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Starbucks generation
Stand in line
Heads down
Don’t make a sound
Get your venti iced whatever
Copyright Barry Pietrantonio
Jenny Gordon Mar 2019
And now, ....


As if twere not enough that for intents
This valentines Dad gave me Starbucks' scale
Of romance:  cherry mocha to avail
Where I'd not dreamed of aught, how blue skies fence
These minutes I warm soup with pink for sense
Light golden with an eye late April's hale
Last hours know as I set the table, frail
Sweet gloaming when we should dine, like what hence?
I don't konw.  Caught in memries as it were,
Three years ere was it? Febry's cold as due,
And Valentines Day only halfway through,
Yet I feel in my bones that May'd bestir,
Ere violets have a chance to shift in tour
Mats of dead leaves, for what is't that'd um, woo?

Nothing like being happily surprised for Valentines.  I forget now, possibly shall never know, in fact, why I wept, but....
It’s taking too long to drink my coffee.
It greeted me with a piping hot smile
That relaxed me, now it’s lukewarm to me.
To bring back steam, I’ll nuke it for a while.

My eyes were too big for my morning roast.
It calmed so soon, I drank it too slow.
“A venti, please!” I told Starbucks to boast,
It grew cold as I got into my flow.

I’m certain this is what Starbucks intends,
A fine metaphor if ever there were.
All this caffeine on which life so depends,
An excess we all self-administer.

Tomorrow another twenty ounce cup,
Burnt mouth to more quickly go bottom’s up!
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Lily Mar 2018
Conversations overlapping.
Suitcase wheels rolling.
Babies sobbing.
Mothers calling.
Headphones blaring.
People scurrying.
PA system whispering.
Starbucks bustling.
Airplanes taking off and landing.
And in the middle of everything,
The lady in black.
Sitting motionless, hands grasping her
Black umbrella, her sleek black dress
Accentuating her young body,
And whilst a black veil covers her face,
Her tears shine through, reflecting
From the bright lights of the airport.
When you look closer,
Her slim body trembles with concealed sobs,
And her calm facade is broken
With closer inspection,
Broken inside from something undetectable from the outside.
The lady in black.
We have all been her.
b Jan 2018
two men
outside a starbucks
chainsmoking through
a saturday lunch

the sun is up
melting the snow at my feet
i wait for a bus that never comes
Kewayne Wadley Jan 2018
We celebrated on a ship abroad in a coffee shop.
We took our order to go, the view of the street clear.
The people smiled and adored their conversation.
A debate of what to try.
What to order.
This delicious smell.
Brewed dark, served light.
Foam covered lips.
A slited cap to release steam.
And here we are merely afloat.
We blend into the flavor.
I don't think I'll find a place as great.
An iceberg has sunken our ship.
Stirred around until all has dissolved.
This sailboat of ours coming to an end.
Crashing against our lips.
Directly against our tastebuds.
With us the remains of sweet rummage and cream
Lemon Wren Nov 2017
I pull up to the drive-in
My least favorite coffee shop
Nope, decide to park my car
Get out, forget to lock

Packed to the brim,
This pit looks grim
But I do need my coffee
They might as well
Open a hotel
And have a giant lobby

I wait in line 'till half past nine
No one has time for this
Only the hopeless addicts
And my name is on the list

I order a lot of latte,
But I am not prepared
Too sweet to eat, and much less drink
Four bucks? You think it's fair?

Between the screams of sugar
My tongue complains of ash
All I want is roasted beans
Not burnt. Too much to ask?

I feel cheated, chug it down
And throw away my cup
Off to work, and with a frown,
In traffic, I am stuck

Of course I talk, and I complain,
And chip, and gripe, and whine
But tomorrow I'll be here again
The same thing every time.

Einstein defines stupidity
Actions of repetition.
Again into infinity,
And this is my condition.
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