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My Dear Poet Jul 2021
Returning nests to their trees
Raking the wind for the leaves
You’re too busy to miss me

Creating shadows behind a screen
Stitching seasons at their seams
You’re too busy to miss me

Gathering the stars and their gleam
Scattering fears and their screams
You’re too busy to miss me

Washing winter in it’s stream
Painting the world a brighter green
You’re too busy to miss me

Missing me would mean
taking away your dream
…so please, don’t miss me
Sometimes we walk a different path
Kassan Jahmal Mar 2021
Damage or repair,
so often tyred of life.
It's constant wear and tear,
going round in circles of fear.
But that's life for us all, so **** wheel.
Kassan Jahmal Jan 2021
Heaven always too high,
down on earth acting
like I got seven lives.
I don't really fear death less I
see death in the sky.

That's the forecast of the season
hoping we make out this spring,
We're all out here hoping and believing,
We see the better light of the sun
hoping this season isn't so dim.
Counting the stars in the sky,
for the ones we betting our dreams on.
Don't we always love to act so ply,
bent over ourselves by our demons
And where they come from,
like the places we try to hide.

Let's all gather around
in this upside-down world,
What you see is only a flipped idea,
how isn't that profound?  
Far below us, an intellectual arrangement to the fold.

Seems we're all bending the
rules of life,
A risk we seem to be taking,
forgetting the consequences once in the afterlife.

I'm just spit balling here,
so cover your face
I'm not running away from life,
just out for the chase,
Tell me if there's any of you like that
out there?
Kassan Jahmal Jan 2021
I know people who
sold their secrets to bottles
That don't taste life
they just swallow.
For me I poured out my heart,
thinking it would be colossal.

When I thought loving was
strange for having me falling
But love can also be like the rain
have tears pouring.
So don't mistake the past,
or erase out the pain, it's all for absorbing.

I've learnt more from past loves
more than what I put in it,
Had a taste of loving someone
though times I didn't believe it.
I've chased feelings till I
got caught by love,
Disregarded  a lot of my ways
just  to have better ones thereof.

Cause love will break you
but makes you who you are,
It's shaped me well, but also
had to leave me with a scar.

We've all been victims to hurt
chasing a buzz,
All taught the birds and bees,
all gotten the gift of love before Xmas.

So whether you drank from a bottle
to drown out your pain
Wrote down your promises, saying
you won't fall in love again.
Know that love will always find you
even when we stop searching,
Time will move on with love,
given time to heal is always assuring.

So to whoever listening
still searching for love outwards
Let the love of your heart heal
you first, finding love inwards.
HELLO poetry
& GOODBYE to prose
As I speak THE rhythm goes
Emotions & THOUGHTS
The electricity that SPARKS my art
Opposites, raps, heart & MIND
Now I gotta end this little POEM of mine!
Bachir Romani Mar 2020
Help me,
The call of the void became real
I jumped off without knowing what I feel
In the infinity, I am swimming
Feels weird, I regret what I am doing

Help me,
My body is numb my heart is cold
Seems like my soul is getting sold
And although life is gold
Couldn’t wait till I get old

Help me,
Angels warned me about this day
Demons are happy since I will stay
I am starting to fade away
Slowly switching to grey

Help me,
This is the beginning of the end
I’m alone, there is no friend
Couldn’t talk, message failed to send
I’ll feel every second I spend

Don’t help me,
I’m totally broken I’m enjoying this
Hey cute demon, give me a kiss
No family, no bro, no sis
Everything is shattered, I can hear a hiss

Don’t help me,
I am as cold as ice
There is no need to be nice
In order to beat the fire
Since everyone’s a liar

