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Daisy Dec 2018
Beautiful people and beautiful things,
Glamorous and dangerous,
lovers and haters,
Blood and diamond,
Money and fancy cars,
So precious and luxurious,
But my god is so gracious,
And I’m trying to make him understand that I’m glorious,
I think that he’s cautious in this world so fallacious.
I deserve all the luxury and deluxe,
Gobs of bucks but then also life still *****.

Money is love,
Worship it all above,
Bow down to the bank right now.

Sparkling in the light, write my name on the stars,
I'm one against the world, wait for the wars,
Sometimes I feel that I have everything,
And then in the twinkling of an eye, I feel like my feelings are lying,
I deserve to shine brighter than sunshine,
This big bad hopeless world is mine,
But I want opulence and God,
No offense to the God, but sometimes I feel I'm the lord,
A ****** thought, I just need lot-lot.

Money is love,
Worship it all above,
Bow down to the bank right now.

I Kiss the rain,
I Kiss the pain,
*******, I kiss Mary Jane,
And I kiss my man,
All I like about him is his money and his gold chain,
My life is in vain, anyway,
His days are less, he might die any day,
But we'll be in love forever,
I don’t know how to Say Bye to my lover.

Money is love,
Worship it all above,
Bow down to the bank right now.

They say I'm a careless, restless and unsatisfied girl,
I'm feeling happy, no I always have blues,
It's not something I choose,
My freedom, I misuse,
My old man, I abuse,
Am I bad and immoral? I refuse,
I love to drink, Orange Juice,
And I'm the beauty Queen of excuse.

Money is love,
Worship it all above,
Bow down to the bank right now.
Crego Nov 2018
eats away at me
like my vanity
gnaws at the bones
of my bank account.
Lady Bird Sep 2018
springing through the tall trees
the misty drops danced as moisture
blossomed a rhythm with the breeze
surrounded dewed flowers softly swayed
gently overlapping the green grassy hill
moonlight walked across the peaceful air
floating with such an extraordinary thrill
like pearls around the neck of life raindrops fell
and nature's beauty gleamed everywhere
Inspiring Word Bank Challenge; Using These Words:
Moonlight, Flowers, Raindrops, Blossom, Extraordinary
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2018
Making money                                              money can't buy!
                  is one skill.                           is a different one
                                         Making life
K Balachandran Sep 2018
Quiet flows the river,
Ripples gently caress the banks,
Ravaged banks shudder!
Solitude Man Jun 2018
He put his heart on the poker table
‘he’s all in’ his face grim and unquavering, he thinks he’s able
but the cards are stacked against him
he plays all moves
but the joker beleaguers his fingers
they use his mind as a bullet practice board
wearing their bullet proof vest so they’re well protected
He’d been on a scorching quest for disaster
was given a tepid glass of love in return

They said his heart was a Rubik’s cube in a Swiss bank
so he pulled the funds out took the risk rather than being a *******
He spends his heart on love,
he realises its like a cigarette loaded with regret rather than nicotine  
so he took a cue,
formed his heart back to a Rubik’s cube
and put in a Swiss bank in the maze house
team Candy and Randy
bought the shop owner
their volumes of cash
sure had a massive

they've a money supply
which will not peter
it just keeps giving like
an endless water

this has allowed them
purchase in stock so
as their banknotes won't
ever completely run

how we'd so like having
wads of their stack's
to buy the seller's assets
that are on shelves of
Jiawen 张 Oct 2017
An international wire transfer was made last Monday.
2,000 dollars were sent to China from America.
I expected the money would arrive in China in 2 days.
Like, how it takes 2 days for my yearly 35,000-dollar tuition
To be sent from China to America.
I continued my week as usual.
I went to Aldi, a German company,
To get some groceries.
It was fast and cheap with good-quality products.
I went to Walmart, an American company,
To get more groceries.
I waited in line for 30 minuets.
It was slow and cheap with known-brand products.
That international wire transfer made last Monday,
Still wasn’t received on next Monday.
It went through an intermediate American bank,
Because my bank itself doesn’t do international transactions.
My money is still on its way to China from America.
I read about death and violence

I proof read,
and top up
and eject
and print
and scan
and hand in
and sometimes I get full marks.

Marks on the body.
Mark my words.
(Mark my work.)
Karl ******* Marx
The communist who launched a thousand memes.

My oh my.


The necropolitical is like a funnel
a filter,
a sieve.
Like baking,
only you didn't forget to put the oven on
and people are inside the oven and so are you.

It's not like with the toaster
when ur mum tells u to scrap the black crumbs into the drain.

It's not like you can unburn the burnt.
Oh and the skin grafts?
There's a waiting list for that.
The waiting list?
There's a form for you to get on that.
The forms?
You need to print them out.
The printer?
Buy your own.
Your bank balance?
Your bank?
Sorry you have reached us out of outside of our operating hours.

Outside of our
Outside of our operating
of our operating hours
operating hours
and hours
and hours
and hours
Thanks for holding! A representative will be with you shortly...

[Dave Dobbyn music continues playing through the phone]
university and study link and banks and institutionalised violence are all ******* ridiculous and need to stop
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