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Nat Lipstadt Aug 2017
~ For Eliot York~
& Sally and Patty m
who convinced me to post it

The answer my friend is
but one,
just one.

Blessed are those who bless you.
I say it.
20 times a day,
and sometimes 2000

I have lived this life,
afraid to fail,
and in doing so,
in deed, because of it,
failed repeatedly.

yada, yada, yada,
in a gadda
da vida,
don't you know that I'll always be true.

nine lifetimes
all, longtime gone,
yet, I still talk among you all,
for which the
requiring, surviving,
a tiny tablet daily,
of swallowed pride, history and
adult/e/rated luck.

omnipotent natural forces,
pretend to manage human affairs
most unnaturally,
sandy gods of wind and storm
bring dämmerung's
Sturm und Drang.

these forces are the
placers, surveyors, tabulators
and ultimately the
of the divine sparks within us.

before them,
on bended, torn knees,
I am humbled.

for knowing just
one read
is all it takes,
to be acknowledged and
thus begins a commencement of a life
of indentured servitude
in gratitude
le rêve poétique
(the dream poetic)

yet, read more oft
hundreds of times a day.
who could have foresaw,
prophesied this outcome,
a statistical anomaly,
that the taste of me
could be so,
miracle of miracles,
wet warm and well received.

know not this craft,
unaware of its conventions,
meter rhyme and to the
other laws of poetry,
I plead a woeful countenance,
even a willful ignorance.

here I am bowed
by the weight, of the good graces,
so many have bestowed,
from the four corners
of this Earth
and worlds beyond.

a nubile newcomer,
who long wrote to himself, for himself,
audience of
one + one = two,
the man and
his foolishness in words,
now betraying publicly
what no counselor, doctor judge or lover, lawyer ever knew,
even family.

but who are you?

plainly admit,
do not understand.

ok there is a handful times five,
we are well connected,
a small coterie who
share each others
most private painful secrets,
mots friends of faithfulness,
dare not, deign, diminish them
by calling them followers,
for now they are friends

but who are the rest of you?

step forward,
identify yourself,
that upon thy neck
I may fall,
whispering in your ears,
sweet thanksgiving yam-words

none of us can be a sweet poem pie
unstated, unsated, untasted
and forever believe.

it takes lioness courage
to present your naked self,
place thy head in the guillotine,
expecting the silent applause of ignorance,
expect to be ignored,
just another head in the collection basket,
accursing those who curse you with
the now quieted slaughtered lambs,
the scribe's swords of smoke,
plaintive waterwords vaporized,
seeds unplanted,
the bleating sounds silenced.

He crouched, he lay down like a lion
    and like a lioness; who will rouse him up?

I am a poet of the present,
you have brought me out of Egypt.

you have roused
my present days dying,
making my days of dwelling,
in the tent of Jacob,
an encampment of palm groves,
as a present
unto me.

The answer
is indeed just as you expected,
blowing in the wind,
through cedar trees beside the waters,
in the gardens, beside a river...

just one,
how thankful to say,
blessed are those who bless you,
each and every

written so long ago the date was erased,
back when the journey of a thousand too long poems,
was just beginning
posted only because
a few of you insisted.
If perchance you think this is some kind of self-glorification,
then you don't get me at all.
"Good acts are like good poems.
One may easily get their drift,
but they are not rationally understood."
A. Einstein
"In a gadda da vida, honey
Don't you know that I'm lovin' you
In a gadda da vida, baby
Don't you know that I'll always be true

Oh, won't you come with me
And take my hand
Oh, won't you come with me
And walk this land
Please take my hand."­a_20067936.html
Oh, oh
Talk to me some more
You know that you don't have to go
You're the Poetry Man
You make things all rhyme.

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Numbers 24:5-9

5 How lovely are your tents, O Jacob,
    your encampments, O Israel!
6 Like palm groves[a] that stretch afar,
    like gardens beside a river,
like aloes that the Lord has planted,
    like cedar trees beside the waters.
7 Water shall flow from his buckets,
    and his seed shall be in many waters;
his king shall be higher than Agag,
    and his kingdom shall be exalted.
8 God brings him out of Egypt
    and is for him like the horns of the wild ox;
he shall eat up the nations, his adversaries,
    and shall break their bones in pieces
    and pierce them through with his arrows.
9 He crouched, he lay down like a lion
    and like a lioness; who will rouse him up?
Blessed are those who bless you,
    and cursed are those who curse you.”
Nat Lipstadt Jan 2017
humans born a mess,
messengers carrying blank notepads, sheet music,
brought from within to the without

a baby-sized handful of historical residues retained,
garnered from all too brief a prelim existence,
arriving possessing hints of what may be

most emerging crying,
crying over loss of the womb security,
for seers all, all see unaccountable futures clouded
by an inevitable chance of rain
and death

all of us, no one excepted,
covered for months in **** stained fluids ,
a holy, ***** combination
of amniotic nourishment,
and our own waste

a hint of what is to come?

