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A Lofi Cherry May 2018
For example
There's ample
Time to find what youre looking for
What are you looking for?
You need more?
Pour your heart out onto this
Its startling how we're starting from
Page 1
Being again let's begin again
A one minute quick write from English class with the prompt "for example"
MfP Apr 2018
To the rhythm that plays inside my mind
When the things around me begin to unwind
Listening To the beat
Trying to make each step, every word, and my thoughts match it
I don’t mess up and trip
To be able to slow down and catch my breath
Why is it going faster and faster
I’m feeling my feet stumble across this stage
I won’t be able to pick myself up again
Bassam A Jul 2015
A dream I have
.. to be closer to u

to wake up ...
and find u in my arms

... and make out

If my circle of love
Is not in sync

I will skip a beat
to get out of my lync
and into yours

.. slowing down my time
to stay intertwined
Sync love dream
Death-throws May 2015
I am terrified,
beyond all exemption
lost my bones
there shall be no redemption
I've favored a ghost
and lost all that was me
and now I fade
so effortlessly
I tried too hard
to be what was right
and now I loose myself
to the blade of a *knife

— The End —