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With smiles and merry spirits, we cruelly celebrated your demise.
:) Not sure if everyone is smiling though
This year played some sad song
To hear happy ones, we all do long
Hope, everyone stays safe and strong

May we take slow and steady steps
And say yes, to life and living
May life play many lovely songs

The tempo in rhythm with the beat of every heart
My prayers for everyone
To be with loved ones and celebrate this precious life
Merry Christmas, dear all

Ken Pepiton Dec 2020
Ginsburg threw me a line…

"on the black waters of Lethe", as I floated by.
A ware, launched in antiquity as tonal code,
lazily waiting the call,
dum did dum dum dum, drum drum drum

Big bass,
tickled in tune to the whistler washing dishes,
in the back, we've all seen
in the back, on TV

but are you,
really, for all reality is worth,
are you experienced, have you gone this far

Have you changed a diaper on a rich old lady?

Seems like, right, one word to another,
line upon line, precepts perceptively retained.
Precious little is as it was.

Pre is a time-wise measure, how can we think
past thoughts,
we never cross the same river twice.

No question demands an answer in truth,
demands are put on servants, while we
are known as friends,
to all those floating on the Lethe,

well below the leavee, see, there those
same ol' good ol' boys discerning whiskey from rye.

They see time's a river, and I agree,
says this story to me, but
I say, it is a river of light on a bubble's inner edge,
I been there, Age of Lethe, a game I invented,

-- a virus, plays by lethargic rules, no effort needed,
living to steal and **** and destroy,

a minimalist First Person Shooter, steal **** destroy,

then it was hacked, steal **** destroy, mutated into
take **** destroy give,

which was odd, because all truth comes in three
pointy things, if then else
oops opposites spoo ffffffff effect

****** drama writ large, it was us,
the muses, dis-mazing the mazed again
a loss of time,
too bad. Three points equal one try. Aim.

So sad. Grieve for the fallen all we never knew,
the heroes unsung.

Goto the ant, thou sluggard living in a floating Barco
Lounger, drifting aimless--- ah, what if not,

what if I know a place,
just around the next bend, and

we get off there? What then, it's my story?
May the best meanings imagined in the message of christ, the entire idea, of peace on earth and good will to ward men, be reconciled in truth none may deny and not liel
sergiodib Dec 2020
Merry Christmas to Fitness
But mostly to Sickness.
Merry Christmas to Business
But mostly to Holiness.
Merry Christmas to Joyfulness
But mostly to Loneliness.
Merry Christmas to misses
But also to every mistress.
Merry Christmas to everyone who is religious
But also to those who are superstitious.
Merry Christmas to impulsiveness
But mostly to wiseness.
Thus, Best Wishes for All: I have plentiful.

Only wonder if the etymology might be
'Mary kiss my ... '
Surely not! Forgive my Rudeness!

And so Merry Christmas to Rudeness
But mostly to Forgiveness.
Martin Bond Dec 2020
is going to be  different
there is a strange
Do not let it bother you
trimmings laughter
hug the family
realize the real gift
make a toast
Do it in the spirit
of the holy ghost
Be careful
covid is real
be grateful
with the good spirit
enjoy your time
around the tree
family ♥️
Anais Vionet Dec 2020
It’ll be an old fashioned Christmas,
with Santa due down the chute.
I bet he Purells his reindeer,
and Lysols his hazmat suit.

It’s an old fashioned Christmas.
We’ll all have on our masks,
and our muffled yuletide carols,
will be just like seasons past.

We’ll observe all the guidelines.
We’ll eat six feet apart.
We’ll have disinfectant under the mistletoe,
and keep safety in our hearts.

Sure, it’s an old fashioned Christmas.
One unique to the times.
The love this year might be careful,
but the feelings are genuine.
Merry Christmas! *muffled voice under mask*
Maniacal Escape Jun 2020
Taste the essence of frailty.
Ride comprehensions slip
And slide, careening into dementia.
Arise into normality, and laugh as everyone dances
A merry tune. Hilarious fun.
Grasp at the heavy spoon and be hungry.
Have you forgotten how to eat dear? Here, allow me.
Content starvation. A crippling disability
Take the cup.
Drink now, no don’t gulp.
You didn’t finish your meal, are you not hungry today?
Please, I’m starving.
Take the fork with too many gaps and enjoy the soup and smile as the monkey takes the bulb.
Sit in darkness and wait for help, that never comes.
-elixir- May 2020
The cherub and her
balloons waited,
For her companion,
The sun.
He rises roaring
with laughter,
from the east.

They hold hands,
and frolic in merry,
he fills her eyes
with the sunshine of divine.
As time ticks,
They hop to the beat,
of her heart,
to the west.

Where she bids him
To the higher beyond
he goes,
as she, shares
her sunshine,
with the ghouls
among her.
And like that, she acquainted the ghouls void of warmth the sunshine amidst their wary cold existence.
Reappak Apr 2020
Butterflies dance, birds chirp
They can't help but glee!
Leaves smile, cones perk
Why shouldn't they?
Their long gone friend has returned!

The fountains become fresher
The leaves turn more green
The daisies twist with pleasure!
Why shouldn't they?
Their long gone friend has returned!

The days tend to be merry
The air is filled with
laughter of fairies
Why shouldn't it?
Their long gone friend has returned!

They paint the rainbow on the sky
They paste the cotton on clouds
The grass is green-dyed
Why shouldn't it?
Their long gone friend has returned!

The buttercups seems to bloom
The sunflowers seek their friend
The bliss, blissfully looms
Why shouldn't they?
Their long gone friend has returned

The swans become whiter
They dress like a bride
The quails are ready to coo
Why shouldn't they?
Their long gone friend has returned!

They delicately embellish the route
Their friend shall walk on
Spring is ready to be lauded
Why shouldn't it?
Its their long gone friend,
Which returned!
Jenish Jan 2020
Merry, merry, merry
Married to my body
Body became healthy
Healthy I'm wealthy

Body in a leisure
Leisure gets better
Body in pleasure
Pleasure I will treasure

Merry, merry, merry
My mind in merry
Mind became peaceful
Peaceful I'm hopeful

Mind starts to enjoy
Enjoy and it enjoy
Mind became joyful
Joyful I'm playful

Merry, merry, merry
Moving my emotions
Love starts to blossom
Blossom it was awesome

Emotions to devotion
Devotion gets better
Compassion in action
Flowing and growing

Merry, merry, merry
Life is in much merry
Life became blissful
Blissful I'm wishful

Life and its destiny
Dancing on ecstasy
Merry, merry, merry
Merry without worry
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