human then spends the rest of life
cleaning up after himself,
mostly with tasks of addition,
punctuating by the occasional cleansing of
elimination subtraction

making room for the next love,
labored birthing of a baby poem,
from your womb, midwifed,
haunting ghosts of three note tunes,
begging for a set of lyrics and a
great chorus everybody can sing,
a completion competition

going along, all along, to the goings on,
all our routes preternatural crooked,
lived a life of pretense, a straightened out life,
which is the nuanced, connected summary of our components
which are all curves, dots on a line

and the composition source,
the secret chords employed,
tech installed just prior to birth,
effacing glorious sadness, glorious joy,
the human building blocks,
with the certainty that
everybody knows,
that's how it goes
everybody knows,

only fools believe,
you'll live forever

but live at least long enough to sing and write of
a man cleaning up his own life's messes,
and perchance, after our absence,
leaving the world better for it
keneth May 2019
gorgeous face struck by the silver moon
mirrored fate is intertwining soon
he won't try to whistle a new tune
his choices are dryer than the dunes

he wonders why his heart is of gloom
when he wears all his finest perfumes
so a golden coffin was exhumed
but Romeo couldn't make his blood bloom

drowned for his reflection in the pool
he let his love for his picture rule
just to prove that he's nobody's fool
Romeo loved Romeo, a love so cruel
narcissism is ok, but too much can **** / proud
I was in a little coffee shop here in KY Area where many people from different places around the planet come to speak about innovative ideas and discuss their pass-times and exchange information on how to make the planet more ECO-FRIENDLY and better ways to go about the problems the whole Planet is facing today. We are against Governments that got TOP SECRET HIDDEN AGENDAS on how to Brain-Hack/Mind-Control/Mass-Hypnosis/Luciferian Doctrines/People with Special Gifts & Hidden Powers/ Godless people/Lovers Of $$$/Lustful People/Pornographic Industry/Video-Game Industry Become more Violent & Ruthless/ Lovers of themselves/ Inventors of Evil/ Deceivers/ Soul-Controllers/ Witches/ Witchcraft/ Demonic-Possession/Dark-Lords/Demon-Lords/NWO/NumberOfTheBeast(666) and Liars & Thieves.

It was around 5:51 A.M in the Morning on 3/4/19 and I walked in to this little Coffee Shop...I got greeted by a Young Woman who was really polite and really friendly...I told her I was homeless and that all I needed was to warm my hands for about 5 to 10 minutes and then all the sudden I started to tremble a bit and I felt so overwhelmed by a sense of peace and happiness...

All the sudden a small blue orb that I was able to see from the corner of my left eye came inside the Little Coffee Shop ...that little orb levitated to my table hovered right on the opposite chair to where I was sitting the table. This little Orb started to un-wind and I told myself in my head...this is unbelievable so amazing to see this... then the Orb slowly but surely; took a form of a Man with a White Long Tunic sitting across me like 4 ft opposite to me & the chair I was occupying to sit on. All the sudden I realized it was a Man about 151 Lbs height couldn't tell and a beautiful gray beard and his skin color was like all the races combined to 1 specific color but each color blended to perfection.
His feet looked like shiny pure bronze his hair was so long it touched the ground and was actually not gray the hair on his head was white...I noticed that when I came in it was just me and 2 female workers in the Coffee Shop and 1 Caucasian Female about 24-26 yrs old sitting on the other table across mine and she was minding her own business and typing in a computer...

Something was strange hence when this powerful being came inside the place I knew that it was so odd to just come to my table and hover and then slowly transform the small blue energy ball to a full blown grown older man with a extremely white tunic white I could not tell if it was just the color or if it was transparent...
I figured that all the sudden I became extremely submissive to this being that was sitting across me and also I sensed deep within me that he is the ONE that made everything we know to exist and everything we think we know that is out there in the MULTI-VERSE.

I began to cry of overwhelming joy and happiness and a touch of excitement to see that he came to visit me and to make sure that he made his presence and even the air in the little shop changed it became more dense... everyone in the little coffee shop knew there was something up but couldn't exactly pin-point what was happening all the sudden I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and a radiant holiness inside that place that it was just unbelievable man. Then something amazing happened there was now about 10 people in the little coffee shop and everyone was intoxicated with the presence of the MAKER OF THE MULTI-VERSE CREATOR OF SOULS & STARS, GALAXIES, & BLACK-HOLES, WHITE-HOLES, WORM-HOLES, POWERS BEYOND HUMAN IMAGINATION TO EVEN GRASP & EVERYTHING WE THINK WE KNOW ABOUT THIS GALAXY or even the Universe.

