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phlwest Aug 24
I only realize I’m late once I notice that the woman with
Medusa’s curls isn’t at the platform.
People as units of measure.
The clock of the world.
Ylzm Aug 9
Once you've sat at Wisdom's feet
and heard her teach the Truth
Light's unbearable and dark
and Teachers most grievously painful

For there is no error in the plumb line
Any tilt and crookedness is exposed
Every hearts' wickedness and deceitfulness
cries out and stinks as dead men's sores
Simon Jul 17
When you measure something once, it doesn't always go the way you fully expected. Nor was it how you solely intended for its very actions to not solidify your commands very nicely, either. That's exactly why you need to measure those very commands twice, or else those very actions (which became the dreary outcome beyond both your own expectations and how you never intended it to go the exact opposing opposite way you truly "not so wisely" measured it, the first time). All this isn't as solidifying or even unifying when you shed the costs of the simple mistakes that turn into even more dreary outcomes! Either ahead of time, or entirely beforehand. (Since sometimes the most basic mistakes of our very actions towards our very messy commands, shows we perceive the outcome ahead of time, instead of taking it easy once and a while to urge our decisions beforehand...just in case.) You need to make utter sure when (the next time comes around) too measure things twice...from NOW ON!
Actions, commands, outcomes... There ALL the same for why it doesn't make ANY difference at all...when all you need to do (the next time comes around) is too measure things twice!
Pizacas23 May 6
What if to measure longing it takes a look
Probably I'd rather stare at you often.
What if to measure love it takes a flower.
Probably I'd make you a garden
What about happiness?
Well, I dont measure happiness but to be with him is one source of my happiness.
Bhill Dec 2019
Your barrier is closing in
How far will you extend your measure
Your measure will be the limitation
Your ONLY obstacle

Brian Hill - 2019 # 307
Have you found your limits?
Sharmila Juliet Nov 2019
Dont come near me
I am toxic to consume
Dangerous to let go.
Difficult to measure
How venomous I can be.
I live Entangle within me.
My life dipped in poison
Running all over my vein.
Would make you only numb
Bryce Oct 2019




m h John Jun 2019
i measure time
by the amount of beats
my heart skips
the longer that i am away from you
I am forever inspired by my Barbara ref 012
I am forever inspired by my Barbara

And she tells me that she loves me
Making the time  we spend together

From this day forward magical time
On each and every day a pleasure
Romancing my lovely woman brave
Enchanting with my simple phrases
Vainly lift her spirits wave by wave
Even if my girl is feeling so fragile
Rarely fails to lift her spirit high.

I am forever Inspired by my Barbara
Not on just extra special occasions
She projects me to highest heights
Poetic messages channeled by God
Inspirations to record my thoughts
Reactions to our fine togetherness
Enchanting in the way she moves
Dutiful in her many charitable acts

Barbara ! By God ! You are angel.
You can inspire the best in folk

My Goodness you're a woman fine
You dress in style and look devine

Bring me down to earth I pray
As I'm like a child on Christmas Day
Run life for us to your satisfaction
Because I trust your judgement so
As I am so inspired by our plan
Rich the gems of wisdom owned
As fine a woman known to man.
Philip. 26th January 2017.

Rest In Peace my Darling Girl.
Departed  17:00 hours 17th Sept 2018
This poem was typical of my homage to the love of my life Barbara 21 months before she tragically died in my arms.
Shofi Ahmed Mar 2017
Have you ever thought why?
If give and take was the
ultimate measure in life
what did we give to be born
to gain the life in the first place?
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