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Your health doesn't
Seem to improve
What kind of virus
You suffer
Symptoms tell
Your system
Finds difficult
To breathe
HelloPoetry my health depends on your health. Please take care.
Traveler Apr 10
I'm not trolling for feed back
No that's not why I'm here
Yet I appreciate your kindness...
My good Sir!
Your words are sweet music...
My Dear!
Actually your love is the reason
Why I'm here...

Through the buffer of these circuits
Your avatar submerges
Your words inscribed in mysteries
As scanning eye's converge

It's now or never now
To bring your words to light
Post your creative thoughts
Before you say good night

Words can love
Words can  heal
Words can touch
And we can feel

So give us your best
If you will!
Traveler Tim

Cheap rhymes
I know...
But that's how I roll!
Thomas W Case Jan 22
What is up with hp....something seems janky with the site.......some poems won't publish others have 18 views in 23 hours ***?  Is anyone else experiencing this problem???
Please don't stay neutral
If you don't like
Please dislike
Middle path please avoid
Number of views to unhide
ju Jan 7
When you write your broken so well it breaks me, what should I say?
Tell me, you’re good with words.

Or do I turn away, drop one of those hearts we all keep in our pocket,
aware of how small it is, worse still - how hollow?
In real-time and in person, you'd be there, right? On the end of the phone, or boiling the kettle and breaking open a packet of biscuits **
-elixir- Jan 10
The walk's difficult,
along the strings of trust,
as you almost throw me over
into the chasm of ghosted waters.
My tears assimilate into the salted
waters as the strings almost snap
with each step.

While my heart, your heart,
an apocalypse
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