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Mark 5d
I know that’s my country girl  
Discovered like an oyster, oh what a pearl
And she is naturally kinda dope
One day I will marry her, I hope
My mama always said
Don’t wait, for rebound ones, instead
But, by playing the field is fun, I guess
Dealing with so many, without any progress  
Will lose the thoughts, the heart once desired
Before you know it, still single and almost retired
So, pull your finger out, get up the guts
Ask her out, check her out, no buts.
Philomena Sep 23
I'm not one to get ahead of myself
I try not to be a fool
But darling when I'm with you
My mind tends to wander
Because I just can't wait to marry you

I look up
And you're eyes are locked on me
And as much as I might deny it you really do complete me
You turn storm clouds to rain
And you bring out the best in me

You don't give yourself the credit you deserve
I understand that we're all human
But you are perfect to me
So as you probably have figured by now
I just can't wait to marry you
Mark Sep 12
She touches my heart and dreams on my mind
She must be worth every silver penny
But will she make me get down on one knee?
Unlock your vault, don't throw away the key
Your body flows a river of love, trust ones heart, don't run
'Cause we know, she could be the right one, for you

I Will, I Won’t, Marry I Think

Her child like eyes, sparkle then blink
Upon the sight of me getting closer
Though my love is the very first for her
She knows from that first moment to end
I'll be there for her, I will see to that
Hoping, you know it goes on forever, like that

I Will, I Won’t, Marry I Think

She lays in a hammock in the shade
Won't be a long wait I keep telling her
If she truly wants me to be near her
I'll do what I can to appease, whilst I’m away
And then maybe one day, I will marry her
Dreaming, you know one day that I'll be, with her

I Will, I Won’t, Marry I Think...
Anastasia Aug 24
it sounds
rather bold
but i'd like to marry you
he's quite lovely, if you'd like to know
Butterfly Jul 19
"When we marry I want a huge cake like that."

My heart skipped a beat.
I wanted to kiss her so badly.
I love you
Lily ale May 10
I wanna be kissed in the rain
And wear a wedding ring
I wanna love you
Just cause
It’s you
Tom **** and Harry
Met a lovely fairy
She asked - 'How do you do?'
They said – 'Why should we tell you?"
How do we do?

Fairy gave a Smiling look
'There is a nice reason
I can fulfil all your wish'
Tom said – 'We don't do'
God does everything'

Fairy was impressed
Tom became happy
So was ****
Fairy winked and smiled
Harry Got Mad

Harry decided to Marry
Beautiful lovely fairy
He said – 'Fulfil my wish.
Marry me and be my Bride'
Fairy got angry, lost her temper

She threw them all
They all had a great fall
It happened all of a sudden
They found themselves fallen from bed
Now they understood clearly

Whatever they saw was just a dream
Both Tom and ****
Started beating Harry
They Kicked and Punched
Harry was so sad

He was not that bad
He realised, said sorry
He also touched his ears
But when he turned his pillow
Found a pleasant Red Rose

Soon Tom and ****
Turned their pillows
Found nothing at all
Now they turned to Harry
Knelt down and felt sorry

A Fairy Tale
The woman of my rib
The one that makes me complete
The woman of my dream
My semi; my eve
She’s sleek and black
Fair or partly dark
Tall and slim
Doesn’t need a hill
To bring out the curves of her hips

The woman of my rib
The one that makes me whole
With the heart that gives me home
She ‘d filled my every hole
With the smile that gives me hope
She’s thick and white
Short and fat
Doesn’t need a cream
To bring out the beauty of her skin

The woman of my rib
Is intelligent and wise
Beautiful and kind
Always follows her heart
Doesn’t need a philosophical quote
Before she knows which way to go

The woman of my rib
Is brilliantly tricky
Less like that of Eve
Which led Adam to his doom
She’s a tigress in bedroom
Blessed with ah heavenly womb
She doesn’t need a tattoo
To show that she’s a tycoon

The woman of my rib
Is coy and shy
Lousy and wild
Always putting on a smile
Sometimes wrong; sometimes right
Good and bad
All at the same time

The woman of my rib
Is gentle and calm
But she’s the opposite when I’m around
Always lending a supporting hand
Knows her way around her man

The woman of my rib
Has the most beautiful soul
She always has everything under control
She’s the best in every aspect
Doesn’t try too hard to be perfect
Even perfect wished she was her

Woman of my rib
She’s distinctively pretty
Jealoused by the goddess of beauty
Coz her style ain’t tutee
Not too choosy
That is the kind of woman that suits me
III Apr 1
I'll marry you
If not only to extend
The warm breezy peace
Akin to summer nights softly spoken,

Because I need to hold you closer
Than the sky holds the clouds
For a time longer
Than the moon has chased the sun.
jack Mar 20
Never been better
Than the day i asked you
Not in person or in a letter
But with my special voodoo

You said yes
With love in your eyes
My heart exploded in a mess
I still remember that days sunrise

Awaiting the day
To see you walk the aisle
You said you'd wait for my birthday
I still have the biggest smile

No question in my mind
This is what fate wanted
Our hands intertwined
Never a day feeling daunted
im officially engaged
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