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Oct 2015 · 982
facebook friends ..
Bassam A Oct 2015
I know we r not friends ..
But deep inside somehow I know u ..

Like the wind, I do not hesitate to ask ..
When I see a jewel, that flickers like u ..

Thank u for accepting my friendship ..
As I hope, that one day we will meet ..

And the many stories we will know ..
In our memories, they will be ..

Of joy, laughter, and harmony ..

Jewel .. I know that is u ..
A star in the sky .. Hard to reach ..

But if you were close .. I will ask
Your hand and mine in matrimony ..

Thank u for accepting my invite ..
Hope to be the friend of choice and destiny ..

This was from  your inspiration ..
Bassam A Sep 2015
All my prayers with you..
No doubt that you are strong..
You are the land of all love seeds....
The source all of good deeds...
Yes you can do what ever you please ..
Darling, we take honey from the bees ..
Please ignore the critical, they are all political
Clime on my shoulder and see the light
With or without me, you breath the freedom despite
Forgive me if I fail...
I know your heart is not for sale.....
Stay with me ...
You are the best gift from
the one who created the love tale
Sep 2015 · 1.5k
"The queen of love"
Bassam A Sep 2015
Something between us came and gone...
Thought it was love or lust or desire
But if love comes to our hearts with worry!
It does not leave or knows to end the furry!!
Tis only a cloud with a drift passing by ...
In a dry desert with a hot sun in the sky ..
My sweat of love evaporated off my skin ..,
My blood dried out and my heart stopped beating ...
I am not like yesterday.. My love is cured ..
One side pulling on the rope.. won't tighten the love even if the rope is tight ...
I dont deny that my love became heavy on the one I desire ..
There lyes my heart dead engulfed in flame and fire ...
She came and weeped at my heart crying really hard ..,

She said forgive me Bassam .. "I am too cold"
Her tears started dribbling down a little stream to my heart nub ...
And suddenly she heard my heart say "lub ... dub"
And some how my heart recouped from death absorbing its sorrow ...
It's started to beat with hopes of love and desires of tomorrow...
It rose in hopes of love of golden yarrow
She was happy to see me and wiped her tears ...
She said .., "Let's start a new beginning free of dismay and jeers" ...
"And endless love without delay"
"Away from false hopes and blame"

"Something with lust and without shame!"

I said "I am here ... my love is tamed!

"Take me on with lust ordained"

"I admit to you that my love has changed"
She said "Forever now ... you are locked within" ...
Sep 2015 · 1.0k
Feel the drop
Bassam A Sep 2015

Destiny starts with a step


Rain starts with a drop


Love starts the feeling sad


You started my love non-stop

Aug 2015 · 1.1k
My personal Mirror
Bassam A Aug 2015
When I look at you ... I see my image looking back at me ...

If I shine my light on you to expose you ..
I blind your beautiful eyes ...
but I also blind myself! ...

If I break you with my hands ..
I cut my self and bleed ..
And won't be able to put you back like before ..

If I take care of you and shine every spot ..
I only see myself image with clarity ..

I am going to look at you from now on as I look at myself

Cause .. you are my sweet lovely mirror ...
Jul 2015 · 910
Big Love!
Bassam A Jul 2015
The Ocean will swallow all of us

Yet will not rise one inch!!

But my love to you .. is more than

all the oceans in the world combined

Yet will not decrease it a pinch!!
Jul 2015 · 1.2k
Sync of love
Bassam A Jul 2015
A dream I have
.. to be closer to u

to wake up ...
and find u in my arms

... and make out

If my circle of love
Is not in sync

I will skip a beat
to get out of my lync
and into yours

.. slowing down my time
to stay intertwined
Sync love dream
Mar 2015 · 1.7k
Your lovely hand
Bassam A Mar 2015
Please put your hand on my heart
Let me keep holding it next to me

Please let's start our life together
We can be .. Let us be the next family

Let us love each other like the wind
I like the whisper of your heart

I want to see your pretty smile
Don't quit now ..

