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L Aug 13
I lied to my heart
as I lied to you
nang Jun 3
we weren't going to work
i lied to myself and said i was ready when i wasn't
i lied to you and said i didn't care
you told me you liked me and i pretended i didn't hear
because, and this is funny, i thought you were lying to me
Letting go of the
Is better than holding on to a

It's like giving her a
Full of
             T h o r n s
Why would you?
MU Mar 25
I was not here
You never saw me
We never spoke
You never told me in spring
That you don’t

I am alone
This never happened
I never did this
I can’t give what I don’t own

I never will be there
Maybe you will
But I shall not
And I don’t care
People who don’t want to admit
They lied to me.
They lied to me.
They said life is orange.
But I see a blue.

They lied to me.
They lied to me.
They said it is freedom.
But I stuck in glue.

They lied to me.
They lied to me.
They told me believe them.
But I feel the true.

They lied to me.
They lied to me.
They told me be perfect.
But I should not do.
Lae Mar 3
It was like becoming an ill,

everything just wasn't well,

the longer i tried to feel,

every second feels like hell.

And i tried to understand,

all the words you said at hand,

maybe it wasn't just what i expected,

but believe me when i say,

every lie stated my end.

I almost forgot how reality felt like,

whenever you make everything feel right,

and as time continue to run vast,

i remembered that not all things were meant to last.
Desire Feb 25
You can forgive a liar,
but lies are poison to the vein.
Hard truths may hurt, but
the pain fades and trust will remain...
Lies are deadly, especially the ones
you try to take to the grave.
Just be honest and tell the whole truth;
don't add or take a thing away...
Truth be told...
Poolza Feb 12
Did you lie to me
To play with my emotions?
Why would you do that?

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