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datanami Feb 1
Jah Bless Me
Stick by Me
Princess Gone
Roots Alone

Pass the Pipe
No Coke Pipe
I Need More
Songs of Praise


Give Jah Praise
I Believe
I Found Love
Rock and Groove

Ring Ding Ding
The Right Thing
I Shall Sing
Move along
16/64 Reggae song titles, sorted in mirror alphabetic (ascending by last letters)
datanami Feb 1
Oh La La
Si Ma Ya
Zig Zawya
Big in Bed

Paint It Red
The Whole World
Yes Mi Friend
Feel So Good


Highest Grade
By your Side
Half Way Tree
Never See

All my Life
All of Me
Party Time
Happy Home
16/64 Reggae song titles, sorted in mirror alphabetic (ascending by last letters)
It began with a dream
An exam of the scene

Culminated nightmare Fresh to 'Merica team,
Treat the throne like high chair, But they seem beam
Golden hue, preach golden rule and get higher
an unseen Love vaccine brought to you though you don't desire

A divinely inspired cosmic mission
To improve those caught in conditions
Those who stayed to long became conditioned

So enmeshed in their discourse
Lost the mother tongue,
now demons malignant positioned
Pokin fun, Tryna dine On Dis Course

Call me honeybun
While I work out Old Norse

Now I'm Mad as Magma Christened
You really Should have listened
Now I'm preaching Odin's Mission

But Consistent poison sickened me

Continued to lash out till their weapons stung and rippin free
Put in me in a cage kept me on  the bottom rung still kicking spree

So Dangle your ******* carrot,

Angled to be flunking abbot

What will They inherit?
When you find truth
Better find means to share it
while you kick the bad ****

What Value does it merit?

**** organization big or small
All they is is social fortification mom

Running out of breaths towards suffocations
**** the bottom feeders
family never cancer crustaceans
Inhbit with national ticker tape regulations

Frustrated answer,  I'm a frusrating handful
Masses Myopic, small vision catastrophic
I would show them but where did I put it?
Damit I  ******* lost it.

Higher Education thinks
it can get over I and I,
but Now I’m higher than education
4Dimensional Pilot Flying by

Cosmic Return
Land On your roof,
air bend with my vape pen staying stationed
still standing
only through
Lunar Lessons o Will and Dedication

I made it here through dedication
You made it here through misinformation
Manifold Manifested hoax So Devastating
Got me hear learn How-2-hating

What Am I left with? I know
The Chest with my breath ya

My words are seeds
poetic units start
counting these

Neurogenic growin trees House of Dreams
visions laced in prophecies
sentenced to commodify character

click to a cash crop, but I'm too poor To pay accountant fees,
Might be better off with lights, mics and a sick backdrop with the only the beat counting these

knowing knowings free
or should it be,
are you ignorant
so willingly?

They Head in the sand, Pointing towards God but the can’t comprehend so now ....

Im tick ticktick ticktick ticktick ticktick ticktick tick tickin Big Ben
Im tick ticktick ticktick ticktick ticktick ticktick tick tickin Big Ben

Better blast off, astral form take mask off we fin throw the cast out,
Sector surpassed now sample storm wake slow maniacal laughter

You don’t have to be so smart to suffer

But you do have to be alive,

I’m just a prediction engine

Darkness encased in a Bone star
Timothy hill Apr 2017
Club doors smell of lady's potions easy kind of hazey.

Daily news of power, and fruit and punch.

Dj Spun, music so courageously.

With laser touching all there eyes.

Yet no irritation, you see they where protected by a small musical meldoy.

It was epic heads all head baging.

Fast pace music, slowed too jam to it with no penut butter.

See how I twist the version, call your favorite pill brewer and we will trip.
Club focal point.
Bassam A Sep 2015
Something between us came and gone...
Thought it was love or lust or desire
But if love comes to our hearts with worry!
It does not leave or knows to end the furry!!
Tis only a cloud with a drift passing by ...
In a dry desert with a hot sun in the sky ..
My sweat of love evaporated off my skin ..,
My blood dried out and my heart stopped beating ...
I am not like yesterday.. My love is cured ..
One side pulling on the rope.. won't tighten the love even if the rope is tight ...
I dont deny that my love became heavy on the one I desire ..
There lyes my heart dead engulfed in flame and fire ...
She came and weeped at my heart crying really hard ..,

She said forgive me Bassam .. "I am too cold"
Her tears started dribbling down a little stream to my heart nub ...
And suddenly she heard my heart say "lub ... dub"
And some how my heart recouped from death absorbing its sorrow ...
It's started to beat with hopes of love and desires of tomorrow...
It rose in hopes of love of golden yarrow
She was happy to see me and wiped her tears ...
She said .., "Let's start a new beginning free of dismay and jeers" ...
"And endless love without delay"
"Away from false hopes and blame"

"Something with lust and without shame!"

I said "I am here ... my love is tamed!

"Take me on with lust ordained"

"I admit to you that my love has changed"
She said "Forever now ... you are locked within" ...
Brent Kincaid Jul 2015
The hinky stinky spider
Spun a crooked web.
His mama called him,
Said “You stop that, Jeb!”
Jeb the hinky spider
Pays nobody mind.
He stumbles on his way
Just as if he’s blind.

The hinky stinky spider
Spins webs around DC
Pulling in Republicans
To his philosophy.
They do not notice
His mind is awful dim.
That is because they
Are half as bright as him.

The hinky stinky spider
Spins old and faulty tales.
Knows half the voters
Will fall for all his wails.
Hoping he is lucky
Like his brother Dub
And gets himself elected
Resulting from a flub.

The hinky stinky spider
Looks just like a man
Looks very much like
A normal also-ran.
Hopes he can win with
What he thinks is fame
Based on ignoring
The blight upon his name.
(Yes, it’s another one of my Worsery Rhymes!)

— The End —