Your smile brings happiness to the world ..
Let the world enjoy your sun

Come my friend and lift the sadness
Bring the joy back and lift your sorrow

The time is now to live tomorrow
I love you and only you

You are the one ... Yes you are
Jan 2015 · 1.6k
The eyeful darling
Bassam A Jan 2015
One day ..

I will come and ask for your hand

A day that cannot wait ...

We lock the door with a key
And go inside ...

Oh my ... what I will see ..

...Oh my ... what I will hear ...

... Your sweet voice ...
That harps the heart ...

Your glamorous beauty ...
Thats full of warmth
And tenderness ...

Ye prettier than the beauty ...

... My eyeful darling ...
Dec 2014 · 1.4k
Bassam A Dec 2014
The year has ended prosperously ..
At least for me .. I don't know about you
I accomplished most of my goals
I am glad that we got to know each other

I hope that we can find
a common ground in our book,
a single page that we both stop at and rest
For that to happen I will have to slow down
or you may speed up

I may stop and wait for you
at the next coffee shop ... "Café Je T'aime"
Hope to see you there more often
My new resolution for this year is
"to keep loving you and keep our love strong"

Wish you a Very Happy Year Anew
Dec 2014 · 1.6k
Happy New Year!
Bassam A Dec 2014
Its early
to celebrate      
with a mood
to congratulate!

Might as well
say farewell
to our past memories
that we tell

Lets start within
before we begin

Forgive and forget
our sins of the past
and make a new wish
to a start that will last!

Lets Boast with joy
and Play with our toys

Lets not cry or sob
but keep our job
while we focus on
the New York ball DROP!!!
Dec 2014 · 1.6k
Running on dry!
Bassam A Dec 2014
By noon... the sun was shining hot
putting out an additional flare

I started to take off my shirt
and sat on a wooden chair

You can feel the sun spike the earth
I was also running out of air

Being tired and quite exhausted
Like chasing after a hare

I stood and picked myself up
almost needed hospital care

Standing away waiting for her
for something to start the flare

I needed some kind of love message
or arms that do care

It takes sugar to be sweet
One look at her hair

I needed my sweet love now
or else I'm quite in despair

Each one has a favorite thing or two
a sweet thing about their pair

For me I like my love to be
where if I need her she is there!!

Otherwise what will happen to me
If I won't get my juice and pear

My heart will be in alert mode
till it runs on just thin air!
Dec 2014 · 3.8k
Love painting
Bassam A Dec 2014
You are the painting feather
and I am the canvas you draw on

With your artistic hand,
you paint on me the final touch

With a stroke, you paint a smile on
sad faces

With a swing, you paint a gentle breeze
Instead of a gusty wind

Please draw on me with ease
N' erase from me what you don't please

I love you even if you
throw the colors in the seas

I will listen to your voice
Thats a moment I will cease
Dec 2014 · 1.2k
Hp changes & suggestions
Bassam A Dec 2014
Please re-read as I will be making changes to this poem over and over

I want to tell you something
I am a man who loves changes

Changes of everything

You will see me suggest
A change in every retrospect

This morning I was re-reading
my own HP site and I was impressed

by my choices and how I ended up
With 3 different reposts of "My Fears"

from 3 different poets
that I reposted without me knowing

It's amazing how I am amazed
of my choices and have read them
like as if I am choosing them again

Now hear out my new suggestion
To HP and if you do like
Please make your voice be heard

It goes as follows:

If you like to relive the poetry
and you like to re-read your choices

and you like to reread the poems
you chose before once more

and get surprised while reading them
as if you did not choose them before

Then, we either need a second love button!  Or

we need to automate the love button
and every time we reread it knows

and the love gets even stronger
and somehow it grows

Another suggestion that hit me in the head while I was re-writing my poem

"The new suggestion is to give a comeback wink
to the previous folks who just read my poem
and ping them of my new important fix
To invite them to re-taste the cake that I just re-cooked

Or the cooking does not get posted
Until I feel its real good

and I press the release button
Before I let it go like I should

And may be we need to check our poem button with people that we trust

Before we embarrass ourselves badly
with a poem that may bust"

The problem with this is honesty
That we don't do it for just the fame

So for this I need your opinion to fix
my suggestion in playing the game

and make HP an even a better place
and enjoy it again and again!

