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Nat Lipstadt Sep 28
First Line: The Most Popular Words on HP

those  selected below, are copied from the current top line of the Words section on HP,  which I believe, represent the most often used/“popular” words on the site.

love      time      heart      life      eyes      feel      day      
mind      night      things      left      find      long

when  I find love next time, and the next time,
the heart that has powered this life,
will avoid the trapping eyes that initialize the
first feel, the first contact, those things that are
the mind seducers, whether,
one, if by day
two, if by night

which is it?
love is blind, but we all dream of love at first sight!

which’s why, I’ve left the world of find,
long ago, deciding that love will find me in its own
peculiar time, way, method, until that occurs,
dreaming of that happenstance will inspire
a poem of the day, each day,
until time postpones either my
heart or mind, my senses, or the search is concluded,
which will most likely be through my jewels,

my very own words
I just listened to;
6 broadway shows,
2× When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?
And I read a whole book (Harry Potter 6)
I'm not ok
A "poem" every day
Knock knock.
Who's there?
You know.
You know who?

And this, my people, is how James Potter died
A "poem" every day.
dottie Jul 5
I dont think I'll ever recover from the love we had. I'm the one who dropped the vase and watched all of the porcelain shatter all amongst the floor, spreading into every corner of the room. I knew it was nearly impossible to walk without cutting yourself on the glass and that's why you had to leave, that's why we both had to leave. I've swept the floor about a thousand times now. I still watch for you at the doorway, I've written letters that never have been read, I cleanch my pillow at night and sometimes still dream of the smell of your hair in the bed next to me. I know there will never ever be a place for us again but you haunt me like a ghost. I wish I could see a glimpse of you pass me just one more time.
Bus Poet Stop Apr 2015
this is not a ten stepper essay.  You are, and you admit it, full stop. Addicted to HP.  No help here.

but to answer the question...

the writing of a poem,
no matter what your style,
eye dropper word selection,
slow methodical,
or furious expelling, frying oil
until crescendo is achieved
is clearly a fulfillment of
a ****** type of need.

after words,
when you repeatedly
check the number of likes,
it is just you asking me

was it as good for you
as it was for me?

Usually, eventually,
the answer is a
quiet, soft spoken,
very few reads version of:

"Uh, just let me sleep"
which means you will try again
in the the morning suncomeforth.
eye put the vin in vignettes
Star BG Apr 26
I can’t sleep so I’ll count sheep
but since no sheep I see
I think I’ll just take a breath
and write some poetry.

One Two Three and Four
their I find some verse galore
Five six seven their ripe
Post I will on hp site
can't sleep so I am being silly
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