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No matter how mad i'd be
It'll always be you before me.

Maybe you are
important to someone,
but are you one of his priority?
I'm brOKen Jan 19
I’m hiding the hurt,
I’m hiding the pain.
I’m hiding the tears,
Although they flow like rain.
I’m hiding the fear-

Just let me brood;
I can’t tell you the secrets trapped inside my skull,
Don’t call me rude.

Let me
Protect you.

I’ll tear myself apart
To put you together
I’ll make it worse for me
To make you feel better

It’s all about you
Don’t focus on worthless things like me
These aren’t the colours I should see
Get it right:
You’re priority.

In layers I hide
Behind my mask
Maybe there’s a monster?
To remove it
Should you I dare ask?

I’d loved you while you lasted
I’ll love you through your plastic
I’ll love you when you’re finite
I’ll love you as fantastic

I know it’s not the best
I know it’s not that healthy
In this case especially
Because it is killing me!

But how can I tell you?
How can I deliberately disappoint?
How can I **** all dreams you have for me?
How to tell I need oil in my joints?
I don't have BDP, I sw**r!
Rizna M Rameez Dec 2018
Humans live, not to work
But work, to live
Yanamari Oct 2018
There's a reason
To everything I do.
Whether it be
Not smiling at you
Distancing myself from you or
Not liking you...
There's a reason.
I'm not your first priority.
Not even when I'm the
Only person
You need to focus on.
I'm not your first priority
When no one else is around
I never will be.
So don't pretend like I am.
Don't lie to my face.
Don't think everyone will like you
Just because you like to show them
Your enthusiasm
As if you're their Sun.

Be honest with me
Be truthful
And work from there.
I tried to do that with you but...
I'm not your first priority
Saudia R Sep 2018
Must be nice

to pick and choose
when Im worthy enough

to be a part of your life

Too bad
Im not an option
Harsha ravi Sep 2018
There was a time where gifts mattered more than time.
There was a time where the number of friends mattered more than the kind.
There was a time where taste mattered more than the fulfillment.
There was a time where grades mattered more than character.
There was a time where looks mattered more than the heart.
There was a time where self mattered more than another.
There was a time where our minds changed and our priorities shifted and that was the time we matured.
As we grow older our behavior changes as we understand things a little better, not completely, and that is when what used to mean alot starts to lose its significance.
I'm brOKen Aug 2018
Sometimes I am not myself
They tell me it's me, not them
Neglect me and free themselves
Is it so bad to need their help?

I believed their false words all of the time,
They feed me, poison me with all their lies
They're too ignorant to question why I'm dying.
Once again, they blame it on me, but unlike them, I'm trying.

Sometimes... They tell me... Neglect... It is so bad?
I believe... The feed me poison... They're too ignorant... Once again.

I'm running out of time,
They continue to waste my mind.
At the bottom of their list is me,
Is it wrong to want to be...
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