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Don't you worry for me.
I'm alive.

Words pour out of me
like the rivers of thrill
that gushed from deep within me
and rushed away in silent screaming,
in-between the glorious thighs
you missed out on.

Maybe I was only ever there
to prepare you for her.

Maybe I hung by a thread
so you don't hang your head.

Don't you feel sorry for me.
I survived.

With my heart in my hands
at the gates of a shrine
I swore to never forget how your face lit
when you said that I was
your favourite hypocrite.
spacewtchhh Aug 2022
Ironic as it seems:
I know someone unfaithful
longing for real love.
Talia Mar 2021
a valuable currency.
seemingly yours to steal.

Robbed me of my riches
Poured my money down

the drain. Still you could not
Spend a penny
for my thoughts.
Word play with the British idiom "A penny for your thoughts", referring to a desire to know what is on another's mind.
Jan Jan 2021
Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Tell no lies of who I am.

Mirror, mirror on the wall.
Stop showing my fragmented self.
A broken me, is perhaps all there is to see.
onyx Dec 2020
so you
tell me off
force me
not to eat
while you munch on your snacks
in front of my face
I hear them say,
"You only have one life, be grateful
Keep your stance firm, be fateful."

I say to myself,
"I try to -- every cold night, every warm day.
But as I wake up, I can't help but drag myself away."

I hear them say,
"Always look at the bright side,
There are reasons for what transpires in life."

I say to myself,
"I said I try to -- every cold night, every warm day.
But every little good thing seems to always come with a price."

And then they say,
"Oh, ye of little faith, stand tall,
He is with us, and I'll always pray for you."

Yet again I cry,
"I did not ask for your faith, nor did I ask for you to pray.
Listen for once, and one day, maybe you'll know what you can and need to say."
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