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Strying Jan 20
You and her together again,
leaving me like a piece of cardboard on the street
you kicked around, but never really wanted.
Emry Oct 2020
What's in a name?
I know, that question's passé and lame
But, really, what is in a name?
Zucchini and courgette, are they not the same?
What's in this fruit's call to fame?
What's in a name?
i keep getting used,
and over,
and over,
and over.
i'm over-overused.
when i was still usable,
you'd take advantage of me.
i was bait for a trap,
sometimes for me.
doesn't sound like a real word anymore.
it itself is overused.
i would like to start over.
for: huxley, alistair, sigrid, frances, *******...
larni Jun 2019
love is a word
too much
much too soon
marion Aug 2018
a word that is applied to all,
holds no true value with its use.
it is only overused.
Everybody needs a shoulder to cry on
Someone to help carry their burden
Who is there for the one supporting them
When they are needing help
Do they try to pass off the weight
Think about themselves only
Can they truly open up
Or do they bottle it in
Waiting for the moment they break
Never asking for help
Though always there to be that shoulder
To take the burden
Always waiting for that one person
One friend
One lover
To help share the load.
I don't think we'll do it*
Is my most hated sentence
In English history
Of all time i presume
Being down is the menu screen on pause and then i just press resume
I go after the win like men do when they smell a lavishly fabricated trail of perfume
Down by almost thirty points
I was told we were not going to come back
We went to three overtimes
I think somebody owes me money
But then yet, nobody owes me anything
Told them we were going to score from a hail Mary in the last second of the game nine minutes before it happened
I ended up nailing that
I bet every time
and i get the results
I said i would never get published in anything
I already lied to myself by being accepted in the American Library Of Poetry
What do you mean i won't make any money?
That's the biggest barrier to perpurtrate
But i think all is possible
I never did these lines for the cents
Cause that hardly makes any sense
Penny for each time i picked up the pen to write
I'd be doing better than the average bank account
I remember who i was before all these lines
And i never want to go back
I like where this is heading
And i like your heading
Can i use it too?
Trust me, it will be the next hip thing to do
I never put all my animals in the Zoo
I keep them hidden in places you won't find them
And that's how i keep the prestigious guessing.
A very odd write for me but i like where this style is going. This is the first poem mentioning of me becoming a published author as of July 2014.
Jasmine Jun 2015
I think romance is a pointless dream...and yet like most girls, It's on my mind constantly, I daydream of course.

If you were to ask me about it I'd say true love is a joke...nothing more than a thought.

Love is an overused word that's meaning was set on fire and rarely ever means what it's supposed to anymore!
lunarr Apr 2015
w o r d s    and    "phrases"        
they begin to         lose
              their [meaning:]                         and        and
if they are spoh-kun(n.)                  over       over       over     again.
    for  instance  the  "phrase"
hi, how are you    is only   s a i d      to      trIcK
   people  (into) thinking  that they are
       which the   probability of that is   l
                                                                    o                 t
w o r d s    are OVERUSED                      w.            n
            ||overused overused overused||            i
and -not-                                                                  o
     used with !!!caution!!!                         to the   p
         w    h    e    r    e
   they begin to   lose [meaning:]
all i ask? is to d'o'n't'    become the boy who
  //CRIED\     >WOLF<
but instead of a    ^^^^
                                           you used
w o r d s      and     "phrases"
visual poetry
Lauren May 2014
Words with such substance deserve to be preserved

A sweet moment or a tender touch is sufficient enough

It does not always need to be said when your eyes can tell me instead

When used as a filler it fills me with nothing

— The End —