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Isaac afunadhula Oct 2021
Let your name be curved on to my lips
Let the blood lust crave for the emotional breakdown
Let your voice be heard in the intensity of the alphabet
Let the days start mendicant with memories of you and I
Let the dizzle  escalate this sweet moment
Let the bemused tension be felt in the stomach
Let the round of this game be zoomed in the streets of Florida
Let the bang at the door be darkened by your steps
Let the hair stand on edge close to mine
Let the invite to your domicile be sent by the birds
Let the wander of this heart rest in your embrace
Let flames of fire put a scar on to our souls
Let beauty intertwine to crash this empty thoughts
Time spent with the person that you love can change so much about you.
flamingogirl Jan 2021
Swaddled within your arms,
I feel my worries rush away
from my thoughts.
I am left with only
complete clarity
about my future with you.
My anxieties
seem to simply evaporate
when our limbs intertwine.
He’s the one. I just know it.
Grey Dec 2020
Soft hearts beat quickly in time.
One, two. One, two.
I stare at her lips, then press them to mine.
One, two. One, two.
I curl up against her, thinking “This is a sign.”
One, two. One, two.
Then deepen the embrace, and let our bodies intertwine.
Spriha Kant Oct 2020
For concealing myself from the wicked eyes of melancholy , I tightly hug reverie and melt into its fragrance on intertwining with it as a twinkling soul.
Ariadne Jun 2020
I trace my hand across
the expanse of my skin;
trying to feel any
remnants of you.

My fingers automatically
on its own accord
to the ghosts of you.

Can you feel me?

I ache.
I beg.
I bargain.
I persist.
I breathe.

I hope, still.
My lungs literally stops breathing whenever a memory of you pops up. Please, take these away.
John McCafferty Jan 2020
When two separate paths intertwine
on your timeline these factors unknown
meet to complete and signify the universe
is on your side.

Open wide eyed.

Follow through with fortitude as this
happens less closer to death when you
transcend to the end.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Alaska Sep 2019
the simple touch of your fingertips on mine
the way we used to walk just a bit closer than friends do
causing our hands to bump together as if our bodies were just begging us to intertwine our fingers together
no one passing by would be able to mistake us as “just friends”
i am absurdly busy today and all i am doing is reading and writing poems. i really admire the talented people on this website, everyone’s style is so unique and gorgeous.
Josh Cheshier Apr 2019
Everytime I see people kiss there’s an explosion in my heart that mimics the feeling of when your lips hit mine.
A sweet collision breaking through any premeditated resistance, I feel power in your breath, Intertwining, flowing into and out of my own. Not taking from, not adding too, but existing with.
So when I tell you “you take my breath away” understand what I really mean,
when we kiss I can feel god.
When we kiss my spirit jumps for joy and gets so excited he slips right out my nostrils and sits on the ceiling
When we kiss seconds get longer, I can see sounds, hear color, and the goose bumps on your skin just feel like love notes.
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