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Poetoftheway Aug 2014
"Son can you play me a memory
I'm not really sure how it goes
But it's sad and it's sweet
And I knew it complete
When I wore a younger man's clothes"

Billy Joel lyrics from
"Piano Man"*

when I was very young
I wore Levi jeans and white
Hanes cotton T shirts
my mother bot me,
my feet, Ked clad, red
from the kid's "department" store
on Central Avenue,
the Main Street of my small town

when I was a young lad,
I wore workingman's cargo jeans and
white Hanes cotton T shirts
under red plaid
wooly shirts, itchy affairs,
that I bot for myself
in a real Army Navy store,
desert colored suede boots,
laced up high,
upon my feet

when I was of middling years,
my jeans were khaki pants,
Gap supplied,
and my Gap T shirts,
faded like me,
a non-descript color,
made in a gap of pale pastel colors
from Bangladesh or Vietnam,
pale pastel, like me

so as I slide~decline into
my nursing home years,
I wear unbranded jeans and
white cotton no name T shirts
with matching white disposable slippers,
that the Purchasing Department
bot for me, cause they know,
I like,

a younger man's clothes and
the memories that play all day
lost in day dreaming of a life
well dressed

When I was younger I was different,
But when I grew up I became the same.
Johnny walker Aug 27
There were times In my life when younger I thought I knew
about life but looking back much later In years realising I really knew nothing at
Although had youth on my side I lacked the exsprience and the
true meaning of life
would many years later before I'd take responsibility stand up become a man no longer a
Katelynn Mar 25
If I could write to the past
Of all that has happened
Of all of what I went through
Of how everything happened so fast

So this to you
To the younger me
To the innocence
That no longer consumes me

Dear younger me
Of all the things I want to tell you
Words can not explain enough
Of what actually happened

Dear younger me
Would I tell how you will go through so much
So much pain
So much heartache
But you will come out so much stronger

Dear younger me
Would I think to tell you the truth
Of all those you will lose
Those who you thought would be there
But now are left confused

Dear younger me
Would I tell you of the places you will travel
Some creating your best memories
Or how others will still leave you up at night

Dear younger me
Oh how I want to protect you
To keep you shielded
From the dark

Dear younger me
Oh how I want to warn you
Of the dangers that lurk
Even in the most trusting smile

Dear younger me
With how much I would give
To be back in your shoes
Even just for a moment

But if even given a moment
I would change nothing

Dear younger me
You will go through hell and back
You will cry some nights until you fall asleep
You will witness things you wish you had never witness
You will try to die at your lowest moments at the age of 13

But do not be frighten

Dear younger me
While you are going through so much
While you feel left in the dark
That you have hit rock bottom
You will rise
Stronger than you have before

Dear younger me
While our life is not over yet
You will meet amazing people
Those who love you
When others wouldn’t

Dear younger me
You will see amazing things
Color brighter than you have before
You will feel peace at times

Dear younger me
Things are never perfect
But you will make it
You are better than you once imagined

Dear younger me
For all the things you wished you were told
For all the things you wished you had done
Even now
I wouldn’t change them for a younger me
Here lately i've been thinking about my past, which is never a good thing. I was givin the insperation for this poem by the song Dear Younger Me by MercyMe. Listening to that song over and over again made me think what would I say if I could write to myself ten years ago. 7 year old me. An innocent child who had no idea what challeges that would be thrown at her. But I grew stronger, and those tough challenges and decisions made me who I am today.
Anne Mar 7
when I was younger
home was the best place ever.
whether it was birthdays
which now feels like
a long-lost dream. since we lived in a tiny
house. a family of six huddled up together
in a tiny room to celebrate. maybe times
were simpler or maybe we didn’t have much then.

or on days, mum cooks
which always was a rarity.
she never played an active role
but our younger selves made sure
at the end, we’d be grateful.

things began to shift
when we grew older.

the happy house felt like a dark
gloomy one. smiles began to
be replaced by shoutings.
birthdays began to be less common
and sooner like we all imagined
it would become something
attached with the past.

when i became older
i tried becoming friends with
my younger self. somedays were
a disappointment. somedays we faked it.

I’m still trying to.
When I was a young man, fighting the system,
All alone, insecure in my skin,
Hiding the pain & the madness within,
I followed the crowd & tried to fit in,
But the battle inside was taking it's toll,
& I Truly believed I would never grow old,
Became clear as I started to stumble,
My body broke down, caved in & crumbled.

As a young man I was hyperactive,
On the move, always distracted,
I couldn't be myself, I was so unattractive,
Wearing a mask, I was always acting,
Putting on a brave face,
I couldn’t keep up, so I travelled at my own pace,
I needed my own space,
I never had a mirror on the wall in my own place.

Don’t you run, face your fears,
Just dry your tears, I say,
Don’t you run, face your fears,
Just dry your tears.

Full of excuses & ill demands,
Asking myself where the **** do I stand,
I was so full of hatred, ready to attack,
I didn’t know what was real,
Didn't know how to act,
But my back is against the wall,
& I need help facing reality,
Because the lines are blurred,
& I need help finding clarity.

I don't wanna walk this walk no more,
But I keep getting pushed by an unknown force,
I was an unborn spawn,
All tucked up, still safe in the warm,
I was given no choice in the matter,
My umbilical cord was torn,
& they took me out of the arms of my mother,
When I needed her care & I needed support.
Rambling on.

Johnny walker Feb 23
Down the road, I go my road of memory to
places I visited long ago
back when I was young
so carefree for no worries did I ever
For I did what I wanted to do for no fear did I have for the dangers In a life that lay awaiting somewhere out
But I manage to survive all that came my way to live to tell my stories but It's only now at my age I'm realising how dangerous
my life then
Memory of when I was younger had no fears
faced whatever came
my way and to live to
tell my stories
To know these thoughts
Pulling my mood to bleak
Each time my mind entertains
The notion and secret admiration
Unobtainable visions you are.

You might guess but I guard them
My pride and my aging acceptance
The denial and the hindsightedness
Bitterness so impotent and useless

Beautiful, You, and I  can't bring attention
I'm. Too old, too far past the moment
No. I must appreciate from afar
Stolen glances from forgettable interactions.

It's not a blameable situation
I am longful, going for eyes
that see inside and passed
The lines of time too clearly present
Hopef but for One whom tries for
Proximity and time by my side
and that is never yours to supply.

It ***** I am so far ahead of
My youthful desires
and the unsaid.
Nie Feb 3
be who you needed
when you were younger
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