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Kairosclere May 31
Clocks ticking
Slowly move away
No longer in sync

/written a world apart/
This form of writing is called an elfchen.

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Bhill May 17
once in a while, the worlds in sync
the battles are forgotten and everything’s pink
experiencing this wonder will take you by surprise
don't be confused, as it flashes by your eyes
the sun and clouds, will not get in your way
the wind and the rain will dance and dance all-day
the rivers and the oceans will be swimming with life
the forests and the deserts will be blooming without strife
once in a while, the world is in sync
can't wait to see this come to pass, and then, what will we think...?

Brian Hill - 2020 # 136
Soft subtle touch
clutches from back to front
About face switched place
in role reversals
Airways are open
Feel a rawer version
of your person
Entrust this thoughtful lust
sought from top to bottom
Moving in sync as your
yearning burns
Deep frictionless sin
lived within bare skin
Born below the belly line
Sing as bells ring
Breathe in the aftermath
This beauty won't last
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Ephemeral Apr 15
Violin in my ribs
Guitar in my heart
Drums in my mind
Yet all out of sync
Guess I need a perfect conductor
But who will be brave enough
To tame such a disordered body?
solfang Mar 30
our heartbeats
can never be in sync;
for I know mine
will always be beating
faster than yours
And one day
This time will be
For the gravity of

Thanks for
The dark
And the light

Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Being Human || In the background of COVID-19
Nylee Feb 2
Suddenly someone changes
And I have to cope.
There is little hope,
Things will fall back to what is to.
And to sync again
with them
I need to update myself.
Marla Jan 24
Quantum Entanglement (n.) -
Two halves of a pair floating through space a million miles apart and yet still of the same faith. Two counterparts turning in harmony through opposite means; a polarity of compromise and sync. Though they don’t speak, they can read each other’s thoughts like that day you and I walked the beach the night before pride. We stared at the world around us wondering what could be lighter than the neon lights as they brushed up against our faces: Art for art’s sake.
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2019
I already believe
You are the one

Now it's your turn
Genre: Romantic
Theme: When everything matters.
Kitana St Cyr Oct 2019
The smell of my fluids excites me
I wait for the day it won’t be from just my fingers,
But on my lover’s nose too.

I’ll run my hand softly across his face,
Make him wonder
How is my natural scent so intentionally designed to attract HIM ?

Allow me to make you live for memories before they’re even created,
Chase all your dreams, and
Explore your wildest imagination

Of one in particular,
My scent
May it guides you home blindfolded
A scent that calls for white wine
Before you taste,
Smell me !
Let it refresh your neurons
Before we sync in
-sense of smell
-olfactory sensory neurons
-found in a small patch of tissue high inside the nose
-connected directly to the brain

* a late night love note to my lover Chase Brown
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