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How do you solve a puzzle
When you don't know how many pieces
10 pieces can create a pretty picture
But doesn't reflect the thousand-piece jigsaw
We're missing so many pieces
Any conclusion is a jump
How could you know if it's finished
Yet we're still just children
Forcing the parts to fit
Celebrating the completion
Celebrating the picture
So proud
So proud
In walks our Father and Mother and Love
To tell us not quite
And we don't believe them
Because how could they be right?
They don't see this picture the way I do
It's done and it's beautiful
Let's do another

And so it goes
Justice is served
I'm glad that they got
Exactly what they deserved
Let's do another
Emily Dec 2018
It's a new level of loneliness when you look around at your loved one's happiness and envy another life in which you had your own happiness.
Like chains, we bond together with someone of similar interest.
Some Chains can disconnect and reconnect to another bond.
Some cannot even connect.
They say there is someone for everyone, what they don't know is the percent of those who live life independently.
Some are destined to be alone.
Like roses blooming into beautiful creations, still bearing their thorns.
Barricading themselves in a wall of destruction too afraid to venture into the battlefield of love.
Like Puzzles, we align together.
Each smooth fold connecting to another.
Always one piece missing or too jagged to connect to another.
The whole puzzle is ruined because one heartbreak after another, after another destroyed that single piece.
Once a piece is broken there is no way of fixing it.
Thus leaving an unfinished puzzle.
I always feel like I'm that certain puzzle piece that can't connect with anyone. It's hard to find someone that shares the same interest and is willing to stand by your side all the way.
I keep giving away pieces of me
In hearts filled with someone else
As if giving away puzzle pieces
To puzzles already built
Deekshu Apr 2018
The body is a series of puzzles put together to make one big puzzle.
The mind.
The body.
The ***** systems.
The tissues.
The cells.

Puzzles within puzzles.

Mental health takes those puzzles
Lays them upon a flat surface
And swings its hammer in a wide arc
To Shatter those puzzles,
Break up the tiny, interlocked pieces,
And scatter them across the plane of your soul.
Mary-Eliz Mar 2018
moonshine, puzzles, kryptonite
they will surely take me down
they'll push me left, they'll push me right
shoving me round and round

they'll fill my head like a willing cup
confusing me till I don't know
which end is down, which end is up
as I'm stumbling to and fro

can you blame me for being cautious
can you see it's not just a dream
they'll cause me to be very nauseous
polluting my very bloodstream
since two out of three are rarely found
the other you need not be around
I guess you're safe for now
but to keep you from having a cow
I'll help keep a watch for them, anyhow
So what's with the * * for italics? Anybody figured it out?
Kaitlyn Feb 2018
as a child I played with puzzles
I loved their pictures,
             their logic,
             their challenge,
but I could never tell
when I was applying
too much pressure on a piece,
or if it was a perfect fit
my mother would scold me
for continuing to force a piece
to fit, when it did not
and I never imagined
that would resemble
how I play with people
             but it is
I apologize if I've ever
bent your edges unnecessarily
or made you feel like
you didn't belong
Ray Shek Feb 2018
It is said, “We humans are
        puzzle pieces meant to become one.”
But in truth we are damaged,
        shattered edges, disparate shards.
I will break my heart to fit yours,
        if you shape yours to meld with mine.
ollie Jan 2018
We walk to the buses together
I ask if he is okay
I say he is broken
I say he is like a puzzle
And either he lost a few pieces or
He’s put some where they do not belong
He says he hates that I am right
I walked to the buses and me an tyler were talking like normal and this is basically what happened, except tyler was like “how are you always so right? that’s exactly right” and yeah
ollie Jan 2018
Some people
Do not think they are beautiful
Because we are all born broken
And no one
Ever put
Them together
I scribbled this down in my English class. It wouldn’t go away.
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