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Those greasers
made bad things
look cool.
Those socs
were so mean and cruel.
The rumbles, the fuzz, and the anger
teaches us
to stick together.
The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton
Bryce Jun 2018
Good morning miss,
how do you do?
I have something very special today to offer you!
Oh, wouldn't you like to know what it is?
I know you're busy, ma'am-- it won't be but a bit

Thank you, ma'am.

Now, take a gander at this--
We live in a very advanced age,
With much to do that cannot be missed!
With television and telephones and magneato-static tape,
We can easily forget-- get lost-- frequently lose our place!

But with this brand new...
You'll find your worries quickly erased!

..Well yes ma'am, if you'll let me finish.

Now see, its easy!
All it takes is a tune
a look, a whistle, even a fingertap'll do
This magic machine
listens to your needs!

It's small, and light,
and shatters quite
So you'll want to have it on hand.
For safekeeping!

It listens to you,
like no man would do
And ensures you are the best you can be!
Once you pay the price,
you won't need think twice--
Yes ma'am!
all the knowledge you could want in the world, to a T!

How does it do it?
Well you really needn't ask
It works through the mutual human task!
Every man, woman, and child comes together to contribute
It does not discriminate, you do not pay tribute
No ma'am no, this machine seeks no gold
Just you, is what it wants. It simply wants you.

You'll take it? That's great! I'll get you in next shipment
they're sourced from a faraway place, but it won't take but an instant!
With boats and planes and automobiles,
We'll get it to you
We'll make sure of that, words true.

We're excited for this!
You won't believe what you've missed!
And very quickly you'll find the world just doesn't do
without constant supervision from the...

Now if you'll excuse me, miss--
you have a nice night.
JM Romig Mar 2018
If you were online, way back when
sometime around two-thousand ten
on message boards for every scene
you may recall this silly meme

I jpeg of a young white man
with spiked blond hair and a spray tan
bejeweled teeth, and a smug-*** smile
dressed like an extra cut from 8 Mile

There is disgust in the eyes
of the woman by his side
who’s shoulder
he’s got his arm draped over

“Dirtbag Dan” the internet dubbed him
with text imposed below and above him
jeers about his scummy features -
collective criticism of creepy creatures

But here’s a tale you may not believe
Dirtbag Dan’s real name was Steve
and that picture was from New Years Eve
in two thousand three

See, Steve didn’t usually dress like that
but he was trying to impress Cat -
this girl he’d crushed on since grade school
and he thought this made him look cool

Cat came with him to that party
but she left soon after,
      with this guy named Marty
and so Steve got blackout drunk, as one does
when they’ve lost the game of love

Hung over a toilet, the next day
Steve vowed to change his ways
and ten years passed in the blink of an eye
Steve was now an employed, married, stand-up guy

While killing time, at his desk at work
he stumbled on this pic of a ****
at a party, in two thousand and three
and thinks “oh ****…that’s me!”

His workmates saw the pic as well
and gave Steve a lot of ****
this snapshot he thought was in his past
had really come back to bite him

Steve tried to fight the spread
but the damage was done
       his character, shred
thus began Steve’s downward spiral
when Dirtbag Dan went viral

He won a court case for defamation
but that didn’t do much for his reputation
he started drinking, his wife left, and he lost his job
there were rumors spread about him owing
         money to the mob?

The last time Steve was spotted in the wild
was at a Con, autographing the portrait for a child
a truly cringe-worthy scene
a man whose life was ruined by a meme
part of my # series - poems about the social internet and us
Henry Koskoff Oct 2017
his eyes wide and blue
bulging expressively
his sweater soft
it’s cashmere and it caresses tender surfaces
bundles of it gather over time at scattered oases
they are now mine
they are now my bundles
they smell of old clothing and mildew but he still is dressed by them
he is living in them
pointe shoes pound the surface of the stage
but look increasingly elegant
like my mother
their costumes glistening and frosted by a powdery film
of glitter and artificial snow
now Bob Dylan’s punctual strings resonate in my memory
he’s telling me to keep my head forward like Steve used to do
if I don’t look back
i don’t have to say goodbye
Elizabeth Fulton May 2017
He's got this love that's solidifying,
And hands made of stone.
Teaches me ,
I really can be, me.
He's got this quietness, I can't match.
A calm, that pulls me down,
For a long time, I was unbelieving til now.
Self denial, good things do happen,
Relax was hard,
Not sure if I missed the fight,
I Anatagonized nothing.
Made something so I could scream,
Self destruction, because
This is to good of a dream.
I thought I'd hit the breaks,
Try to check the view,
Suprises all around,
Starting learning my cue.
To slow down when I catch and angry pace,
Can't get caught up,
Can't give in to chase,
My thoughts so quick to hate,
But I'm learning to regulate.
Starting to understand this game,
It's give and take,
Not just one way but both
The light dims.
The fire dies.
Darkness fills in the blanks.
Sweet release.
Tears against my cheek.
Now met with the dissatisfying drought.
Left alone in desolate cold.
Fear overwhelms.
Not fear of monsters or the simple unknown.
Fear that when my eyes grow heavy I will never lift them again.
I will become a stone.
Unmoved and cold.
To survive these nights alone.
Steve Page Feb 2017
"Steve" is a diamond geezer
"Stevie" can do no wrong
"Stephen" is in real trouble
But they all just want to get along

So whatever you think of him
Whenever he comes into sight
He'll give you a hug and he'll buy you a drink
And you'll be in for a heck of a night
Thank you Anton for the inspiration.
(You need to say the names in different tones when reading this:
'Steve' in a deep east end of London accent.
'Stevie' in a cutesy voice.
'Stephen' in that voice your mum used when she found you still in bed at midday.
There you go.)
Nelsya May 2016
is LONGING for his warm presence
because this place is cold
without him—
the fallen SOLDIER
who was lost in a sight
of a snow angel
in a battle of FRIGHT CAR

that we never loose
and a pinch
of a never ending hope
awaiting for his HOMECOMING
in a cold Brooklyn
that even with
the heat radiating from a FURNACE
the cold won't melt away

a hold of the SOLDIER
in a mid-frozen way
and in count from ONE—
he become a man of no BENIGN
tempted by control
triggered by words of fear
he comply himself as a SOLDIER
of cold blooded missions
and for that cause—
Soviet is harsh

was enough to fill harshness
inside parts of him
that are already RUSTED
as the result of
being more a machine
than a man himself

from the depth of his consciousness
that he could turn back time
to where he was SEVENTEEN
with a hold of a friend
and a smile that was genuine
not a killing
and a destruction machine
that he is now
Back to the beginning
And back to the start. Let's
Change our future and raise our
Kids right!

Time to stop robbing banks and
Others; stop being racist, sexist, or whatever

Everyone--STOP! We are the same,
All on the inside. Doesn't
Really matter the color, ***, who we love- we are all
The same-human beings-mammals-
H**ope that helps-if not, we are like M&Ms; *fighting over your favorite color only to realize they're all chocolate on the inside.
Inspired by and song title from Steve Aoki and Fall Out Boy!
I can't remember where I heard the M&M;'s comparison but it was from a celebrity.
©McNally, Inc.
Eleanor Rigby Jun 2015
God created Adam and Eve
Not Adam and Steve.

But God also created ******,
So why should I believe?

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