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Carl D'Souza Jul 26
I asked a vegetarian
“why are you a vegetarian?”
and he said:
In an ideal
joy-and-happiness society
would we foster
empathy, caring and compassion
between all people?
If people are unempathetic, uncaring and uncompassionate
to animals
would people also be
unempathetic, uncaring and uncompassionate
to the human-animal?
Thereby destroying
joy-and-happiness society?
And if so,
should we be
empathetic, caring and compassionate
to all animals?

If farm animals
feel pain and suffering,
should we be empathetic, caring and compassionate
to them too?
And stop slaughtering them!
Chris Slade May 24
They squeal & shriek as they career down the hill.
Not because of adrenalin, seeking a thrill. They don't know of the impending ‘****’.
You see, they’ve never been in the back of a truck before.
Even daylight and the cool breeze is something new they regard with awe.
But prodded, pushed, poked; overwhelming! Terrifying is what it is!

Herded into the light and across the ramp with brothers, sisters, cousins.
No more the cosy family unit, they’re now just some of dozens… hundreds!
The only thing they’ve known till now is darkness warmth and a mother’s love.
And today, at just 4 months and a day…right for butchery - and suddenly are shoved,
beaten… slaughtered, packaged, marketed, eaten!

There’s no realisation that this rude awakening, this beginning, is also…the end.
Their confusion is profound… No inkling… no message to receive or send,
that this first welcome breath of fresh air will also be their last.
But, having witnessed it , I’ve decided that I have a carnivorous past…

Et a partir de maintenant je suis végétarien!
N-umbed heart slaughtered **** Godly lives
E-nslaved mind sent messages to conscience
W-inning by killing was not the teaching
Z-ombies are being replaced by us
E-thereal was the human soul called- peace and beauty laid in it
A-mbitious for making the world but every pint on blood on land is irony
L-ove was meant to heal, but today the love of religion killed lives
A-rdent peace in every life lost is such a dying-bloom
N-ever was it wanted out of humans,
D-emons were made for such an onslaught!
I pray for the lives lost in the Newzealand Mosque attack. We all have to stand together to create a beautiful world of love and togetherness. These evil are born out of us. We have the duties on our shoulders to create a peaceful and society which embraces unity. We have created **** basis for divisions- Religion, borders, ***, caste, creed and hell lot more. Let's come together and carve out a peaceful world!
Robin Carretti Aug 2018
Where do we meet
    Oh! No He_*
Getting onto
the next courses
Oh La- La "Cheri"

_ Prime spot pretty

 let's >- jump ))) To Love
Please raise the horses

What a skirt steak in her
Petticoat Junction
Going to Kansas City affection
Different tribe or breed
What needs to love me
tender Elvis meet Beavis Buthead
    More  T.L.C  
computer DOC Tick Tock
IRS taking a meat beef
chunk is everybody drunk
IOS what is really the meat
Business Politician Trump

Subscribe well done
Cooked or rare spooked
Taking a Spin City kick
She got canned and licked
The prime meat hot seat

The ******* who arrives
first class steak knifes
Ms. Pork hard chew 
Mr. Beans second rate
Dark pumpernickel
Saloon *******, he
is eating
The young tender
chicken leg

High five thigh? Hands
up Robin Fly
Save the meat "let it be"
  "Let it Be" Beatles
The beat Colonel deep fried
Grade A rare meat slicing

Eating in a board meeting
The pig meat market
of pricing

Doe a deer
he loves
International beer
A very sensitive time
Slaughterhouse no way out
His poker face meets
potato heads beef jerky
Surrender Weds
maple smiles picky
The rich Syrup
Disney Mickey Mouse
Kansas City Wonder
meat house

The beauty of animals
"Moms kettle she is talking
to Parrots" meat
the market for rings riot
Six enemies making
6 rounds
Six servants 666 carats
Robin smiles heartily
"Campbells Chicken" little

He's the Beef Man stew
If you only knew

He's spitting tobacco chew
She peels the potato for the
meathead bad to the
T-bone Dachshund I Bone

Garlic knots heart of the
Sausage wearing the
meat corsage Superbowl
My sweet basil good soul
Grilling your bullhead
Pirate Ribeye steak pupils
Mr. "Billygoat" Bachelorette
Hair flat crepe Suzette

Moms Korean style fuss
what a seesaw
Playing Porgy and Bess
 Scarlet the red rare meat
Rolling stone baking pin
Mississippi one or two
Under my meaty thumb

Comes in three-4-5-6- Lucky 7
-Crazy 8 furries
Nine meat ribs-10 babies
with bibs
Hungry Man meat when!!
Country plaid tablecloth
"Kansas Men" of the cloth
The Pig approval
Kansas City Mayor
new arrival

Family together eating
Don't eat our animals
Why is life so unfair
Feeding the poor
with cans
The bad cut of meat devil
this is not the "Grade A"
This is not a ring
circus trainer Bullseye

Robin coffee animal-friendly
Two peas in a pod I pods
  I tune like Gods
Were the luckiest people to have

The Floridian with dog murals
Palm trees green thumb
plants sunshine events
The symphony dog tails
of hunts
Whats to compare her twilight
eyes hold the moment stare
Talk to the animal's hearts care
The barbecue all the meat men and the women who love their fruit listen to the Owl lady how she hoots those Kansas city slicker boots and the Hehaw have a good time with family and friends treat the animals with tender loving care
Willow Aug 2018
How can you look into their innocent eyes and slaughter them.
Because every time I look into their eyes, I see their soul. I see the beauty in them. I see their kind hearts being broken and beat down. And you know what is even worse, after all of that, they would give a second chance because all they want is love. They weren't even supposed to be born, their mother was *****, then had to see their babies taken away. And from when they were born, all they saw and felt was pain. And you know what's even worse, after all of it, they would give a second chance because all they want is love. From when they are born, to when they are about to get slaughtered, all they want is love. You eat pain, suffering and torture, and if you see what happens to those innocent souls and still eat it, you are just as bad as the people who own the companies and slaughter them.
Terry Collett Apr 2018
Stark horror
at what he'd seen.

No glory in that butchery
he'd just seen
a few miles back.

There was a silence
amongst them
heavy and subdued.

Just the *****
***** of boots.

Shouts of "Move on
keep going."

How to square with any
conscientious voice
he didn't know.

Seemed to have been there
a day or more.

One woman clutched
a dead child
to her dead breast
nearer to the road.

Others were further off
but still visible
piled like dead cattle.

None will speak of that.
It will be placed amongst
the unspeakable.

There was shelling ahead.
Gunfire and tat-tat-tat
of machine guns.

He readied yourself.

No birds sang.
Even the wind
had gone.

His finger itched
on the trigger.

Back home he guessed
his wife had taken
the kids to school
unless the school had gone
in the recent bombing.

The soldier in front
was the one
who lent him a cigarette.

you do not forget.
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