Then everyone all the sudden smiled and it was all at the same exact time and everyone was talking rapidly and I could sense that they knew HE was also there...who ever thought GOD didn't exist up till then at that POINT when that mysterious presence appeared and made itself known to me and everyone was just *** I couldn't believe it. It was if the whole place was filled with a sense of belonging a sense of hyper-joy a sense of perfection to everything. Then I noticed he the presence and he said..."Do you have anything you wanna ask me?" I was like...."I have...(interrupted) gave me the answer to my first question which we where talking to each other with telekinesis (it impacted me in such a way hence I had not even thought of the question that I wanted to ask and then he gave me the answer to the question I was thinking to ask with my mind and BOOM already had an answer for me.

I realized that 5 minutes had elapsed since he made himself known to everyone and that he was speaking to everyone simultaneously all at once ...I was so scared of his presence had a deep deep admiration for him and ultra FEAR and MEGA respect for him. He emanated this profound love and profound holiness it was just plain scary to know something like that could rule all things at all times and knows all answers and could destroy all we know to be EXISTENCE in less than a fraction of a second. IT was a real and so profound experience it felt ethereal and mind-blowing and also I could not think I could not speak I could not move all I could do IS CRY AND BE SCARED LIKE a little baby. Then he spoke and said "Son it's OK don't worry am not here to hurt you all I want you to do is to do what I put you on earth to do you are forgiven for your sins don't worry I know what you do...I know when you sin and what you like and what you don't and what you want and what you don't. Just don't ever doubt the power I hold and don't ever doubt me and you'll be just FINE." With that being said All I could do was merely say..."I surrender I am sorry for sinning my GOD ...I was genuinely afraid of what might happen next... I wanted to just BOW DOWN & WORSHIP HIS MAJESTY the FATHER OF ALL.

Then he also gave me permission to look into his eyes for just a glimpse..."I did and Oh My Freaking was so scary it was like a burning furnace his eyes and he read me and saw and told me every sin I ever committed all the wrong I ever did in just like an instant I felt like a mental defective I felt like a new born baby at that moment naked, afraid and alone knowing I was just a ***** RAG compared to the HOLIEST THING that I could ever imagine my mind kept blowing up from second to second till he left...I could not move speak ...ask or even do anything just cry and cry and cry.
After like 2 more minutes it was about in total of 8 minutes of my life being spent there with the MAKER...he left ...just like he came ... a flash of white light that blinded me  and everyone knew that he was gone then the air was back to being normal everyone back to their own head and their own problems but they left with a powerful perhaps the most powerful spiritual/ethereal/surreal/conscious waking experience...they shall ever have. I told the people the 2 girls in the little coffee shop that I was leaving and the rest of the day I felt like I had won just a billion dollars and I felt an after-glow of the MAKER it was so beautiful I loved it...Thanked the Girls for treating me like a human being and like someone that mattered and I left and did my own thing.

                                                                            Sincerely, H.R.V

Colm Feb 2019
For all the water which poured out slow
And was wasted on such hollow words
I should not wish for myself at least
I should not waste
I should wish for her
Gosh... Finding this... Remembering this. Really makes me happy. (:
Mary Frances Nov 2018
He lived a perfect life.
He was good, unselfish, affluent.
And they thought he was happy.
He smiled, laughed.
But inside, he always knew.
His life was a lie.
He lived a life good for two.
Yet, he loved truly.
That's the only truth he knew.
And all they had was a note after.
Written were his woe, his joy, his wish, himself.
He was then beside the Moon feeling her warmth,
embracing her beam.
His empty sorrows ended.
He was finally liberated.
I would like to dedicate this entry to our LGBT brothers and sisters who are still persecuted by society because of their preferences. And are still living a life that's expected of them because of these persecutions. I was inspired in writing this after reading a book where the main character's father committed suicide after his daughter discovered who he really was. He didn't want to live a life of lie anymore and wanted to be true to himself but he also didn't want to destroy the family he built. He was torn between his family and himself. He couldn't take it anymore so he decided to end it forever and just left a note for her daughter saying he'd always love her.
catchmydrift Apr 2018
If you've got something to say
Write it on the wall
You've built around your ego
Don't type it like a teenager
Drunk on angst and testosterone
Eat your own dust
i wrote this
whilst you had second thoughts
i wrote this
Nayana Nair Mar 2018
Everything he was,
everything he did-
was a constant effort
to be true to the image
he had of himself.

He reminds me of struggle
to be someone else
while believing that he is
struggling to be himself.
Yusof Asnan Mar 2018
Who else can he be rather than himself?

He could fake it until he's someone new

Tony Luxton May 2017
An unwelcome shock to see them again,
their faces no longer a part of the place.
His memory oiled by how things were
back then, in nineteen hundred and when?

Existence now seems full of persistent
memories, though there are false ones too.
Does he rely to much on them for what to do?
When people tell him words that chime,
should he so readily comply?

Should he trust himself to think things true?
Use his knowledge or review his ideas?
Retry those memories beyond a reasonable doubt,
seek out the false ones, chuck them out?
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