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Janay Nov 2021
We found love crumbling from our hands as
Our eyes glisten from the tears that have fallen to the floor yelling don’t let me fall, don’t let me go.
We found love in the rain sitting by the window whispering build me up, and hold me close.
We found love sitting on the stoop laughing at the birds flying and the kids playing…
We saw love planting seeds for the trees and whispering a prayer for protection
We heard love
We heard love make a promise to self
We told love don’t disappoint
We asked love to be pure and free
Because of those that still believe
Because of those that still need love to breathe
We thanked love for the reminder
We asked love if we could wait a while
Loved giggled
We asked love for grace
Love said it’s time
We thanked love
Because we are
hazem al jaber Aug 2021
Whispering ...

And while I'm in a crazy frenzy...
i whisper your name...
and I say...
you are the all women ...
all over the world ...
because it's you ...
my love ...
and you are the one ...
who i desire ...
and I want ...
only you ...
whom i whispering ...
always for ...

because you are ...
always close to me ...
Oh ,
wish you know ...
how much you are close ...
even every night ,,,
with me ...
into my bed ...
dancing there ...
a love dance ...
only for me ...

so there is ...
no chance ...
to escape from me ...
only to be with me ...
however ...
you run away from me ...
so many years ...

hazem al ...
Michael Apr 2021
Night time, where whispers in my mind
make it hard to fall asleep.
Inclined, it's Time I seek to find.
I've left so much behind.  I'm in too deep.
Shadows dance and keep my glance,
as I lay here wide awake.
Tossing, turning in my bed.
All my thoughts hiss like a snake.
Counting sheep to fall asleep
just doesn't work for me.
With all these whispers whispering,
the rain's my remedy.
  My soothing melody.
Sungmoo Bae Sep 2020
Come to me, my dearest one.
Let me get inside you more;
naivety is your nature,
thus eager to please
and to be pleased
—time flies like a fleeting bluebird,

a fairy in its blue bright spirit,
    and still you’re nearing my presence.
    Almost there, so be afraid of me,
    and yet fond of me,

for I'll never let you stray off anymore
—stop your wandering, no more—
and ‘tis the proof that I hold you so dear.
I long to relish that imminent moment

    where you’ll give me the enjoyable tickles
    while struggling in my arms tightly locked,

kept held in my blooming *****
in ominous anticipation.
Alas, I'm much eager to please you so  
—and I do expect, you would feel the same;
that is what I know from your eyes
trying to shun my eagerness,
still neglecting my attentive gesture
beckoning you to join me,

    but you will hide it no longer,
    for all of your struggles, big or small no matter,

    fans my fanatic yearning for your soul.

So accept me, my foolish child
(so carefree, but still shuddering)
as the dim evening clouds
would shroud the skies above,

sealing off the passage of light  
that was once so brilliant,
but now without a reason to exist.
And you, the courted,

    don't just stand there
    when I come to embrace you heartily,

so induce me—do ****** me,
and betray your fear
to be accepted by me, and only.
Do me a favor, and this shall work

as a token of passion for me;
the perfection is all yours:

the purification of our intents,
the petrifaction of our conscience,

the completion of our unison,
ceasing the compliance
with the rigid standards
of the unworthy.

    Wings of the butterfly collapse
    altogether, and you will be
    awaken, knowing that, my love,
    you are truly a butterfly.

    Like a pair of moths,
    we fly into the torchlight burning incandescent.
(C) Copyright: Saul Bae (Sungmoo Bae)
Sungmoo Bae Aug 2020
Say it to me, baby,

that you want me—still—
after all that I've done to you,
and only.
I hear you breathing out hot
—lying flattened on the cold floor—
even after the hard bruisin'

you've gone through—swell, sure it was.

And I wrecked such havoc on you
all because I care for you,
nothing more, nothing less.

I beat you up swell
to get you in a better shape
just like a sculptor

beating his stone
into the shape of David—bare naked.
I'm modern Michelangelo, so to say,

and I want you
to whisper to me
that you crave me,

    that you desire still
    such tyranny of mine
    even more. So just say it,

for your perfection
and a sheer thrill that follows
—all these right at our hands—are so close.

    Wicked as it is,
    my whispering to you demands it.
(C) Copyright: Saul Bae (Sungmoo Bae)

Last Revised: 21th of December, 2020.
annh May 2020
t r a i l s
of light-glazed ephemera
w      a      f      t
from plain to hills;

*G i l d e d*
grams of silken
warm with pine
and noon.

p i t t e r - p a t t e r s ,
D a N c E  S t E p P i N g
the length
of a polo field.

‘Is not this a true autumn day? Just the still melancholy that
I love - that makes life and nature harmonise.’
- George Eliot
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2020
I hear whispering outside
The wind as your name is cried
My company on these nights so cold
Rhythmic song keeping my hand to hold
I miss you, and everything I hear or see reminds me of you somehow.
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
In the Whispering Night
by Michael R. Burch

for George King

In the whispering night, when the stars bend low
till the hills ignite to a shining flame,
when a shower of meteors streaks the sky,
and the lilies sigh in their beds, for shame,
we must steal our souls, as they once were stolen,
and gather our vigor, and all our intent.
We must heave our bodies to some violent ocean
and laugh as they shatter, and never repent.
We must dance in the darkness as stars dance before us,
soar, Soar! through the night on a butterfly's breeze:
blown high, upward-yearning, twin spirits returning
to the world of resplendence from which we were seized.

Published in Songs of Innocence (Issue 3, Spring 2000), Romantics Quarterly (Vol. II, Issue IV, Winter 2003)

Keywords/Tags: romantic, romanticism, whispering, night, stars, hills, flame, meteors, sky, lilies, shame, souls, stolen, ocean, sea, butterfly, breeze, twin, spirits, returning, heaven, resplendence
Nina Nov 2019
When trees cry,
And leaves whisper their g
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