Additional suggestions to HP:

please fix the current suggestions which is still lit even when I fixed my suggested misspellings. .. Call it repair
* a suggestion button to HP in the menu
* a share with others button that can grow .. You can click and see who I shared it with ... it can also be private
* a playback button ... Reads out loud
* a favorite button .. Quickly adds it to your favorites
* a read later button
* by double clicking a word you can ping the poet for a misspelling or a suggestion of a new word or love that word
* a unite with another poet button
* Go Interactive button .. Others can re-write your poetry!
* a challenge button .. Encourage challenge with another poet
* a marry me button .. which starts with an enragement ring ..
*friends .. siblings and brothers and family button ... they have to accept you as a family member!
Please don't forget to look below for other suggestions from other poets!
Dec 2014 · 8.8k
Clock hands
Bassam A Dec 2014
You and I, we are like the clocks hands
I am the minutes, you are the hours
My turn is faster than yours

The time moves even if we don't

Let's get together at noon and stop
I want to stay close to your heart
Dec 2014 · 2.1k
Answer to my Love Riddle
Bassam A Dec 2014
Look for
to know the riddle .. Below is the answer:

The riddle explanation is:

*The candle is a sacrifice
The torch light is a chance

The first is
You want me just as much as I want you but your mind didn't hear your heart and it left angrily with no return because it sacrificed itself to me just like mine sacrificed itself to you

The second is
You are used to your life without me but your life now is not complete without the torch
Dec 2014 · 3.9k
Love riddle
Bassam A Dec 2014
I still love you
My love to you has not decreased one drop

Do not be afraid ..
My love is a Sea of drops
However, you're puzzled about two things

The first riddle:
You have given a candle to time
The second riddle:
You have taken a torch light from mine
The love riddle answers will be revealed later

Dec 2014 · 4.4k
Waiting Love!
Bassam A Dec 2014
I am still here waiting!!

And I still love you ..

Your love hasn't decreased one bit!

If anything .. I think it added a bit or two* ..
Dec 2014 · 2.1k
Love sins!
Bassam A Dec 2014
1) Your eyes killed me without mercy

2) Your lips made me an addict

3) My heart keeps gossiping about you all the time

4) Since I saw you, I forgot the rest

5)  You stole my heart and hid it

6) You merged with my soul and I don't know who I am anymore

7) You occupy my imagination all the time

9) You jailed me waiting for your answer

10) You teared my eyes when they thought they were not going to see you again

Your sins are forgiven if you say* ...

**"I love you"
Dec 2014 · 1.6k
Imaginary love!
Bassam A Dec 2014
It's tears of joy
My eyes water in the morning
When I see your face
I'd be pinching my hand
Is it true .. You are next to me?
Boy I am so happy to see you
Wow I can't believe it
How did you get here?
If you are you .. Please speak ..
Let me believe that you are next to me
What a lovely smile you have
That innocent girly look
Your so quiet .. and staring at me
Dec 2014 · 543
Love ideas (need your help)
Bassam A Dec 2014
I know someone
who is hard to keep
She is always busy
and she knows so many
Getting an appointment with her
is harder to do than the dentist
because she got her self busy
with so many things
She is a lovely lady
that I love to entertain
I believe she does enjoy
my company because I don't complain
I need the help of
the wonderful poets of HP
Won't you please give some ideas
to help my love love me
and let her drop some
of her appointments for me
So I can enjoy more her company
Need your suggestions.  My love likes me .. Not sure about her love .. Although she did admit once.  I am cutting back so I can get her to attract.  But I want to reach a we can fly.  Please donate your ideas and drop me a note .. because you are now ... part of my friends and family
Dec 2014 · 605
What love is ...
Bassam A Dec 2014
I wonder when we claim, write and dream what love is...

