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she wanted me
to change my size for her
like i was an wrong pair of shoes
but it wasn’t me
that didn’t fit
i had outgrown her
a long time ago

Esther L. Krenzin
Giovanna Aug 18
I daydream for multiverse.
The entirety in reverse.
All the enimety,
rebuilds into intimacy.
A place equal to Paradise,
occupied by people with faces less than that of a dice.
Where maybe I wasn't invisible to you.
Where my existence was a little less blue.
A place where you'd love me,
and I could love me too.
A fetish for multiverse.
Kashish Aug 4
Bleeding in pain from the inside
Scintillating in bliss from the outside
What weird way of living this is?
When will I come out of this abyss?
Come out and stare back into it
By being authentic and not a hypocrite.
When will I step out of delusions of deity?
Love thyself, and not abide by crippling anxiety.
Sarah Jul 24
Your pain keeps you company.
You let your demons come out to play.
You wear your anger as a coat of armor.
And then wonder why everyone runs away.
Ces Jul 10
We love our freedoms so much
we fight for it
protest for it
**** for it
die for it

And suddenly, we forget it

This is when one ceases to be an individual
And when the world becomes one-sided
the mind utterly uncritical

This talk of freedom?
Mere babble

idiosyncrasy May 7
can someone teach me
how to take my own advice?

because i've been
telling others
to swim ashore
as i drown
Maja Mar 28
Our nature is not that of beauty,
we are all monsters,
inhabitants of cruelty.

Give someone power over another
and you will quickly see

that our nature comes forth
when set free.

We are all monsters at heart,
some are just better at hiding it.

Don’t say you’re not bad,
then you would be bad as well as a hypocrite
else Mar 3
How could I trust you
When all you said was not true?

How could I believe in you
When your actions speak otherwise?

How could I love you
When you don’t treasure what you ever said?

How could I?
Marri Feb 26
I’m tired.

Why am I doing all the work?
Because I care?
Because I’m a woman?
Because I’m stupidly in love with you?

You’re crazy.

And I’m tired, tired of it, and
Tired of you.

Get up and help me.
Get up and put some effort into me.
Get up and kiss me for once.

You’re right.
We aren’t learning anything here,
But how selfless devotion is a waste of time.
You were right,
I’m not the girl for you.
(I never will be).

You’re definitely not the man I thought you’d be.

You taste like hypocrite.
You taste like dark stupid masculinity.
And, baby, it doesn’t taste sweet.

Let’s just hope you taste as sweet as you feel.
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