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If words are jigsaw puzzles
How long would it take -
To form a clear picture
Of your heart?
Nour mghh Feb 28
We were just like puzzles
But our pieces didn’t fit together.
Take a trip inside of my mind
But be warned that there are worse things than
Lions, and tigers, and bears.
The monsters that guard this jungle mind
Aren’t soft and nice when they choose to be
They are horrifying,
Larger than life,
All sharp teeth and horns.

Take a trip inside of my mind
But know it’s easy to get lost in
Mazes, and illusions, and metaphors.
The jigsaws aren’t easy 50 piece puzzles
They are thousands of broken words
With no guarantee
That they will fit together
Or at all

Take a trip inside of my mind
But remember that you will find memories
Broken, and wonderful, and messy.
These recollections will tell you who I am
They say where I came from,
And lack there-of.

Take a trip inside of my mind
But it isn’t overly charming between the
Monstrosities, and mazes, and memories.
If beautiful is what you were searching for
You can only find it in glimpses between
Sharp teeth,  
Broken words,
Lost hope,
And jumbled jungle vines.

So if you decide
To take a trip inside of my mind,
Take note of the
Beautiful disaster,
Organized chaos,
And sweet sorrow.
Be gentle,
Be cautious,
Be aware.
Because this is one mangled mind,
And you are one of the first
To go inside.
Lee Carter Jan 2021
When one forces their imagined shape to fit in,

They discover- often too late,

That they may now be stuck.
Acina Joy Jul 2020
We are all jigsaw puzzles,
wanting to fit and to belong,
so if I rearrange the pieces
of my still broken heart,
please be patient with me.
If I have to coerce my heart
into the right place in mind,
please be patient with me.
If I have to rearrange
a real, proper smile for you,
please be patient with me.
(And if I have to turn my head
to properly kiss you,
please be patient with me
I think I should learn how
to hold back sometimes
Carlo C Gomez Jan 2020
I've been sent to prism
For minor refractions
My days of frequent violets
Are now in the past
As the light in me
Is slowly emerging
Tomorrow I'll open my eyes
And find correction of vision
Mingled with distorted spectrum
When answers to puzzling questions lead only to more confusion.
Lyda M Sourne Dec 2019
The mind is a scary place sometimes
Don't let it win

It whispers of shortcomings and fear
Don't let it win

Illusions and nightmares abound
Don't let it win

From anxiety and depression, it thrives
Do not let it win

The mind is a tricky place
When negativity hits you and you know it makes no sense, so you have to take back control and think positive. Don't let it win you over.
Thera Lance Aug 2019
A city cultivated in the shadow of the Beast
Becomes the stage for a sleeping god’s dreams,
A quiet boy who should have faded within the folds of time
Slides the last piece into the eternal Puzzle.
This one's a book summary of an unpublished, dark urban fantasy. I'm hoping to have the first chapter posted to Wattpad on Saturday, but if you want to check out some possible artwork for it, check out my ko-fi gallery at
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