We don't know that love is just a fate...

Love is something you feel not see ...

It is hard to describe the sweetness of honey to some one who cannot taste ...

The falcon can never describe  how it flies ...

But if we observe the falcon carefully we may learn how ...

We think ... but we can not see how the brain thinks ...

Simply no one remembers their first cry when they came out of their mother's womb

Love is the first heart beat that sent your life its first heat ...
Nov 2014 · 796
My love
Bassam A Nov 2014
If you sync your time with mine
I would find you as a star in my galaxy

If you become a flower that I smell
I would keep you in my favorite book that I read ..

If you become my lips when I speak
I would keep calling your name

If you become my hand on my pillow
I would find you sleeping in it
like a butterfly

I am not good at saying hello

I am good at finding love

and I adore you
Nov 2014 · 1.5k
Different Tone
Bassam A Nov 2014
When I used to be alone...
*My heart had a different  tone...
When you showed up in my life ..
You made me feel warm...
My heart beats are singing..
I love you...yes...I do.....
You cancelled my sadness...
Got ridoff my lonelyness virus....
Finally tasting the core meaning of kindness
Hearing inside my soul 
The sound of Seirenes....
My prayers had been answered
Bassam A Nov 2014
The town is empty
Everyone is gone
to meet their family

In the middle of the town,
the airports are full of people
ready to escape and fly
Yet on the other side
they land and ready for joy

As soon as they reach their destination
the town is full again
Not on the streets they are
with the family instead they pretend

In Thanksgiving they argue
and they don't comprehend
that this Thanksgiving they should
Love each other as they would
Love each other as a friend
Nov 2014 · 614
Bassam A Nov 2014
Are u whispering?
Say what?
I am listening
Say it again?

One more time
Come again?
Music too loud
I can't hear a sound!

Oh I got it!
I love you too!
Nov 2014 · 911
Back Yonder
Bassam A Nov 2014
In the days of our lives
The seasons fall one after another

With music and chant
We can support our life to remember

The memories go by
Returns the days back yonder

The yellow brick road
To follow the stars to the sender

My cutest memories is
When I was growing younger

I thought I was wise to be
Like Einstein when I heard my brother

Talk about him so constantly
Because he was my brothers star

Those memories bring us where we are!
Nov 2014 · 1.9k
I love you so much!
Bassam A Nov 2014
I love you so much
I want to kiss you
'n caress you
I want to hug you
'cause I miss you

It's there
when I stare

I want to hear you
I love to hear from you

I love your talk keep talking
I love your chat keep chatting

I love your poems
I love your lips
I love your kiss
Nov 2014 · 2.1k
I miss you...
Bassam A Nov 2014
It's been a day or two
since I saw you
It almost felt I am long distance

I lost track of my human time
I am seriously out into another realm
Where time is not important ..
Was that a week ago?

When I pull my thoughts together,
it turns out to be just a day or two

When I met you the other day
I kept all the moments ..
Didn't want to forget
All are embedded
into my head!

When will it be ...?
Where we be together?
I say to myself ..

