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Star BG Mar 5
POETS bleed out words.
siphoned out with needle like pen.

My words seem to be HP positive.
thought sometimes
it changes to HP negative.

My blood bank is
called HP.
It's always stocked
with much blood infused words.

A grand place
just a click away.
Inspired by chat with TS Poetry Thanks for continuing the art of poetry
M-E Jan 27
A Riddle:

If I told you
That I'm going to write
A poem
As a gift
To whoever is the 200th
Would you race to follow me
Knowing that its not going to be you?
20 followers ahead.
Or would you leave my profile stagnant
At 180 followers?
Or would you unfollow or block me instead?

Maybe this poem is a gift
To all my 180 followers :)
Sometimes I just write whatever nonsense idea comes to my mind. But this one is from my heart. <3
TheStartOfMyEnds Dec 2018
Like a wall of China in layers
Held together by the bricks of broken dreams
And never ending prayers
Surrounds "I"
The mind mothered the heart of I
As I sought for love
And found home in Writing
Dedicating this piece to all. Thank you for all your support and love in Writing. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year. I'm ever so grateful to have found HP and able to be part of this writing community.
YUKTI Dec 2018
While I lay quiet still in the dark
Ashes of my cigarette
Spread all around in the ground

While I lay quiet still in the dark
I think that maybe I am that touch
Of wind that destroys the castle of cards.

While I lay quiet still in the dark
Eyes closed and slowly sipping wine
With fingers moving on the rim of the glass.

Emily Nov 2018
Dear friends met through HP,
Not to be confused with antlered ones,
Despite the graceful beauty seen throughout your poems,
Or the fleetness of your fingers when messaging me.

I’ve appreciated everyone’s praise and comments on my poems,
But I especially want to thank the ones who’ve privately written,
Seeking to encourage me,
While knowing your kindness would be hidden.

It’s impossible to say if I would still be writing poetry today,
If it weren’t for your kindness.
While I wouldn’t know what was missing,
I’d likely be an emotional mess.

I’m very grateful for:
Your quickness to respond—the words often brighten my day and countenance!
Willingness to discuss anything—you’ve quickly reached confidant status.
Unique perspective on life, which I would likely never have encountered otherwise.
Genuine care for me as a person, not just a poet.

Truly, it would take more words than I have to do you justice, so I won’t attempt that Sisyphean task.
Instead, I’ll be forever grateful for what you’ve done for me, and try to pay it forward.
Perhaps others will also be inspired by your example, and welcome new poets as warmly into our community that is HP.

[Thanks, HP, for making everything from poem posting to private messaging available for free and free will donations—I might have never tried my hand at poetry if I’d had to pay to join!]
what would i see in the mirror of erised?
it's probably like what dumbledore saw—
him, holding a pair of thick, woolen socks
because one can never have enough socks, eh?

remember dobby, a free elf?
dobby, who has no master
because of a sock harry gave?
you understand now?

socks are needed to become free.
Donna Nov 2018
Can you please get back
to normal again , I can’t
see my friends poems
Taking a break until hp technical prob is sorted ** missing  u all ***
Take care hope to be back soon **
YUKTI Nov 2018
Agreed that the darkest place is always under the burning lamp.

but, the jubilant feeling one gets by burning
his own self to give away the light is peerless!
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