Nylee Dec 2017

Bells are ringing
the time has come
presents exchanging
the night's cold
but all is forgotten
it is the flame of fire
or the snowy wind outside
the trance seconds too long
all merry time family filling
not opening the boxes of grievances
closing this years many letters for now
living the night as the very last one.

Seema Dec 2017

A blessed year it has been
So many things done
Happy and broken I've seen
You were amongst one

Wishes I have for, all of you
May you continue to write
For your ink may never dry up
As all darkness may ease with light

Here at Hello Poetry
I heartedly thank you all
For every poet who has read and supported
And would pull me up, when my poems would fall

From the isles of Fiji
I wish you all happiness and joy
It's gonna be a blast tonight
I hope you all will enjoy....


Love to all.
Anatoly Dec 2017

As from snow the streets refrain
On a holy night, terrain
Echoes childlishly, yet barely,
Any "Christmas" paired with "Merry"
As a plain and dull "in vain".

As the moon-sleigh rings a bell,
Frost's so timid you can tell
Stranger's nose from, say, an ember
(Otherwise a lousy bender
Is the one that's cast the spell).

As the days 'fore "loose-leaf" flake
Shape the saying "give or take",
And the clock's hands march and rattle,
As if time out-screams the prattle
Of a shovel or a rake.

As the autumn lacks an end,
You'd expected a tree, instead
Of confusing "prop" with "proper",
To take habit of a pauper
And outstretch the gnarled old hand.

As all melodies there are
Fall on deaf ears from afar,
Wish good night, you're out of danger,
Soon there'll be magi, a manger
And a halo of the star.

Dave Legalisa Dec 2017

I wish you were here.
    I wish you could hold
    my hands as we unfold
    the idea of love
    on that soothing evening
    and saccharine moment
    we could possibly have.

I wish you were here
    hugging me tight in those
    tender arms of yours,
    lending your raw ears
    in real patience as you listen
    to my trumpery words.

I wish you were here
    pouring me some love
    with words you often address
    to me like rain onto my head -
    as dry as thirsty roses.

I wish you were here.
    I wish you love me
    like the way I always do
    like the way I always blow
    and serenely whisper
    the lovely words, 'i love you'
    through the winter air of December.

isn't this a bad thing to write a sad poem in Christmas?
Peter Balkus Dec 2017

Merry Christmas from Planet Earth!
From the planet of Peace and Love,
awesome place, almost a paradise.

To all you, out there, in the Space,
mindless aliens, waiting to be found,
to be conquered and civilised by us.

Merry Christmas!

TexasRambler Dec 2017

These goddamn winter months always chills me to the bone.
We would have been together by three years next month.
No one else has been able to keep my heart warm ever since.

My grandfather is slowly losing his mind and he can’t stay himself.
In just a few more years I’ll be entirely alone without a family.
Those Christmas decorations are like flashing neon signs at a funeral.

All of my holiday cheer is pure bullshit it’s been a con for a long time.
The future approaching me is grim but I figure that I deserve all of this.
I’m used to dancing with the dead anyways.

“Merry fucking Christmas I might see you again next year.”
I told my reflection in the smudged mirror.

MollyValentine Dec 2017

If you
take nothing else from this,
we all change.

you will leave this town one day
and the all the buildings,
and statues,
and concrete slabs
will miss you endlessly,
but you need life
and you will go

I know
how home feels sometimes
and how
Sunday nights
feel like magic
especially on Monday mornings.

In four years,
home will mean something different.
A hand,
the smell of jasmine,
and your little lad
who looks so much like your wife
it will give you faith in the world.

is where skies are always pink
and you are
always in bed
before the street lamps turn on
it is always sunny
and where
there will always be an
I love you
to be heard.

Most things equivocate change,
some evade it
all together.

-I'm driving home now, mam, see you in ten
Lure Pot Jul 2017

Heather Merry
I am so sorry
You're gone hurry
With your lorry
Nearby the ferry
Were eyes cherry?

Heather Merry
I am so sorry
I like your diary
And dress of hurry
Don't go to the jury
Is it Tom and Jerry?

Heather Merry
I am so sorry
You look like a fairy
Having some berry
Really, that's worry…!

Sorry if you mind it funny
Vexren4000 Mar 2017

The fingerprints of children,
Imprinted on the glass.
Long grown into adults,
Being forced to march and grind away.
The youth that was once so easily seen,
Now faded in a darkened dream.
Age now all they know.
'All we know
All the universe has ever known.


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