'cause I want to keep ..
a better picture of you
Nov 2014 · 899
Love can't wait...
Bassam A Nov 2014
There is something good in everyone
Let's stop comparing and pick one

The one you pick is closest to you
But how can you know without a clue

You make a chart with names on top
And put the things you like on the left

Every time you see a man to date
You put a check next to the trait

Once the chart is full to brim
You make your choice and don't cave in

Now put the chart upside down
And think deeply of who's love is found

The one to have the biggest love
Is the one you should pick without a huff

I know that you will cheat and peak the chart
But then your asking for wrong from the start

If you don't put the love above
You will not win what you dream of

Cause love is higher above all
In it there is wisdom if you fall

Depression will kick in if you fail
This side effect starts if you wail

I say lets treat depression with love
Thats a given if you like to rush

Our rush has goodness in it too
It let's the blood through venues

Love does not fail if you man the sail
He must contribute if you're frail

Don't hesitate, please do not wait
T'll love is weak or becomes stale

Think smart or go to a higher ground
Don't let the flood get you drowned

I am sure there is someone there for you
But you have to make your first move
Nov 2014 · 3.2k
Sparkling Memories
Bassam A Nov 2014
Whether you are near or very far
It's when I think of you
There are no boundaries
My thoughts travel across the globe

My love for you works wonders
like a dream
Was I there or not
I needed someone to pinch me

Really enjoyed your company
'twas a night delight
I remember all
as if it was on pause

When I saw your face
That angelic grandeur
and eyes that sparkled like a star
A real delight to see
You are a real joy

One can only ask to see
such a beautiful face
I wouldn't want to miss any day
Nov 2014 · 447
Lovers Love..
Bassam A Nov 2014
I am yours and you are mine
It takes a lot to be sublime

If you're on track
Watch your back!

Before the train cross
Look for your pass

t'll keep you on your toes
If you don't see how it goes

The less you know the greater it is
Better than the best, movie or showbiz

t's the exciting time of your life,
Learn to adjust to enjoy the strife

Cleanse your heart and let it in
The more you take, the sweeter the mint!

t'll wake your senses to an acute
As your soulmate becomes so cute!

Clear your mind and take pleasure
Don't forget to pickup the treasure

As with everything, start slowly too
As it progresses in intense goo

Be sure to have the wonder of joy
Satisfy to the brim your heart & troy

Be careful with your approach
Absorbing more love without a coach

Experience should achieve a maximum high
The greater the love you can't deny

The truth of love we may never know
The trust in love we may not endure

The best of love has yet to come
Someday we will all taste the plum
Nov 2014 · 873
Love Sound!
Bassam A Nov 2014
Things in the heart
Hard to understand ...
Somehow I want to be smart
Explaining the source of that sound...
oh no...
That was me who's inside your heart.....

Nov 2014 · 1.7k
Shared Feelings...
Bassam A Nov 2014
The feeling we share ...
One of us does not really care....
I know that is not fair  

made me think  
where can I find the link
asking is our ship going to sink
or is it my weak mind giving a blink

May be my heart  stopped for  awhile
while it is trying to recharge its style...
even though it is using the same file  
Not starting a state of denial

Some time we are pretending that we are strong
and we forget how much we are wrong

Sorry when ever I feel sick
I act stupidly

The words come out
of my mouth without thinking
which I regret ..

You were talking to
my imaginary friend
Nov 2014 · 1.3k
Bassam A Nov 2014
I love you from one to ten

1) Love is not a sin

2) If we love each other, we both win

3)  Inside your soul you let me in

4) I feel the chemistry when I touch your hand

5) When you said I love you,
I felt the sky touch the sand

6) I am not the same human
When you're not around

7) When I lost my soul, you found

8) You are the one who's very kind

9) If I don't see you, I go blind

10) Let me love you, hope you don't mind
Nov 2014 · 1.8k
Star Nut
Bassam A Nov 2014
No it isn't a crazy star
Nor it's very far

It's a coffee shop that I like to visit
Once a week or more

It's across the street from Starbucks
And it beats it by far

The service is crazily great
Just like the name suggests

Not one time I heard one argue
or complain about the trade

I personally know the owner
But so does everyone here

Because he is so very
generous and sincere

I really recommend his coffee
But his cappuccino is outstanding

If you ever come to Washington, DC
Remember to find this place please!!!
Nov 2014 · 1.8k
A place to rest
Bassam A Nov 2014
The resting place is far
We need to keep going

I want to stop but I can't
I am worried not to reach

I don't know when to reach
It seams like forever

If I  place my hand on your shoulder
Will you please lead the way?

