Azure Jan 8

What if we rewrite the stars?
Say you were made to be mine
Nothing could keep us apart
You'd be the one I was meant to find


The world was ours to own
Though it had dirt and dust
It was ours to conquer
Though exhausting were the quests

The constellations are not aligned
For us to truly claim our destiny
The moon only soothed us just right
So that we could have another tomorrow

But if I could rewrite the stars
I will draw them the way you like
If it were it my hands
I would still fight

Riches and a better life
Will never buy me my happiness
Because if the stars fall out of place
I will want to fix them right...
... with you.

Inspired by Rewrite The Stars
From The Greatest Showman.

You can run...
...but you will never leave my heart.
R Nov 2017

The cold in the air I feel crawl on my flesh
The spite in your tone when you hiss at me with new complaints
The way your body says you hate me

Is enough to show me that I'm still needed
Loveless sound that motivates me to wither
Thank you, my dear leech

If it wasn't for you,
I could feel alive again
Thank you for sucking me dry.

unsxfe Nov 2017


[Looks like the whole first half of X has gone missing.]

[Well, I can’t let that happen.]

Sometimes, I wonder if X thinks of me.

         i sure do.

X is not desired as an object, but a person.


‘if only i knew what i was going to do’

‘then he wouldn’t have worried about me like this’


‘oh how i miss him’
joe thorpe Oct 2017

time's past experience
escaped the general
present on my condition
impressed, expressing itself
across my countenance
to the perpetual stiffness
of cape cod
upon the horizon of fall
the ceiling, blended light spectrum
ceaseless blowing
twine each direction
enmity, inviting intrepid to traveler none
quiet prolonged so to take up its own place
sudden sensing singular
without companion
as the earth comes undone
absent the orb - one's inward sun
by the devil's eve
all warmth be shunned

This is a second (or fourth) draft. You may be interested in looking at the original posted the day before to see the progress/difference/edit.
Anna Grace Sep 2017

Door slamming shut on us, my love
it’s time for bed I think and
Oh, my love, I’ve grown so cold to you
I’m sorry you broke my heart again.

We were driving in your car last night
the air it wasn’t right between us
Oh, I took a photograph of you
My love, in that light, in that light
things just seemed alright.
Time is running out I fear
this lullaby I wrote for you
to fall asleep to
is winding down, it seems unfair.

Oh, my love I’ve grown accustomed to
the light of loving you
and Oh, my love I think my heart’s in two
but I know I’d still give both pieces to you.

Smoke it fills my lungs with black and dust
I just close my eyes and trust
Because if you held the matches,
I would still  believe I set myself on fire.

Oh, my love I died again last night
it all caved in and while I cried
you came inside, you made it alright, alright alright.
And Oh my love, if you hurt me everytime
I’d run right back, rewrite each line
Because my love I love you so
Even when my heart has broke.

i was a fool
Temporal Fugue Aug 2017

Yes, I'll rewrite comments
if no-ones commented
on my comment

Guilty, so if you read one of my comments, and re-visit it, and it's not the same, you'll know why ;D
TheEndofForever Aug 2017

I changed my style
When you left me scarred
I changed my friends
It wasn't that hard
I changed my hair
But it wasn't enough
So I changed my own mind
And called my own bluff

I never did love you
I never quite cared
We had plenty in common
But you were always so scared
You couldn't have fun
You never relaxed
Your sorrow rubbed off on me
I finally collapsed

So here I stand
A brand new me
I'm all I ever wanted
All I could be
I hid myself for you
So you'd keep me around
But you're just a coward
And I wear the crown.

She was right about you. I should've listened to her instead. The one named Sam. About your personality and your habits. My greatest muse and biggest regret. Fuck you.
Kyle Fisher Aug 2017

To be, or not, to be...
That is plagiarism.
Although, the rested see..
It's the only "ism"
Will I do?
Or, will I do not?
Will I place soulfully, the life before me?
Or, will I defy my end with bitter, confusion.
I doubt them both.
Within my heart,
I chase a rope.
About a time,
When rhyme and cope.
Are one, the same,
Rewrite my hope.
Can one remain,
While others greave?
Burn the bridge,
And meld the seam.
Amassed awake,
Your idle dream,
Don't mind the pain,
Rewrite and leave.

Delta Swingline Mar 2017

Look, I never said I was that smart.
I say stupid stuff all the time.
It's not like I'm always awake.

I'm rewriting my life story.
But we all wish some parts of our lives were different.

I'm rewriting my DNA make my skin less red, my spine less curved, my mind less distracted, to make my body hurt less.

I'm rewriting my backstory, one where I didn't worry about much other than my life at home. I never told anybody how dangerous my life used to be...

This was an old abandoned poem in my notebook... oh well.
Julie Grenness Jan 2017

If we could rewrite time,
To change mists of time in rhymes,
If only's wreck your days,
If only we change this haze,
All drifted away, out of sight,
Blurred in these mists of mine,
If only we could all rewrite time.....

Feedback welcome.
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