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Kelsey Apr 2020
You can't ask other people to live your life for you.
Decide your life for yourself !
Eliza Nov 2019
Any new ideas for me?
One word prompt would be easy.
Just comment down below
Sit back and see what I can show.
All ideas are appreciated
Simple or complicated.
I will try my best
To impress!!
Might take a while to write them but if you have any requests let me know and I'll make it poetic <3
terrible advice
from someone
telling you
how to live
your life

something as simple
as suggesting what
movie to watch or
what book to read or
what music to listen to

it may have impacted
their life in a certain way
but that doesn’t mean
it’ll impact yours

do what you like on your
own terms and live your
life the way you want to

I suggest you don’t take
any depressing advice
from this poem or the
gates of my persona
will flood with contradiction
MinaChan Oct 2017
She was lost
Just a girl who is alone
She was lost
Just a girl who is alone in the woods
She was lost
Just a girl who is alone in the woods in the dark
She was lost
Not yet found

"The woods are scary. Don't go there"
She was told
"The woods are scary. Don't got there alone in the dark"
She was told

They were right
The woods are scary in the dark when your alone

She was lost
Being looked for
She was lost
Still is
She is lost
Not yet found

She was lost
Almost found
Still alone
In the woods
In the dark
But almost found
Nylee Sep 2016
Everyone bombarding me their suggestion ,
Of how to live my life .
Everyone with different perception,
just not mine .

The things they never could do ,
has become my job to complete .
And what I want to do,
What about that?

Making them happy makes me happy ,
but my happiness lies in other things too .
But can it be ,
that I could do things both way .

Why should there be a straight path ahead ?
Why a single solution , for every problem ?
Why for someone to be happy, other one should be sad ,
Can not there be mutual understanding for all issues ?
Adithya Gowda Nov 2015
A love lost, amidst
Unspoken words through seasons
Lovers friends confidonts
lost in the game
shattered by the selfish sin
when fire meets fire
it leaves no room for water
starving for attention from each other
Result,  smothering the bond nature creates
why must humans try so hard?
the question answering itself
love exists only when allowed freely
Bassam A Dec 2014
Please re-read as I will be making changes to this poem over and over

I want to tell you something
I am a man who loves changes

Changes of everything

You will see me suggest
A change in every retrospect

This morning I was re-reading
my own HP site and I was impressed

by my choices and how I ended up
With 3 different reposts of "My Fears"

from 3 different poets
that I reposted without me knowing

It's amazing how I am amazed
of my choices and have read them
like as if I am choosing them again

Now hear out my new suggestion
To HP and if you do like
Please make your voice be heard

It goes as follows:

If you like to relive the poetry
and you like to re-read your choices

and you like to reread the poems
you chose before once more

and get surprised while reading them
as if you did not choose them before

Then, we either need a second love button!  Or

we need to automate the love button
and every time we reread it knows

and the love gets even stronger
and somehow it grows

Another suggestion that hit me in the head while I was re-writing my poem

"The new suggestion is to give a comeback wink
to the previous folks who just read my poem
and ping them of my new important fix
To invite them to re-taste the cake that I just re-cooked

Or the cooking does not get posted
Until I feel its real good

and I press the release button
Before I let it go like I should

And may be we need to check our poem button with people that we trust

Before we embarrass ourselves badly
with a poem that may bust"

The problem with this is honesty
That we don't do it for just the fame

So for this I need your opinion to fix
my suggestion in playing the game

and make HP an even a better place
and enjoy it again and again!

Additional suggestions to HP:

please fix the current suggestions which is still lit even when I fixed my suggested misspellings. .. Call it repair
* a suggestion button to HP in the menu
* a share with others button that can grow .. You can click and see who I shared it with ... it can also be private
* a playback button ... Reads out loud
* a favorite button .. Quickly adds it to your favorites
* a read later button
* by double clicking a word you can ping the poet for a misspelling or a suggestion of a new word or love that word
* a unite with another poet button
* Go Interactive button .. Others can re-write your poetry!
* a challenge button .. Encourage challenge with another poet
* a marry me button .. which starts with an enragement ring ..
*friends .. siblings and brothers and family button ... they have to accept you as a family member!
Please don't forget to look below for other suggestions from other poets!
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