Please take care of me
be gentle and merry

I am the one who should
be comfortable instead

Cause I am your lover and
I don't want to step ahead

You are so kind
Thank you for letting me in
Nov 2014 · 895
Common Sense
Bassam A Nov 2014
Take things apart before u start

Take post it notes and leave it on the wall

Step back and loosen your back

Mix all in a bowl

Pull a draw ... one at a time

Pick a date

and stick it to the calendar wall

only one post it to each day

Work your way away

If a post it has more than one task

go back and split the post it in two

unless the post it says I love u

One more thing I forgot

Put all postits together if they are together

Now you are ready to tackle any issue

even if it is what they call love

One more thing to do

Please go back and put a task

next to each post it

since you left them all blank!
Nov 2014 · 7.8k
Like a balloon
Bassam A Nov 2014
Don't get angry if a balloon
blows up in your face


you are the one who blew it till it popped
Nov 2014 · 880
*Marry me my dear*
Bassam A Nov 2014
I am sending you this melody

To show you my loyalty

It is not a vanity

To love the rhythm of our love

The sky is high above

Not higher than love

You are a descendant from Adam 'n Eve

We'r made for each other 'n to conceive

If you marry me you won't regret

Cause I'm sincere and you are great

I want to keep your trust within

Let's do it fast and let's begin!

We need each other to share

We shouldn't try to compare

My love is equal to no other

So we have kids 'n u be a mother

My life is yours like a rose

I give it to u ... Just because

You r my dear... You are my cause

Let's start our life before it goes

If you marry me

You won't regret

Cause I'm sincere

and you are great

I want to keep your trust within

Let's do it fast and let's begin!
This is a song
Nov 2014 · 1.8k
Love intertwine...
Bassam A Nov 2014
My love to u is complete and whole...

You r so sweet and sole...

Your lips caress the water...

Your eyes glance at me...

I love u the way u r...

I see u in my dream...

A thousand miles away...

You r next to me...

In a distant star...

A super galaxy...

Above the Milky Way...

Caress me with your hair...

Breathe your air into mine...

Let us intertwine...

I smell your skin...

I touch your spine...

I am yours and u r mine
Nov 2014 · 510
Let me be ...
Bassam A Nov 2014
let me be the blanket you need
when you're lonely and cold...

let me be the hand you need to love n' hold...

let me be the one to kiss in the morning 'n love at night...

let me be the one to be ...
in your private life...
Nov 2014 · 1.5k
Bassam A Nov 2014
Paper that we worship
n' value n' want more

What put our trust
in paper I ask

In Gods name
We fight the game

When death arrives
It's over, it's under

From a baby in the womb
To a corpse in a tomb

We fight for paper
It's value is funny

We lose our lives for it
and **** our honey

Not one inch is fought
for glory or passion

Nor gold nor silver
Nor paper on trees
or digital numbers
of a bank Viennese

I do not fester
Profess or muster

We fight our spouses
for guild and buster

The wars are fought
for power and plunder

If we let go of this
evil and sin

We may get back to
our human within

If we let go of money
We live like a gypsy

Let's let go of money
to be vivid and sunny

Let's let go of money
to be lively and funny
Nov 2014 · 3.3k
Bassam A Nov 2014
You know if you are generous
and your read this poem
Please click the love button

It's love as easy as
One two three

Why are we stingy
When it comes to love

We are worried
The other person is
going to break our heart

Let's free up
ourselves and love
without conditions

I dare you click
the love button

If you read this far
then you are
a poetry fanatic

or some addict
of some sort

Release your anger
on the love button
and let it splurge

Thank you for your time
I hope you enjoyed my spam
Nov 2014 · 675
Bassam A Nov 2014
Here comes the finale
Welcome to the end

