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To know these thoughts
Pulling my mood to bleak
Each time my mind entertains
The notion and secret admiration
Unobtainable visions you are.

You might guess but I guard them
My pride and my aging acceptance
The denial and the hindsightedness
Bitterness so impotent and useless

Beautiful, You, and I  can't bring attention
I'm. Too old, too far past the moment
No. I must appreciate from afar
Stolen glances from forgettable interactions.

It's not a blameable situation
I am longful, going for eyes
that see inside and passed
The lines of time too clearly present
Hopef but for One whom tries for
Proximity and time by my side
and that is never yours to supply.

It ***** I am so far ahead of
My youthful desires
and the unsaid.
Nie Feb 3
be who you needed
when you were younger
IncholPoem Jan 15
Yesterday   i
had  poison  in
some   local
fried     food.

It  happened
in  a  cyber  cafe
where  i  was
busy  in  ­searching
for  more  than
social  media  sites.

I  ate  fe­w
amount  of  that
and  suddenly  could
know  it  that
it  is  

I  became
surprised  that
a  site  called
is    popular  and
available  in  zoo  countries.

I  have  to
­ask   tomorrow
to  sun  and  my
net-addicted  son.
han Dec 2018
The world isn’t my enemy
I am
any step I take forward
I pull myself back
with words
conjured up from insecurities
and painted with doubt
the fear of not
constantly looms over me
I’m not afraid to disappoint you
I’m afraid to disappoint
the little girl
I once was
and still am
the one who thought
she could do something
to shape her life and the world
My heart is heavy as I write this poem. I’m not sure if this will resonate with anyone else, but it’s a very real representation of what I’m feeling at the moment. December 16th~han
Skarlett Dec 2018
I’m sorry to my younger self
For not taking care of you
For not standing up for you when getting teased
For not being strong when you needed me the most

I’m sorry for giving you bad thoughts
Bad memories
Bad feelings
Sorry for when I said I hated you and wish you didn’t exist
Sorry for making you feel like a failure
I’m sorry for everything I put you through over the years

I promise you everything will be ok
And that I will always be by your side no matter what
It’s ok to cry
And it’s ok to get angry
I don’t ever want you to feel the need to be strong even when you don’t want to again
It’s the hardest feeling to go through
Trust me we did it for four years

It’s ok the be yourself
It’s definitely ok to say no to people
Your one year from turning 20 and it think it’s time for you to be free

I wish I could travel back in time and ask you a couple questions
I have some things I want to tell you also but that’s for another dark night

I want to make you happy
I want to make you proud
But you have to know that it will take time
I am not perfect
I will **** up like I always do
But I promise I won’t give up on us
I love you
And I mean it this time
Zukiswa Mvunguse Nov 2018
When I was little
The township we called home was the centre of my world
Our mud and zinc house was a Palace
My father it’s King
And we were his little princesses
My mother was just my mother
She wasn’t regal enough to be a queen

When I was little
We vacationed at centre of the universe
Nevermind that my grandparents farm lacked running water or electricity
And stood at the bottom of the valley
Surrounded on all sides by majestic hills
In comparison, it was just a stepping stone to the heavens
Even so, it was my heaven

When I was little
I looked to the heavens and I saw God
He wore a threadbare, leathery moonless night sky for skin
And had a cloudy facade with fallen stars for eyes
But when My God smiled
Sunlight shone through the cracks
And we all wanted to busk in his radiance

When I was little
My grandfather seemed a God
On cold winter nights, huddled around the fireplace
Stories of youthful escapades and adventures in the big city Spilled from his ambrosia loosened lips
Mesmerised by this linguistic wizardry
We hung onto every word as he switched from English to Afrikaans to Sesotho to Xhosa and back

When I was little
I was happiest lying in the sun
But than I grew up and the shadows were more inviting
Kingdoms fell and Gods became mere mortals
When I was little
The women in my family were merely extras to their male leads
But as I grew up they evolved into pillars
Holding up the roof their male counterparts have left to disrepair
I had to write an essay for English class about my childhood, but ended up with this. My grandfather died 2 years ago and I was emotionless at the time, so this suprised me.
Wolftrax Nov 2018
She was so beautiful, I just can't explain it
Her gorgeous brunette hair, and her cute smile
She was petite, and had a port-wine stain
But that didn't matter, I was madly in love

That summer went by way too fast, it ******
When we said our goodbye, I just had no clue
Would I ever see her again, was there a chance?
I wanted to stay in touch, she meant a lot to me

We had great chemistry, and she had my heart
I saw her about a year or so later, still beautiful
If I had known we would never cross paths again
I would've told her then and there, how I felt

No doubt about it, I still think about her today
I wonder what she's up to, hope she's well
I've tried to look her up, but nowhere to be found
Whenever I hear that song, I think of her

I was definitely in love, she had my heart
She will always be something special to me
Just wish I could find her, and let her know
The summer of 1989, I remember it well
In the summer of 1989, while working at this job, I met an amazing girl. She was amazing, and we clicked from the start. One day, a group of us were in the car, heading across town. I'll never forget the song "So Alive" by Love and Rockets starts playing on the radio... and I'm seeing this beautiful girl and that smile that drove me crazy. I just wish I had kept in touch.
Sierra Blasko Sep 2018
Dear Younger Me.

The days ahead are dark.

There will be points
Where you will close your eyes
Burning, stinging, tear-torn eyes
And it will look no brighter
When you open them again.
You will reach for the light switch
Only to discover
The dual bulbs
Clustered under the shade
Are doing all they can already.
You will walk upstairs
In the witching hour
The dark scary still hour
And even though there is nothing
Nothing logical to fear
The still scary, dark hour
And the night will surround you
Press in on you
And you’ll swear each step is a mouth
Waiting to swallow you alive.
You will leap from light switch to light switch
Because the dark
The cursed, smothering dark
Is a fate worse
Than sinking into a molten floor.

Dear Younger Me.

The darkness does not win. Not against the light.
Remember that.

Even if you, yourself, don’t feel light.
Even when you feel bogged down
Like the weight of a thousand worlds
Rests on your shoulders
And you’re slogging through swamp mud, besides.
There is light, and hope, and peace
Peace like none you have ever known
Waiting on the other side.
And if I could spare you the tears
The ache that tears your chest inside out
The lump that threatens to stay
Choking you
Breath by breath
If I could spare you that
You would never grow.
You would never become me.
Broken. Imperfect. Beautiful.
Stronger, holding tight to the Savior’s hand.
I wouldn’t trade all the stars to be you again, me.
But someday you’ll get here. April 2018.
You’ll write a poem. Me to you. Heart to heart.
You’ll look around. You’ll look back.
And there will be light again.
See you when you get here, yeah?
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