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Haylin 6h
Facebook gave us a new look
Addicted to reading people's lives
Forgetting that we have ours to problematize

Messenger connected us to strangers
Being indulged in chatting with them
Dis-remembering those people,
People that are not virtual,
People that you have to catch up to

Twitter lets it all out,
Our problems, our thoughts, our whines, our woes
But while using twitter, you overlooked those around you
Those who're willing to listen to you
Those who can actually help you

Instagram lets us share photos with our loved ones
Photos where everyone looked delighted and felicitous
Photos that are pretentious
Only on photos do they seem happy
But in real life, they're constantly neglecting,
Neglecting and taking each other for granted

Why do we let social media measure our worth?
Is it really worthy?
Is it really that worthy to be connected to those who are far from you,
While sacrificing those people you love who are near you?
I found your face
On Facebook
Hard to believe
I was ever there
The landscape
Is fuzzy
Through the fog
Your profile is
So faded, there are
new wrinkles
Around your mouth
Under your eyes
Wisdom lines
Gathered during our

Your eyes still seer with
Every look, yet that look
Seeks not to find my soul
Whatever you saw
One look was enough
What you saw
was too mild, or wild
Or too jagged

Hidden in this box of memories
Are pieces of you
Musty reminders
some invigorating
some good
Mostly gone
Sometimes I write something, look at it a week or so later and then can't seem to remember why I wrote it or even what I was trying to say.  Nonetheless, here it it.
You, Me
don't jello
we bow cup

noah 'ello

Teks nomor

noah 'ello

You, Me
don't jello
we bow cup

noah 'ello
Ira Desmond Nov 2
The downward momentum is clear to me now.
The engine has built up a full head of steam.
I’d try to stop it, if I knew how.

The fires of industry must burn on somehow;
they tend to burn brightest when fuel is extreme.
The downward momentum is clear to me now.

When currents are surging, we shouldn’t allow
the jingoist fringe to swim in the mainstream.
I’d try to stop them, if I knew how.

Civility means more than I can avow,
but poems can only allude to a theme:
The downward momentum is clear to me now.

Each click of a mouse that shouts holier than thou
is a cog in a treacherous clockmaker’s scheme.
I’d try to stop him, if I knew how.

We worshipped the circuit and forsook the plow
in search of a false technological dream.
Our downward momentum is clear to me now.
I’d try to stop us, if I knew how.
Skye Nov 2
" what's on my mind? "
he thought out loud as he stared at his screen.

and then his mind raced
to the million memories
stored at the back of his mind.
and a tear fell down.
facebook had me breaking down
Aaron LaLux Oct 20
keep scrolling through iTunes,
can’t seem to find anything to download,
even though I can download,
any song that I want to,

keep scrolling through my timeline,
Facebook lines & Instagram posts,
but can’t seem to find anything of interest,
which doesn’t make sense since I love everyone,

got everything we want,
but nothing that we need,
traded in our dreams,
for some fantasies on a screen,
here forget you used to be free,
have a seat & take this TV,
it’s amazing how we make miracles,
seem so easy,

it’s like,
these machines gave us everything we ever wanted,
giving us anything that we ever needed,

& it’s strange because I’ve won every battle,
but still I feel defeated,
it’s like I’m sitting around,
alone with all these toys around me,

feeling like a Prince without a Kingdom,
or a King without a throne,
or a Princess without a wishlist in her Queendom,
with a magnificent house that’s missing a home,

are you missing your home,
that home you never had,
are you missing that feeling,
that feeling that you can’t quite grab,

and that’s,

exactly why you keep scrolling through iTunes,
& that’s exactly why I keep scrolling thought iTunes,
we’re both missing the same thing & searching in vain,
it’s eerily ironic how we can feel so alone in the same room,

& I feel your pain because I feel my pain two,

pardon me,
maybe I’m confused,
maybe we,
wanted to get attention instead of getting used,

& there’s so much more I want to mention,
but then again I guess what’s the use,
why start something that’s only definite is an ending,
but I’m your friend so if you want to begin it’s up to you,

I’m willing to relax,
I’ll answer all your questions,
let’s trade facts,
truth or dare until we express all our intentions,

in the pursuit of passions,
listening to intuitions,
remembering what it was to be human,
before we gave in & gave them our emotions,

I swear something doesn’t feel right,
like most of these humans are just Programs,
who look like they are moving with intention,
but are really just going through the motions,

keep scrolling through iTunes,
can’t seem to find anything to download,
even though I can download,
any song that I want to…

∆ LaLux ∆

Los Angeles, CA.
October 8th, 2018
Emilia Ellis Oct 6
There are two different of karma
For me I have the good karma
There is karma a
When you do bad to people.
They say karma is a *****.
You choose what your karma
Could be
It's could be a male noir female.
Mine karma is a male.
Not only karma is my boyfriend.
But I just don't **** with karma at all.
I could wake in the morning smile. Because I always have good karma my side.
Emilia Ellis Oct 6
I hate when people
Has nothing better
To do with there life.
But talk **** about you

I hate
When people will do anything
To lie on you

I hate
Having more than one

I hate
When people think
They are better than you.
Honestly they are not better than anyone.
Onces again. Ppl are not happy with there life. They want to be just like you.
Emilia Ellis Oct 6
Men are not ******
They could read between the line
Little girl games
For sure they know
How to play the game right.

Men are not ******
When a men buy you
A car genseis
And you doing to much
Not giving
What do think a men
Will do.

Men will steal
The car he gave you
You cannot take something
From anybody's
Without putting out.
This what some women think.
They use again, there beauty.
That's not how it work.
Emilia Ellis Oct 6
Look his dumb **** *** came in called you a mouth full *******
Don’t message me about that ****
***** I don’t think you or his
Raggedy ***
And I never will ******* an him
You not about to get on my Facebook
With your *******

I have a job get one
Stop dealing with a man that
Called you a rotten tooth *****
Maybe it’s true

Either way I don’t speak on you so
See your way off my page for I
Involved your husband *****
Your weird
Grow up old *** hagg
This is a woman can’t have what she want. Because one special person has a friend. She want him.
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