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larni Aug 2019
i couldn't even weigh
the amount of love
i have for you
without even
breaking the scales
‪People won’t love me unless I’m thin. ‬
‪They say “be happy in your own skin.” ‬
‪But how can I be happy when I’m so fat it’s a crime. ‬
‪I want to be less then a hundred pounds but I know that will take time. ‬
‪It will take time to be beautiful and thin. Then finally I’ll be comfortable in my own skin. ‬
Amanda Kay Burke Mar 2018
I love you no matter what happens in life
One day I will become your wife
Burdens grow heavy but weigh less if we share
From now on all our struggles will be easier to bear.
A message I sent Taylor at the beginning of our relationship.
I’m thinking about
The what ifs
We are friends
They say life is
About a conversation that never ends
So I think about a life spent with a friend
How much fun that would be

All these boys confuse me
They say one thing and do another
In the end I don’t know a thing
But with you I know one thing
Is that we got friendship

Not too many “stick around long enough”
I realize now it’s not all on them
Its about me, I don’t make it easy
I’m sorry
Don’t use this
All against me
They say I’m closed off
But isn’t this me trying…

Let me tell you a story…
“A 16-year-old girl falls in love
With a boy a million miles away
She plans a life with him
3 whole years
Invested in him
Marriage was even in the works.
Their plans start to become blurry
And slowly disappear…
She grows
He fades
She wakes up one day
He seems like a stranger
Was she ever in love?
It’s all in a fog
From then on
Nothing really seems real
No boy would come in her way of any dream”.

So now what?
I got you
You got me
Lets all be happy and free
I know that’s not even close...
So he wants some words
He wants to talk…
Where do I start?
I can’t even find the beginning or end
When did I lose my choice of words?
I used to be so out spoken

I’m siting here
Thinking of which words to say
Which will help
Which won’t at all
I’m thinking of all the people I’ve hurt
It’s starting to weigh me down
From words I couldn’t say…
Or feelings I couldn’t express…
I’m thinking about the person I want to be
I’m thinking this is not me
Or the person I want to be

How do I go about this?
Nothing I can say will change anything
I just know I want to make things right
Right now
The truth only makes things worse
The truth just adds to the confusion

The truth is
Under my own pressure
In the moment
I made a decision
Not realizing the consequences
Doing a human thing
I rarely let myself do
Because my curse of over thinking
**** over me

Forgive me
I’ll give you all the time
All the time in the world
This time, I’m not going anywhere
I can’t fix everything
But I can try and fix this
My fingers can’t keep up with my typing
My mind is raising x100
A million ways of how to say sorry
I know this is just one of them…
Solaces Dec 2015
And I stand here waiting for all of your shadows..
Drunk on your sin and spite.
Powered by lightless souls..

I stand here and wait in your shade..
Sad shade darker than darkness..
Night bliss of the sunless day.

I can feel your thoughts and see your happiness..
It speaks of the darkest one never to be overthrown..
To cast a shadow over a star and become an expanse of endless void..

But its your presence alone..
Your presence lights the lantern in this endless night..
Your presence forces a light to be born in your endless weigh of darkness..

And so forth you come to me..
But are unable to push me away..
As I shine forth like a candle in a dark room..

I will be so bright in someone else's sky..
So bright so far away..
That when I do finally die I will still shine a million light years away..

A light that will shine even when it has flickered out..
To believe in something that is not there..
Will be all the light we will ever need.
Your night made my day
Solaces Apr 2015
In the weigh of darkness and organized chaos created a star..
Let there be light....
softcomponent Apr 2015
matching wings  
your halo was golden, mine  
was silver.

who we was

wasn't even relevant

until death came

and slit the


from off my


it didn't matter
that I didn't

want to  


it didn't matter

that sun

supersedes rain




pushthepulldoor Mar 2014
I said I didn't think
I would even miss you.
But it's been less then
twenty-four hours and
I have a hole in my stomach.
I try to eat and it just
wants to come back up.
They say wounds heal in time.
I leave in 82 days for
another time zone.
Maybe the hour difference
will effect the time and
healing process.
Until then we'll see how this goes.
Maybe this will help me
shed those extra pounds
I was so worried
you'd notice.
© M.S.

— The End —