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Man Aug 28
In the pool hall,
We speak of revolution
And on resolutions.
How to wake people up?
We are all so consumed,
With the struggles of day-to-day.
So focused on the bottom line:
We're letting the future slip away.
To some,
It's just a new day
Like the days before this;
A change in a date
Like 2021 changing into 2022;
There's nothing special about today
Cuz "New Year New Me" is a myth
That's what I used to believe
Until 2020,
When I realized that there's more
It's not just arithmetic figures
But it's the start of a new beginning
Of our lives journey
To the future
Where unending opportunities await
To better education, skills and lives
Get closer to our family and friends
Build broken relationships
Work out on our bodies
Be kind to strangers and the needy
Quit drinking and smoking
Practice financial management
And it all starts with a checklist,
A plan to execute it
Achieve each of them
And review for progress
Chloe Jan 2022
I feel so miserable
Nothing is going to change
I feel so caught up in
all my rage
… grow up

I feel like I deserve
to die and if not
I deserve to hurt
I feel so overwhelmed
I need something
to cover my head
…. grow up

I feel empty inside
and yet so full
I could explode
What I feel right now
is all I will ever know
… grow up
Grow up
Grow up
Grow up
My New Years resolution
Ylzm Dec 2021
May your year be measured
by revelations and not resolutions

May you see your uncountable gifts
than boastfully count meagre goals

May you on uncharted waters walk
than by uncertain stars fearfully chart

And may you in power compelled to fly
than all powers beseeched to comply
clmathew May 2021
Some songs have no name
written October 19th, 2020

I come back to the same theme
of pain and the past
manifesting in my present.

I have tried ignoring them.
I have tried fighting them.
I have sought therapists and seers
who teach me new ways to battle,
but what I fight and avoid
just seems to get stronger.

Forgive they say.
say it was ok
tell you to go peacefully to your death
with no stain on your conscience.

I try accepting
living with the demons and memories
the hurt and betrayal
where there should have been safety and comfort.

Will I die an old lady one day
still crying and hiding?
Will I find a peace of my own?
Can origami cranes and butterflies
fill my skies?
This poem has sat in my notebook for months. I keep wanting to make it something else. The last line came from a conversation with someone about the goals of writing. I struggle with speaking these things, or erasing everything except for the last 2 lines. Erasing the first part, erases a kay part of my reality, but I don't know what the resolution will be, and so the ending feels unfinished and rushed.
Grey Jan 2021
It wasn’t “I love you”
but at least it was goodbye.
Mystic Ink Plus Jan 2021
Things to learn

How to feed a cat
How to hack, self
How to dance cerebrally
How to stay more silent
How to memorize, what needs to
How to forget, what most
How to stay busy, productive
And yes
How to feed black dog
And a white dog
And a brown dog
And a mouse
A red mouse
A brown mouse
And likes

It goes
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Stay learning
Author's Note: Do anything what calms your soul. Don't waste time over temporary calm
David Jan 2021
Maybe I just forgot to make them
Or perhaps its the lack of interest

But this year

No new years resolutions.

I’ve tried all year
To change the person I am

But last year

I didn’t change

So what makes people think,
That I’ll change this year?
Ah, I know why they think I’ll change!
It’s because expectations exceed reality.
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