The sight of love is distant
Rising up to decend

My heart is hurt and buried
over the hill in the bend

With every end there is a beginning
Which seems hard to comprehend

If you ask my fate he will tell you
I've always been in control

But this time my fate deceived me
cause my life is out of control

I am glad it's all over
we never seemed to fly

I know that it's not all over
it just seems like a lie

I will come back and be merry
I am not giving up to die

My love, my life, my joyness
all disappeared in the trend

The trend of distraction and cause
The fashion of freedom n' divide

This way man kind is limited
we let it into our homes

The freedom, the dream all vanished
as fast as you light a match!

Take wisdom, caution and mercy
when freedom hit's you with a catch

Your life will start to dwindle
it's no longer rosy and fun

There is nothing to stop the madness
Only fate will take the sadness

I will hope in life once again
It's life thats hard to comprehend

I hope I will come back to glory
and live my life in content
Nov 2014 · 622
At home
Bassam A Nov 2014
My beautiful home
I miss

It's where I come to

And my women

Here I enjoy time we

My love is deep and stays in
every room and

I see myself in the mirror deep in the

Hi I say to myself, you're lucky
'n missed

Only when you've been so far away
'n dissed

If you come back to your home
make sure you are
not ******

Take your women in your arms
and see her work
'n insist

That she did all that she did for you and be
Nov 2014 · 482
E love
Bassam A Nov 2014
My love to you is Extraordinaire

If love is measured by a scale,
then my love to you is the scale

I do not pause, I am not content,
I still have hope
I do not get bored from saying
I love you

Love is beautiful
Nov 2014 · 780
Bassam A Nov 2014
It is when you believe in something

You may believe 100% in it or less

That something you believe affects your life in some shape or form

That affect is seen by others

The stronger the faith, the more visible the affect is

If no one sees the affect, then the faith is very weak or is no longer there

One is a hypocrite if they believe in a faith yet they don't apply any of it's wisdom

Or their faith has evolved into some other

For example, If your faith says to help your neighbor and your neighbor doesn't need help, then it's ok.  But if you know that your neighbor needs help and you are capable then you are not faithful

It is possible to be unfaithful temporarly and be faithful again

That is what is called a sin of your faith.  The faith was on hold while you are doing something against it

We all have a faith.  We all sin.

The best among us, are the ones who regret their sins

It feels much better once we regret what we have done

The best faith is the one that is most adaptable to all of us and addresses our needs and wants
Nov 2014 · 419
Bassam A Nov 2014
All I want is you.. to be close
Any shape ... any form
Call it friendship ..
Don't feel ashamed ..
If I call your name
Don't give me excuses
We don't have to be the same
Cause I love you
I am take all the blame
Even I am insane
Oct 2014 · 927
Love measure!
Bassam A Oct 2014
Is love a desire or a crush?

Can it be bottled?  Can it be rushed?

Why do we love?

Do we control?
Is it our soul?

Is love measured by:
Greater than?
Equal to?
Or Less?

Can it grow and prosper?
Left a lone, will it fester?

I have a confession to make
I am in Love and it's so great
It's equal to none
'n it's not the same

My love claims
she doesn't feel the same
'n one day she confessed
In a low tone voice .. she whispered

"I feel the same as you do
Not one sided, but it's mutual"

I couldn't believe what I heard
Was it my imagination?
Or hallucination
I was happy I could fly
Another day
I had a sigh

Was she serious?
Or just curious?

Should I wait to see?
If her love was true for me?

Maybe one day she will care
For our love and she would dare

I would measure my Love for her
By the times as I would purr

She asked:
What if I love you the same?
Will I be bored?  Will you blame?

I said then:
Our love will be great
It will grow,
Lets start the flame
If you'r wise and nice
Please give an advice
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