Don’t help me,
I hope this is my last goodbye
I talked a lot, my throat is dry
I thought a lot, my mind will die
I felt a lot, my heart will cry
I dreamed a lot, it’s worth it a try
I waited a lot, my soul will fly
Thank you for your help,
Bye bye.
What's inside the mind of a suicidal human while falling?
Tiger Striped Sep 2019
sand drifts down deserted beach
leaves float off once vibrant trees
lashes left untouched on cheek
curtains shut the bright sun bleak
endless hours of midnight sound
bruised knuckles on dark wood pound
sound of sheets sigh on mattress
second-hands strike drum and miss
misspelled words, soft spoken steps
lonely rose, the last one left
no air in two burning lungs
dead garland on mantle hung
dust dances for aimless wind
sunflowers to ashes bend
salt vacates a brackish sea
empty woods hold silent plea
never-ending days to come
deeper nights, but brighter sun
Martin May 2019
My calendar is empty, June to December,
Ingesting synthetic Alzheimer's, ‘til I can't remember,
All the days in my life, all the days in the year,
Rejecting all the advice, that I can't even hear,

I can cater to longing, I can cater to needs,
But not to my future, and not to my dreams,
I pick the poison I deserve, to get the push and the shove,
That I need to run away, from all the things that I'm sick of.

I am made of oil, my worlds made of water,
In can never connect, but as I grow hotter,
My body and mind, they bend with straits,
The currents of life, they crush me like weights,
I bubble, blend and break, I float and I sink,
I can't stop drifting apart, so all I do is drink,
Bits of me are scattered, all around me, it seems,
But I couldn't hope to get them back, I can't see through the seams,
Of the novice sewing job I've made of my connections,
The knots of my relationships sick up in every direction,
But all I do is float here, and watch them unravel,
My thoughts suddenly idle, like feet kicking gravel,
I can kick scream and cry, about my inaction,
But I can't bring myself to fight, I'm lost in abstraction,
Of the things in mind, conjured from quiet,
But I can't stomach it all on this ***** only diet,
All I hear is the fan in my window, and the fountain outside,
I feel the heat on my skin, and the wound in my pride,
The wind whistles in the treetops and the frog croaks persist,
But it doesn't matter now, nothing outside this room exists.

I can chase it with comfort, I can chase it with love,
But that won't let the hope in, the light from above,
Lost among my stupor and the hypnotic vapors,
All these things I can't help, tears seeping into paper.

All these things i've forgotten, all the times that are gone,
All the things I've put forward, all the things I've withdrawn,
I can cater to longing, to all the little things,
The words slide from my thoughts, water off a wing,
I'm dying, dissolving, rotting away,
It's dictating all my movements, I don't got any say,
This dysmetamorphosisis is unraveling me,
Every step is stagnant, I just couldn't foresee,

My tongue feels thick and my words won't stop slurring,
Everything is vivid but my vision is blurring,
My mind lags behind and my body moves slow,
I feel free at last, but deep down I know,
I'm killing myself, slowing as possible,
Nursing on poison, So I'm not responsible,
I can't think anymore, the words just won't come,
I scream and I cry, but my mind is still numb,
I can feel everything slipping, just what I needed,
What I crave to numb the wounds I've left untreated,
I can't muster the words, or the strength or the will,
To do what it takes, to finally distill,
My wants from my needs, my comforts from addictions,
To break out the haze, to break out of my fiction,
But for now, I am safe, swaddled in the embrace,
Of the things that will **** me, what I dare not erase,
I'm already here, why leave so soon,
It's alright, I can stop, I'm immune.
They will only criticize
They won't sympathize
So don't make yourself paralyze
Do something which makes them surprise
But don't disguise
Keep it real and revise
Give yourself advise
Don't you ever compromise, minimize, apologize
Come with some real **** which synchronize
Something which characterised
You can Immobilized
Your power, your trust, your belief with no curse
Just memorize, organise, realise
Please don't pressurize
You can make your life harmonize

It implies
With timewise
Don't bribe the life
It wil galvanize
You can't resize
Your effort, belief, courage only your tries
So stay, stay with god
He won't do fraud
You believe
You'll achieve.
Esther L Krenzin Apr 2019
Light my fuse
I won't refuse
when drowning in hues of blue
Don't accuse
this ain't a ruse
just diffuse this abuse
I will unloose
from this slipnoose
get rid of your flimsy excuse

-Esther L. Krenzin-
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