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Mae Jan 12
she was at a society full of hypocrites
yet, in this dark room she was at peace.
her presence is much more valuable.
rather than in this world, unpredictable.
she is vulnerable.
her emotions are fragile,
wants to be like a willow.
but she is soft as the pillow.
she wants to have a freedom.
anxiety attacks,which makes her doom.
and as they talk to her, it was too late.
her soul was not there anymore.
Dark Feign Jan 4
"that's not good for you"
I protested, as I puffed
on my cigarette
I avoid greasy food and exercise at least an hour a day, but I still smoke like a freight train.
Lila Jan 3
Soul destroying.
One rule for you, another for me.
***. Kettle. Black.

The words I wish I had the courage to say when you carve away at my soul one word at a time.
When words hurt more than actions. The words you can never take back.
Philomena Dec 2018
What can I say,
I am a hypocrite.

Drinks like a pirate,
I suppose I curse and act like one too.
But whenever I see you intoxicated,
I'm afraid,
And every so slightly broken.

They're not your doing.
In fact they come from a time before you.

My bumps and bruises
They're whisky soaked,
Purples lumps on my soul from split wine,
Burns on my mind like the taste of *****,
Cuts on my heart bleeding as soft as gin,
And fear in my spirit like a shot of jagermeister.

I know they're not your fault,
But they don't like the look of a man with a bottle in his hand.
So maybe I'm a hypocrite but I don't like it when you drink.
Not even sure I like it when I do.
It's really not complicated.
Joshua Marshall Dec 2018
I expect to have
my freedom
to live in peace,
and do as I please.

However, when it
comes to you,
I won't let you have
that same freedom.
Kira Davis Dec 2018
You told me suicide shouldn't be romanticized
And self harm isn't beautiful
I see you every day
Carving flowers and hearts into your wrists
Arranging pills in neat little lines
And wrapping notes in fraying ribbons before pulling the trigger

You say there's always a reason why not
but you were the one who cried over an ignored text message
Ignored - meaning - no one responded in 2 minutes
After telling me I should get over the fact an old friend texted me
Before killing himself

You told me people who find beauty in the pain are ignorant and apathetic
But I don't think it's too terrible to find artistry
In the parallel lines that tell stories of how my heart is still beating
Even when I wished it hadn't

But go ahead, keep telling the ones who find the beauty in the tragedy that they're wrong
Even though we're the ones who **** tried to die
Makenzie Marie Dec 2018
I have never regretted something so much as the moment I realized I betrayed your trust.
anotherken Dec 2018
God bless us all,

God save us from fall!

May you be ever graceful,

May this world be ever peaceful.

Glory to us men and women,

Until then,

Until that time will come again,

Let us all be friends!
arian Nov 2018
Said you loved the moon,
But you always hid
Behind the walls you built
When the dark crept around.
So, how did you dote upon
The moon that shone for you
From inside the fort that you built?
abs Nov 2018
I was a girl and you were too
That was the problem with us
Our genders confined us
We were never supposed
To be together.

They laughed at us
Called us names
All because we started  dating
Talking on the brink of blasphemy
I loved you and you loved me too
Now there’s nothing left
Ever since the talk of

They were two boys
Just like you and i
People said
“You can’t be together”
And they said
“Watch us”
They didn’t care what others thought
They didn’t let that get in their way.

They laughed at them
Called them names
All because they starting dating
Talking on the brink of blasphemy
They have the whole world left
They didn’t care
Because they were in love
Blasphemy never got in their way.

My best friend was a guy
And yours was a girl
And they fell in love
Their genders didn’t confine them
And neither did society
They were supposed to be together.

No one laughed at them
or called them names
When they started dating
No talk of blasphemy
That thought never came about
They have the whole world let
Because no one cared
They were in love
With no talk of blasphemy.

You see, society is so ****** up
Society has these rules that state
You can’t fall in love with someone of the same gender
Because it’s wrong or morally incorrect
People run away scared at the thought of blasphemy
Homophobia doesn’t mean you're scared of ****
It means you’re scared of god.

They laughed at us
Called us names
All because we started  dating
Talking on the brink of blasphemy
I loved you and you loved me too
Now there’s nothing left
Ever since the talk of
one of my oldest things written
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