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Crow Mar 2022
what is the measure of sorrow
is there a standard unit
against which we may rule
an overladen mind
and a heart demolished

graphing with infinite precision
each shattered hope
and marking the dimensions
of dreams ground to dust

are tears numbered
or more properly
and accurately accounted
by volume
or weight

shall we assign a value
on a sliding scale
to the mutilation
of a human soul

can we make comparison
among various torments
or attempt to visualize
in a chart of bright colors
splashed on a screen
the lifelessness of one person
to that of another

is despair loss
or hope denied
might it be joy withheld

does suffering
have weight and volume
that we might
determine its mass

is it instead a void
where something which
was present
has been removed

is it possible to create
an image of wretchedness

a ruined and rotting
playground of lost innocence

a charred and crumbled husk
of a home shattered

an arid uninhabitable waste
of aspirations unbirthed

with what pigment
shall we produce such art
which color wheel
will be used

in what earthly perdition
are the gauges found
reading the depth of misery
or the height of anguish

what is the magnitude
of the grief
the touchstone of devastation
against which all other grief
must be measured
Metrology - The study of measurement

Slava Ukraini
Simon Apr 2021
Intuition at it's finest when feeling the seasonal changing of its metamorphosis is coming ahead. A foreseeing truthful measure of action (over the wonder of its own inevitable evolution).
Feeling of observance is nothing without attitude (in it's very self to bear alone), when it's never alone... Except, when all in not well within its favor, because that's when things change in the way it's ought to be. And not because it's an entire consequence (all on its own little lonesome), without truthfully knowing of the very actions that surmise the difficulties straight out from under its own opposable..."developing pleasures!"
Savio Fonseca Dec 2020
Tonight as I Explore U,
Inch by Inch.
Making Love to U,
starting with a Pinch.
Holding U by the Waist,
as I take U Whole.
My Kisses shall flow,
like a River to your Soul.
Our Bodies shall warm up,
with Love and Passion.
Excelling in every Position,
without any Fashion.
Your moments in Bed,
will be filled with Pleasure.
U shall call Me Skilled,
beyond all Measure.
robin kemme Oct 2020
Please play with closed eyes
About ships that survive waves
Flags flutter Armada!
Battles cannons roar
Shooters shoot drift ashore
Wait wait what do they mean
But one measure after another
Images sail over times
Then and then people

Eyes open and hear nothing more.
phlwest Aug 2020
I only realize I’m late once I notice that the woman with
Medusa’s curls isn’t at the platform.
People as units of measure.
The clock of the world.
Ylzm Aug 2020
Once you've sat at Wisdom's feet
and heard her teach the Truth
Light's unbearable and dark
and Teachers most grievously painful

For there is no error in the plumb line
Any tilt and crookedness is exposed
Every hearts' wickedness and deceitfulness
cries out and stinks as dead men's sores
Simon Jul 2020
When you measure something once, it doesn't always go the way you fully expected. Nor was it how you solely intended for its very actions to not solidify your commands very nicely, either. That's exactly why you need to measure those very commands twice, or else those very actions (which became the dreary outcome beyond both your own expectations and how you never intended it to go the exact opposing opposite way you truly "not so wisely" measured it, the first time). All this isn't as solidifying or even unifying when you shed the costs of the simple mistakes that turn into even more dreary outcomes! Either ahead of time, or entirely beforehand. (Since sometimes the most basic mistakes of our very actions towards our very messy commands, shows we perceive the outcome ahead of time, instead of taking it easy once and a while to urge our decisions beforehand...just in case.) You need to make utter sure when (the next time comes around) too measure things twice...from NOW ON!
Actions, commands, outcomes... There ALL the same for why it doesn't make ANY difference at all...when all you need to do (the next time comes around) is too measure things twice!
Pizacas23 May 2020
What if to measure longing it takes a look
Probably I'd rather stare at you often.
What if to measure love it takes a flower.
Probably I'd make you a garden
What about happiness?
Well, I dont measure happiness but to be with him is one source of my happiness.
Bhill Dec 2019
Your barrier is closing in
How far will you extend your measure
Your measure will be the limitation
Your ONLY obstacle

Brian Hill - 2019 # 307
Have you found your limits?
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