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Naya Sep 7
Scrunchies around ponytails are the highest point at this coffee shop

The girls at the corner table wrap their cold little hands around a mug of hot cocoa on this first cold evening of the year

Pride posters takeover the sitting room as they admire the study of physics and the eccentric daily looks of their classmates

They speak so wisely,
With each girl bringing her own charming yet cussing tongue

They take breaks from studying to go on to talk about feminism and the need to feel ******* beautiful in jeans that might be a little too small for them

The walls are lucidly turning a boyish pink as their resilient words riddle the coffee shop’s still atmosphere

These girls are the rebels of the quiet night,
Scented of incense and mango vapour, maybe with a hint of roll on rose perfume,
They are completely unbothered.

Unfazed to the sight of anything that can remotely ruin this good time

These girls are not one to be influenced by the filth of social media ads and rude stares as they walk amongst this uniformed society

They root for one another and cheer each other on as they play jokes and make little fools of themselves, all eyes are on them and they don’t even care.

Winged eyeliner and cherry chapstick,
The youth I know is alive and well...
for I am gratefully sitting next to them at this once quiet coffee shop
this is what makes us girls
Johnny walker Aug 18
All our proud young men
and women of the armed forces who put their lives on the line In order to keep us all safe from
Who are sent by our governments with their
blessing of to war but in returning home Injured and needing our governments
Then the government that called them hero's when sending them off to war  suddenly don't want to know no
But more and more of our ex-soldiers are finding themselves sleeping on the streets of our cities and towns
What Is wrong with our government where do
their loyalties lay but are they blinded by
their own self
Importatance and
These once  proud men and women who proudly wore their uniforms and served their country with honours are now redused to life on our
sleeping In shop door ways what the hell Is wrong with this government who sleep In their comfortable beds who have no
But one thing for sure they
will never get my vote nor
any other party because they have all greedy and have forgotten who they serve which overshadows whats most Important the vulnerable of our
I lived that life on the streets I feel peoples pain
these Idiots most born with silver spoons In their
mouths no nothing of the misery and suffering they've caused so
Tatiana Aug 13
Outside the cigar shop is an elderly man
he is leaning against a parking meter
fumbling the quarters he pulls from his deep pockets
and dropping them into the machine
the metal clinking as it accepts the change
and only reading 20 minutes
the old man scowls at the meter and puts in more coins
until it reads 1 hour
he digs around in his pockets and turns them inside out
he has no more
grumbling to himself, he pushes away from the meter
entering the cigar shop
and I'm left sitting in my car wondering
how we can spare some change for more time
for the things that will lessen the time we already have
Seanathon Jul 25
When you see me sitting there
          Forgetting life

It’s partially to be seen
     But also to be
          More than away from the self-trapped in skin

     But I’m NOT
          In that moment again
I AM But I’m NOT
Aa Harvey Jul 5
All abuzz about a bee

The name’s Humble B. Bumble; welcome to my mall.
How do you do?
If there is anything that you need, I am sure we have it for you.
Need a fresh *** of honey to go with your food?
Not a problem, keep the bottle; I saved this one especially for you two.

Do you need to buy your honey something new?
Not a problem, all honey is good here, I can make honey too.
If you see something you like, I am sure we can find you a good price.
The sugar sure is nice; we just got this frozen stuff,
You won’t believe your eyes!  
They call it ice;
It keeps the water cold
And you just need to add flavour to savour,
The refreshment of your soul.

Your honey’s no good here; the first drink is on the hive;
But I must insist after that, your wallet must appear
And please do not drink honey and then dive.
I will have the bar-staff make you something to drink
And when you are feeling all warm and fuzzy inside,
There is a quiet section for you to sit and think.

Only you can decide what will bee next on your shopping spree.
We’ve got ‘Beegee’s and Banana’ and ‘Our-army’ suits.
There is the Jumper Gotye fashion store
And Kelvin Flies if that is what suits you.
Gooey has more high-end goods, if you have got the honey to spend.
Whatever you need, you will find it here at the ‘All A Buzz’ Mall,
PO Box 3B, Fly Mile End.

If you live in the sky and want to bee a diner,
Then you won’t find a place that is finer.
If these syrupy sweets are not at all to your taste,
Maybe you could think about some bling for your wings?
We have the little shop of forgotten treasures;
I am sure we can find whatever you need or think,
Would improve your life.  Our doors are always open to new idea’s!
We work through the night, to fit your clothes, right on;
If you need a refund, we will always bee right here.
Here, take my card and don’t forget to mention my name.
The middle initial stands for Bee
And Y’all Bee sure to have yourself a nice day!

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Ed C May 20
It sounds like a pet shop
in my head, the twitching
tongues of birds, the spinning
of rodent’s wheels, the tap
of reptiles on the glass.
The animals never stop living
inside my head.
On some days it feels like chaos,
like they’re all running free,
no cages
no glass
running free inside my head
while the world burns inside it
never silent.
Anybody else ever have to extinguish a runaway train of thought?
Emma Apr 30
There’s a little coffee shop
Down an avenue, I like to walk.
It smells like I imagine you still do,
Inside that little coffee shop.

That little coffee shop is where we used to go
When life was good and happy.
We didn’t have a care in the world,
Inside that little coffee shop.

Looking back on that little coffee shop,
It still amazes me how much things have changed.
I would never have imagined that you could hurt me like this
Inside that little coffee shop.

That little coffee shop still feels like home to me,
Its warm fire still makes me glow.
But it will never be the same without you
Inside that little coffee shop.

In that coffee shop is where you first showed me
How it truly felt to be loved.
I would never have realised that your love would lead to this,
Inside that little coffee shop.

As I walk past that little coffee shop
I am hit, again and again, with the familiarity that our love is over.
I walk past in the knowledge that I will never see you again
Inside that little coffee shop.

That little coffee shop will always be my home for you,
Its where my memories of you
Have laid to rest. It will always be
Inside that little coffee shop.
Peter B Feb 1
I thought I saw her
earlier on today,
but it was me,
reflected in a shop window
my own face.
8M Jan 23
I look at the old shop
It only closed a few days ago
I remembered it by name
And the people that worked there
Their names were Jane and Harold
A couple who started the business on their honeymoon
A simple store, selling simple things
Coats, towels, brooms
And yet I always came
So they could be happy

However, money was tight
Few customers ever came
The two grew worried
They couldn't keep up, but they tried to
Sold all their belongings, just so they could be happy
Jane was infertile, but she knew the shop was her baby
When she cried, Harold cried
And eventually, they let go

I walked to the empty storefront
Sometimes I could see the two smiling
I'm sorry about my absence.
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