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2d · 119
conversely (pt2)
larni 2d
he left me.
he hurt me.
he lied to me.
he made it hard for me to trust.
i trust you.
i trust that
you won't leave me,
you will be kind to me,
you will be honest,
you are the best thing for me.
i love you
Oct 19 · 696
larni Oct 19
just because i make other people happy
doesn’t necessarily mean that i am happy myself.
but what it does mean is that i am willing to
sacrifice my personal emotions for the best
interests of the people surrounding me.
Sep 12 · 324
larni Sep 12
you tell me you'll never leave me
that you'll be with me here forever
but how can i believe this
when all i've ever been is left
Sep 12 · 138
larni Sep 12
my world
my always
my forever
my everything
Sep 12 · 703
larni Sep 12
get you a lover
who takes your favourite song
and rewrites the lyrics
into a love song about your relationship
Aug 23 · 134
larni Aug 23
i wanna spend the rest
of my sunsets with you
Aug 23 · 186
never (know)
larni Aug 23
he will never know what he lost
because he never knew what he had
Aug 22 · 95
larni Aug 22
i couldn't even weigh
the amount of love
i have for you
without even
breaking the scales
Aug 22 · 76
loving (you)
larni Aug 22
at one point
i decided to give up on love
but then you came along
and gave me hope again
Aug 22 · 844
Aug 19 · 432
larni Aug 19
you never really realise
how much someone means to you
until you almost lose them
for good
Jul 31 · 295
(the) past
larni Jul 31
i wish we could be happy in our relationship
and just forget all about the past
the past relationships
the past partners
the past love
Jul 30 · 100
broken (by design)
larni Jul 30
we might be
broken by design
Jul 29 · 61
painkiller <3
larni Jul 29
please never leave me
cause i’m barely holding on
you give me a reason
to keep on breathing
Jul 23 · 1.1k
larni Jul 23
if i lose you,
i'll lose myself too.
not to be dramatic or anything...
Jul 23 · 188
larni Jul 23
please           me
              let            stay

in              arms
     ­  your              forever
Jul 23 · 80
dreams --> reality
larni Jul 23
there are still
so many dreams
that we could
turn into reality
Jul 23 · 118
larni Jul 23
there'll always be
one more reason
to never
let you go
always <3
Jul 22 · 217
scared (to love)
larni Jul 22
it's almost as if i'm too scared to love you
because i expect deep down you'll leave me
Jul 19 · 212
( destroy )
larni Jul 19
we search for
the feelings
that will destroy
us in the end
Jul 18 · 489
larni Jul 18
i give all of my love to others
that sometimes i forget
that i deserve to be loved too
Jul 17 · 151
espresso eyes
Jul 16 · 464
larni Jul 16
i have too many emotions
that can never be put into words
Jul 6 · 362
slaughtered (my heart)
Jun 30 · 863
sea (of you)
larni Jun 30
i'm completely and utterly
lost in a sea of you

i'd rather drown in your shadows
than swim in someone else's light
Jun 30 · 186
larni Jun 30
it's about who you miss
at 2 in the afternoon
when you're busy

not about who you miss
at 2 in the morning
when you're lonely
Jun 30 · 629
the sun
larni Jun 30
she was the sun
behind the clouds
for her time to
Jun 23 · 147
larni Jun 23
i deserve to be a priority
not a second choice
not a bored option
not someone who you can just
**** with and play with
when you’ve got no one else
Jun 18 · 275
larni Jun 18
you don't need
water to feel
like you're
without water </3
Jun 17 · 295
larni Jun 17
the worst way
you can leave someone
is in silence
Jun 17 · 176
without me
larni Jun 17
it hurts to be here without you
but it hurts more to know
that you’re okay there
without me
Jun 17 · 163
larni Jun 17
love is a word
too much
much too soon
Jun 17 · 992
larni Jun 17
i push people away
when all i really want
is for someone to hug me
and tell me it’s all okay
Jun 16 · 365
larni Jun 16
it ***** to think
i was gone all day
for hours
upon hours
and i didn’t receive
a single text
or message
from you

or am i just
too much
from you
too early
Jun 10 · 131
larni Jun 10
so many things i want to say
but it’s just too early
Jun 10 · 149
i’m sorry
larni Jun 10
i fall for people too easy
i get too attached too soon
i get too involved too quickly
too early too soon too fast
Jun 10 · 1.0k
larni Jun 10
i overthink
i panic
i stress
i worry


i trust
i care
i stay
i love
Jun 10 · 217
simple wonders
larni Jun 10
sometimes i wonder
if you think about me too
or if you forget
Jun 10 · 220
larni Jun 10
you are now my saturday nights,
please become my sunday mornings.
Jun 10 · 157
larni Jun 10
he touched me
and my knees felt weak
my mind went blank
and i didn't know how to speak
Jun 10 · 165
you (idiot)
larni Jun 10
he's not going to like all of you, idiot.
you're lucky he even liked any of you in the first place.
and i oop-
Jun 9 · 163
the masterpiece
larni Jun 9
i’d stay up all night
just to hear you speak,
cause' darling, poems are lovely
but you're the masterpiece.
Jun 9 · 463
larni Jun 9
i’m afraid
when the day comes
for someone to protect my heart
too many walls of defense
will be built
high and mighty
Jun 9 · 206
(i need) a hug
larni Jun 9
i need a hug,

a long one that i can settle into.

a kiss on the top of my head,

a simple gesture really.

to let me know,

i’m loved and that you care.

an act of love and kindness,

when nerves are strained and bare.

and my heart aches,

in its loneliness.
Jun 9 · 140
(deadly) love
larni Jun 9
i think when you keep any emotion hidden inside for too long,
it slowly begins to **** you...

they warn us about the negative ones like,
anger, fear and hate...

but love is just as deadly as the rest
when you hold it in...
Jun 6 · 140
larni Jun 6
speaking of our memories
and not knowing how your day was
or knowing how you feel anymore
is honestly so confusing.

every time i try to stop thinking i can't;
it's impossible.
my mind will drift off from certain situations
to you.

i've tried to convince myself
that you don't care for me
so i shouldn't
care for you.

but that's impossible
how could i possibly
stop caring
a little something i wrote a while ago
May 28 · 109
everything means nothing
May 28 · 448
i love you
larni May 28
i love you
i love every breath you take
i love every sound that
escapes your lips
as i kiss that spot between
your jaw and neck
i love the way your hands
touch my skin,
no rush, nothing to prove,
nothing but pure love
braiding itself
within my heart
and reassuring my mind
i love the way your voice sounds
in the morning
when sleep is thick in your throat
and your eyes are heavy
i love you
one day
May 28 · 1.4k
drowning (in your love)
larni May 28
they say that drowning
is bad for you
but will it be
if i want to drown
in your love

if i want to swim
in the
deepest parts
of your soul
and be pulled in

if i want
the currents
to take me places
away from the
real world

so it can be just
one day
larni May 28
love is more than just a word used to get our own way,
more than an excuse when we can't think of what to say.

it is more than a plea made to earn a second chance,
it's more than a promise in the midst of circumstance.

it's a helping hand, a kind word and deed,
it's giving to others with desire, not greed.

it's sharing a friend's joy or bearing their pain,
it's forgiving a slight to make things right once again.

love isn't always easy to show,
there are some in this world that love will never know.

love is so much more than just a word,
it's us doing our part and can never be blurred.
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