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Nicole 1d
It has been a swirl of insignificant
Tender moments that became our
Woven, unexplainable love.
So fluid does your gentleness run
Through my hair
And kiss me so wholly upon my cheek!
When two separate paths intertwine
on your timeline these factors unknown
meet to complete and signify the universe
is on your side.

Open wide eyed.

Follow through with fortitude as this
happens less closer to death when you
transcend to the end.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
alaska jade Sep 2019
the simple touch of your fingertips on mine
the way we used to walk just a bit closer than friends do
causing our hands to bump together as if our bodies were just begging us to intertwine our fingers together
no one passing by would be able to mistake us as “just friends”
i am absurdly busy today and all i am doing is reading and writing poems. i really admire the talented people on this website, everyone’s style is so unique and gorgeous.
Josh Cheshier Apr 2019
Everytime I see people kiss there’s an explosion in my heart that mimics the feeling of when your lips hit mine.
A sweet collision breaking through any premeditated resistance, I feel power in your breath, Intertwining, flowing into and out of my own. Not taking from, not adding too, but existing with.
So when I tell you “you take my breath away” understand what I really mean,
when we kiss I can feel god.
When we kiss my spirit jumps for joy and gets so excited he slips right out my nostrils and sits on the ceiling
When we kiss seconds get longer, I can see sounds, hear color, and the goose bumps on your skin just feel like love notes.
newpoetica Mar 2019
what i long for are those lips,
to take long, slow, and passionate sips.
to caress your rough, worn face.
as you play around with lace,
both our legs intertwine under the covers,
as you and i mold into one another as lovers
Sabila Siddiqui Dec 2018
Why do you give your heart
to the ones who carelessly drop them?

Why do you give your heart
to the ones who engrave their name,
scaring it with memories
and then leave it deserted?

Why do you give your happiness
to the ones who leech it out of your life?

Why do you root yourself into their
hearts, intertwining with them emotionally so quickly?

You know better than
to let them wound you.

But I don't know who they
are unless I give them.
Scarlett Nov 2018
I have a heart as fragile as a spider,
but a mind as strong as its web.
Trapping my thoughts like manipulated insects,
the spider feeding off of them.
My heart,
I was taught i would know
To whom i would go
When my fingers would fit between theirs

So i held many hands
But none fit so then
I let go and began to despair

So when i held yours first
In my sad mind i cursed
Cause the answer proved same as before

But when i pulled away
You held on and you said
You believed that we could be much more

Then I felt your hands change
Fingers start to arrange
Soon enough mine too had done the same

And before my own eyes
I saw my precious prize
For enduring and winning this game

Your fingers and mine
Fit together just fine
And to this day with you i remain
Love is hard work and not perfect from the start
mc ish Jul 2018
my body feels numb
in the absence of yours near
pressing against me
you should be here
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