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Leocardo Reis Jul 2021
What would a good man do?
more than I,
stillhuman Jul 2021
It's taking all of me
to not spiral
out of control
into madness

The world's capacity is full
and i'm a grain of sand
Why is it so menacing to just exist?
stillhuman Apr 2021
When I saw
the look on your face
talking about the past
the hurt, the last humiliation
your anger and disgust
suppressed by layers
of years and self-aggretion
I felt it in me
the absolute, disconcerting need
to keep you
in my arms
to keep you
to keep you
warm and kind
Because I can't stop picturing
the look on your face
when I keep you
I hope you saw mine too
Maha Jan 2021
there is a box of pills under my bed
each one labeled something unpronounceable
and yet
amongst all these bottles
I haven't yet been prescribed reassurance.
about me
chang cosido Sep 2020
Someday doesn't mean reassurance -
a pocket for small , frail hopes.
Someday means someday will arrive.

Make her a dress.
With your own two hands.
Out of nothing and everything.

When someday comes,
make her beautiful
for yourself.
Quwaine Jul 2020
Just one step at a time,
I dont need to look at the bigger picture
no not now, i need to start to figure out
how the hell im going to keep moving forward.
Just one step at a time,
it doesnt matter if ive past the point of exhuastion
my legs are screaming for me to take caution
of the fact that my heat is beating out of proportion,
that my brain is projecting an image of my knees being strong
but its merely a distortion.
Just one step at a time,
You put her on a pedestal before and looked how that worked out
from doubt after doubt, self-consious feelings from within
get twisted on the tounge and when they come out
you wish the cat got it to it first
was it for better or for worse?
dont dwell on it now, put the chat in a herse
burry it all in the deepest part of our mind
its out of sight now so just leave it behind.
just one step at a time,
be careful for what you wish for
because curtiosity just might **** it,
in my feelings becuase of late replies
miscommmuncation and the grey woods of the mind taking the guise
of your pedestal,
corrupting your beautiful image
the athena to your medusa, turning all my hopes into stone
showing me the path ahead was one to be walked alone.
just one step at a time,
self diaganosing can often prove to be fatal
canerous results which can only be remedied with a second opinion
so be patient
its the vitrue of your friends whos advice, cracks the pessimistic dominion
your thoughts have on your mind, everything will be fine
if you take just one step at a time
No matter what if we take one step at a time we can get through anything, so just keep your head up and keep moving forward
SA Szumloz May 2020
You put my faith to the test
In such torturous ways
Why can't you let me rest
And reassure me you'll stay?
Quinn May 2020
I know its been a long time
I know I should have been nicer to you
But being thirteen changes a person
You learn that maybe the world isn't as innocent as it once was
You realize that you're growing up just a bit too quickly
And just like the world, you aren't innocent anymore either
I know I should have been there, to protect you
From others, from yourself
I wasn't strong enough to take care of you
But I'm here
and I'm stronger now
We're stronger now
SA Szumloz May 2020
The cold steel of my gun
Reassures my broken mind
Empowering me, filling me up
With a darkness that's entwined
With a pain that burns like the sun

The quiet boy you've ignored
That only sought acceptance
Isn't me anymore
So, prepare for penance
Because death is at your door.

I am done being the pawn
In this cruel game of yours
I wish I was gone
But my soul soars
For this will be the dawn

When all this pain wrapped in a bow
Will simply... Explode!
Thoughts? This is probably the darkest poem I ever wrote.
lua Apr 2020
the hours sped by like minutes
as my eyes cling to the rising sun
in desperation
for light
and reassurance
that i am indeed awake
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