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when silence breeds discontent
and critics ensnare your feet
in a morass of minutiae
amplify your truth

when gossip makes
a mischief of reality
stand your ground
command all energy
toward positivity

never relent because
others seek to mold you
in their stale likeness
never submit to quietude
when you are gifted
a poetic voice

It's your obligation
to subjugate negation
and contort vexation
into your own narration
toward personal salvation
Your thoughts, your creation
only your fingers, the translation

Never submit to false authority
lies, malice do not signify you
hold your head high
Look to the stars
and dream in words
HP is a safe haven for poetry and creative expression, and we have a responsibility to protect this hallowed ground as a place to think, share, and dream. This poem is my pledge to remain true to our mission as poets. Never let others' opinions falsely define you.  Dare to be authentically, unapologetically yourself.
I've spent the morning soaking my heart
in your words,
feeling each tenderness,
devouring nostalgic verse,
lingering in the fields before sunset's lips
grow silent

How your thoughts intermingle
with my own, slipped like satin
over my head to dress the hips of day
Such quietude to linger in these rooms
with faces I've yet to see, whose
minds are ever present

This meditative state, laced in whispers
enchanting the morning
      thank you for sharing
your vulnerabilities and concerns,
for taking time out
to feel and hope amidst
the scars of unprecedented days

Thank you for reminding me,
we must keep pressing forward
towards the dawn
I have spent the last hour catching up on HP poets' works from the week. Teaching high school online is robbing me of much needed creative time. How I miss writing poetry, how I've loved reading yours today. Thank you!❤️
Frannie Aug 19
Self love is the best love, that what they all say -VV

Self-work is heavy, it requires a huge lift
So bend your knees and jump in, its time to make a shift
Loving yourself is the ultimate goal and its such a priceless gift
So let's get started. with unpacking your garbage, its time to cause a rift!
She drapes her beauty
over a gossamer sleeve

breathes music box melody

through the spindles of dreams

elopes with the stars

and whispers
lavish possibilities

through a cauldron of clouds

she, the whimsy,
midnight Blues fantasy

seeped in gin
drizzled over
my sins

she is madness
and meaning

commingled in
I was inspired by John Destalo's style in "Scavenger" and Patty and Gideon's homage to the Blues and the beautifully soft phrase "cauldron of clouds" in Shamamama's "Sleepless."  The phrase bewitched me.
It is the default setting to hide explicit writings ,
But i don't think they had anything wrong in their writings.

It's written that if you add explicit words in your poems, it will be hidden
And apparently there are too many poems which are explicit word-ridden.

Can anyone please tell me what makes a poem explicit writing
A poem is a description of people's feelings and fighting.

I am really confused for I don't know if this poem will be hidden or not
But I think I am gonna give it a shot .

This setting has hidden so many writes  from me
And when I asked the poets why ,
there was no answer found to be .

Now it is my humble request if anyone will answer my question
This thing already has all of my attention .
I have not been able to read a lot wonderful poet's work because of this setting. The problem is that this setting is default and hence I didn't know that I was missing out on so much . When I asked the poets about this , sadly I didn't get any answers . Anyone who has information regarding this and who can help me on this matter is more than welcome to share their advice.
I am who
I didn’t think
I would be
Remains me

I never was
Would have been
The person
That is me

Tell me not
What is to be done
Unless you think
You can make me do

What is the plan
Will it work
To get me started
On this again

Mazes and silliness
Interesting to find nothing
But to find nothing
Makes it worthwhile

To be bored
In the company of self
Either be moulded
Or simply moult away
Whenever I think of taking a break from Hp, the notifications keep pouring in
Makes me feel loved here :) 🙏💛
I received so much love ,
More than i was worthy of .

I recieved so much support,
More than i had expected of .

I received so much motivation,
More than i needed of .

I received so much inspiration
Exactly what i thrived for .

This platform is made by its members
Not by an app or digital numbers .

Some of the best have given me a ray
I will surely make my way
Remembering their kindness everyday.
To all the members who reminded me that positivity stil exists. This platform has shared so much love , its members have showed such kindness that i will forever be grateful for .
YUKTI Apr 25
I still hear your flirting voice
In that train journey
You filthy stranger with a breathtaking smile.

Sitting on my seat on my cellphone screen
I suddenly notice a sharp gaze
Oh, it was you
A boy with black dusky hair, in beachy shirt and shorts.

You felt like "a little sun" to me in between those "cold wintery" people
When you spoke, finally breaking the silence.
Your sugary words, made the surrounding smells like a marshmallow.

Your way of talking is too smart as well as silly
Opens a door to a different crazy world forme.
always a very poised girl was laughing like a cute drunkard,
Is that you or your appearance or your voice that makes me high.

I looked for you
In every new person, I met
But as the moon in the early morning,
You had disappeared.

now with the hope, it will be you,
Let's meet strangers, in another train journey to worth remembering.
a short writeup on train journey
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