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Cecelia Dec 2018
Beautifully swirling
With gratitude
Looking around at all
The warmth from the heart
Has brung

To the table
To under the tree
To the clothes we wear in unison

Looking at all the glistening lights
They shine so bright
So festive and cheery

Family lifting up spirits
When the friends knock them down
True ones there for you
Will show you through actions
By sharing more than material objects

Words and actions
Swirl me into gratitude
Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2018
by Cecelia C.
Masha Yurkevich Dec 2018
May everyone's days be merry and bright.
May you be that star that lights up the night.
May you be happy in your life,
with your children, husband, and wife.
Merry Christmas to everyone.
Richard Frank Dec 2018
Christmas essence was passing by
Winter was icy and blue
Songs calling out from the sky
It's so beautiful, the starry night
Swirling into gleaming stars
Shining upon the land below
A delicacy prepared across the table
The the whole world is enveloped with joy
My first try :)
eF Dec 2018
Christmas is pointless
Since they misinterpreted
Presence for presents.
You can’t buy time.
No matter how hard you try.
missanthropic Dec 2018
it was the night before christmas, alone in my room
i found myself longing to remain in this tomb
blankets and pillows tossed about without care
knowing with sunrise, the joyous will stare
tossing and turning, alone in my bed
visions of the merry danced in my head
it's not that i'm sad, at best perhaps apathy
a longing to be something but this walking tragedy

so i march and i move, straight path to the corner
a wind up toy run dry, much to my horror
part of me still longs for my lost childlike wonder
part of me is hit with this realization of sonder

there are people like you, there are people like me
there are people all over like us that we just cannot see
they stay up til dawn, perfecting their masks
checking their list twice, completing the tasks
practice makes perfect, they study their smile
knowing they must try harder, must not appear vile

for it's not that i don't wish to celebrate this joy
just that peeling myself from bed feels like a ploy
but still i press on as the night draws to a close
knowing that when the sun comes, i must ignore the lows

and for anyone out there who can relate to this tale,
i wish you slumber, a momentary relief from your ail
you are not out of mind, even if you are out of sight
happy christmas to all, and to the lonely - goodnight.
Esther Dec 2018
i'm swimming
i'm swimming
i'm swimming

drinking myself into oblivion
for the third time today
i'm drowning

i'm swimming
i'm swimming
i can't breathe.
Merry Christmas Y'all.
Gods1son Dec 2018
From the throne
To the ****
He was the Word
Clothed in flesh
A blessing to this world

Unto us, a King was born
That we all might be born anew
He was sent by the Father
To re-unite us to Him
That we also might be sons and daughters of Him

He came as a light
To shine in our heart
To set us apart
And give us the incorruptible life

His Spirit intertwined with ours
That's power residing on our inside
Mystery unveiled to our eyes and mind
To know Him as He is

He came to bear all our guilts and sins
To hang them all on the cross
And in return, give us the victory, purity
And usher us to life eternity

Yes, We are the reason for the season
All hail our King, Jesus
Who has opened unto us the door
To the Father's kingdom.

Merry Christmas!!!
Merry Christmas to all. It's a wonderful family in here
Bruce Levine Dec 2018
Christmas wishes
Happen once a year
In times of joy
And times of cheer

Lending mem’ries
And sharing dreams
Happy endings
With friends it seems

Brightly lighting
The festive yule
As children enjoy
Days off from school

To good companions
And to all those dear
A Merry Christmas
And Happy New Year

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