mid-air, what looked like objects flew,
Like rolls of film, what would happen.
He was sure it would not be anything good,
He darted, already caught by his outstretched hands.
The thin ribbons were spinning around,
He tugged and tore at them, tight against him.
Trying to sever the eyes, they would not break,
Thrashing against his bonds,
Immobilized, a jet of red light flew from death,
Hit her in the face, now sideways unconscious,
The oncoming death.
But nothing happened,
death shot at him missing him by inches.
Two left fighting, death shot silver streams of like like arrows

In the same slow voice, she was both foreign,
confused at him and muttered,
Resort to crude sign language. Turning back flustered.
Pleasure for violence, anxious now, death and bad omens.
Didn’t understand, did not answer, writing her last note,
Silence, loss to understand, fury in her eyes now.
Your awful, struggling, ringing to understand.
Tears in her eyes, her answer was no,
And he had tried to act as though he had not heard deaths call.
I wrote this kind of like a fan fiction from Harry Potter
Mallory Blake Dec 2018
If I were a Jedi
From District Two
I’d spend my schoolyears at Hogwarts
And summer breaks with Lilac LaRoux.
I’d talk books with Lady Jane Grey
And if I were an Angel-Blood
I’d fly far away.
The books/movies mentioned are:
Star Wars
The Hunger Games
Harry Potter
The Starbound Trilogy
My Lady Jane
The Unearthly Trilogy
A Dec 2018
Built upon the ruins of ****** relatives
And at the very top of this disaster that’s so thoroughly shaped your every waking moment
Sits your mother
On her throne balanced on sin
After sin
After sin
And the dull notion that her bold ideas and words will shape you into the heir that she wants
Because what is the eldest son other than to be a **** in your families wicked games
this is about sirius black
Steve Nov 2018
Harry and Larry
Both fancied Gary
But it was Barry
Gary would marry
In February
Partners in rhyme.
Guden Sep 2018
A videogame told me to be a dictator,
A great warrior.
Reality wanted me to be a great thinker,
A doer,
Someone who's not afraid
Of the shadows of a lamp.
Mother told me to clean my room
And get a woman
Who's nice,
Like her
Towards her.
Father told me nothing
As I waited for my brother;
When he hated all,
Dad saw me
Too late.
The tv told me many things
And here I was,
Like the beans of all flavors,
Said Harry.
Compared to his life
Mine is a trip.
Chaundra Aug 2018
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Harry, stop playing games
You know I am falling for you
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