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my tongue twitches
from the words
it won't whisper

- katrina ******
instagram: @wordsbykatrina
twitter: @_wordsbykatrina
Xaela San Jul 2018
I want to unchain this torturous strings
Strangling every hope I insist to have
In the life I thought I owned for a lifetime
But I was wrong, this life was never been mine
It is to the monsters whispering inside my mind
Chaining every part of me
Tainting my soul to black
Yet, even if they reside inside of me
I don't own them, they own me;
Every night they sing to me lullabies of hatred
Never letting me see the light the world offers
Those monsters will never stop taunting me
Until I learn to find a way to end this life.
Shofi Ahmed Jul 2018
The sea is in the mood
is whispering isn’t far.
And the love is in the air
the question is where
can we meet
under the same cloud?
Gray Jun 2018
I rather be at home in my own bed.

(When I’m asleep no one can hear me whispering.)

I like how everyone can be controlled inside my own head.

(When I’m asleep no one can hear me speaking.)

I can even pretend to view into my future by 'looking' ahead.

(When I’m asleep no one can hear me screaming.)

I really like how i can permanently make sure that i am never again misled.

(When I’m asleep no one can hear me weeping.)

I love being at home in my own bed.
Umi Apr 2018
A dazzling sough,
The wind blows through, across the stunning white clouds, to Earth,
A dearness of the whistling, carrying a, warm breeze makes it worth
Worth but to say nothing less than; praise the new coming day!
Rustling the leafs, shaking them, letting them dance, then sway,
The wind is a transient traveler, rushing through this worldly life,
Gathering clouds together, a delicate drizzle is what they strive for,
Distorting, carrying, leading them towards the ground, wettening them in a scenery of a wonderous sight, fertilising the soil more,
Howling in a showering yet intimitating sense of the changing scene,
Blowing over each drop of pure water on the green coloured grass,
Spring is truly a season where dreams can sore,
It gives us the idea of something greater, something more,
Coming with ups, then downs, it gets carried away by the wind,
Until finally, the sunny days of summer are to come,
Sit down with me, listen to the sighing of the wind, don't be lonesome
By the sound it makes, the gentle song which blows through our ears
Can you hear it whispering ?

~ Umi
Tom Mar 2018
i'll forever be
on your side, you whisper to
me, knowing its true
haiku #2
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