Look, I never said I was that smart.
I say stupid stuff all the time.
It's not like I'm always awake.

I'm rewriting my life story.
But we all wish some parts of our lives were different.

I'm rewriting my DNA make my skin less red, my spine less curved, my mind less distracted, to make my body hurt less.

I'm rewriting my backstory, one where I didn't worry about much other than my life at home. I never told anybody how dangerous my life used to be...

This was an old abandoned poem in my notebook... oh well.

If we could rewrite time,
To change mists of time in rhymes,
If only's wreck your days,
If only we change this haze,
All drifted away, out of sight,
Blurred in these mists of mine,
If only we could all rewrite time.....

Feedback welcome.
Temporal Fugue Dec 2016

Oh hell yes I do, I drag them from the past
Plantings not followed through, rewriting them, at last

Morsels that I dropped or threw, no insights gleaned or gained
Lines in my mind, that grew, musings that remain

Don't judge the intent or reasons, it's never easy to explain
Changing with the seasons, something, I can't restrain

Yeah, I have been dredging up old words, and recycling my lines
Pouring over old accords, while paying higher fines

Back from the past, recalled, and represented, for posteriority :D
Just Me Aug 2016

Furious tides, black black skies

Water chilled, like my heart

Waves fierce begging demise

Hollowed soul, beckons my blood.

Fire tears guiding my hate and your deepest fear...

Curse you resentment

Shower me with faith

Relieve this demanding desire to bludgeon spirit and hope of the one who keeps me living

Fail me not heart so fueled

Let me surrender this which makes me merciful or set this evil in the stone, so I can transform

Let me be kind or let malevolence reign

Dominance sway no more

Rivers wrath o' sin, utilize my entire being

Or strike my heart with life, and rid this vengeance so pure

Bring the rays so warm with it's beauty so sweet and incandescent all that is right

Or swallow me whole, and blacken my eyes so all who encounter me have time to flee

Let them destroy me with true affection...

overwhelm me with good intentions

Or shatter every shred of my beauty...

Contort me to my selfish form of desire for pain, drenched in the fear that I bestow

Hummid, disgust, gasping dirt darkened night

O' sun obliging comfort O' generous warmth...

Bless me calm winds.

Take in the light and rid me of sin

Save me...

Condem me...

Do as you will...

Just do it quickly and leave me fulfilled

This was me months ago, when rage was taking over almost every one of my days.... It's crazy to look back as see these emotions when I don't currently feel this way.
Samantha Dietz Apr 2016

Once i was seven years old, a dream had told me
one day i'd be married under palm trees
Once i was seven years old

I was a girl with a plan but you thought yours was better
You pushed me close to the edge then sent me sweet love letters
By eleven i was broken, crying in your sweater
Never again would i fall, you couldn't stand the pressure

Once i was eleven years old, my brother told me,
don't worry 'bout these boys just get your money
Once i was eleven years old

i always had that dream like my brother before me
so i started working, grinding, started stacking money
Everyone called me honey, cause i was still so sweet
I didn't let the riches change me, never folded in heat

Once i was sixteen years old, the parties got old
The morning after was always so gloomy
Once i was sixteen years old

I almost went to jail, almost ruined my future
who would want to be around a girl that's so stupid?
I had my boys with me, at least that was in my favor
Then those same boys went and put my fucking life in danger

Once i was eighteen years old, being alone got old
I went and found someone who was there at night to hold me
Once i was eighteen years old

Soon we'll be thirty years old, our story pretty bold
We got married barefoot under the palm trees
Soon we'll be thirty years old

Little ones learning about life, our love is constantly growing
I'm so happy as his wife, he's what keeps me going
Most of my friends are in jail, dead or close to dying
I did my best to save them but they just kept justifying
and its so hard to talk to someone when their ego's showing

If I reach sixty-years old, then he'll reach sixty-five
We'll sit back and reminisce of simpler times
When we were young and happy dancing in a waterfall
with nothing to lose because we'd already lost it all

If I don't reach sixty-years old, will my story be told?
Or should i write a book detailing everything?
If i don't reach sixty-years old

If I don't reach sixty-years old, will my story be told?
Or should i write a book so you wont miss a thing?
If i don't reach sixty-years old

Once i was seven years old, a dream had told me
one day i'd be married under palm trees
Once i was seven years old

Once i was seven years old...

original song by Lukas Graham .
Ari Mar 2016

There was once a sun in this chest of mine,
And oh how it warmed.

It was bright and shining,
And though it scalded me sometimes,
I loved it just the same,
For that's the nature of suns.

There was once a sun in this chest of mine,
But then it died.

It exploded within my chest,
A supernova,
Tearing me apart, devouring all it saw
Consuming breath and flesh alike.

There was once a sun in this chest of mine,
But now it's long gone.

All I have left is a hollow space,
A deep black hole in my heart,
And I try to ignore it,
As it takes all I am, leaving me hollow.

A rewrite of a previous poem
Mia Jan 2016

Picture yourself in a car by the alley,
Surrounded by shadows and menacing skies.
Somebody calls you, you turn around quickly,
A girl with no light in her eyes.

From pavement sprouts lamp posts of amber and gray,
Towering over your head.
Look for the girl with all black in her eyes,
And she's gone.


Follow her down to a bar in the gutter,
Where nothing happens and time always flies.
Everyone smiles as you roll up your right sleeve,
You're all so incredibly high.

Pigs in blue costumes appear at the bar,
Ready to take you away.
Thrown in the back with your eyes newly black,
And you're gone.


Picture yourself in a cage near a dumpster,
In a body thats warm and with empty glass eyes.
Suddenly someone is right there besides you,
The girl with no light in her eyes.


m i a Jan 2016

it's a new year, and that means new growth

i'm going to go through some things

i'm going to \dislike/ certain human beings

i'm going to laugh

i'm going to look up into the sky, and probably cry

i'm going to smile

and maybe even run a mile?

let's not go too far.

i'm going to learn how to drive a car,

travel to mars

and hang with the stars

in my lovely dreams of course

im going to be positive this year,

oh dear.

anyway happy new years again!

yours truly

i decided to rewrite my new years resolutions and alll. and my actual name is 'ameia', though i prefer mia because its easier to spell. happy new year. <3
Bria Grimm Dec 2015

You were the last act,
Now trailing in the wings
You're a carcass
Confined in my hot car

You are all the pain
I now choose to ignore

All you need,
All you need,
Take a look inside yourself
Strip away the seems.

You are a black cloth
Who wants to engross my light
You're just a dog
Weeping in the night.

You only stuck with me
Because you had no others.

All you need,
All you need,
Take a look inside yourself
Strip away the seems.

You're all wrong, but it's alright.
You're all wrong, but I'm alright.

Inspired, of course, but the lovely Radiohead's track "All I Need".
This is "our song" rewritten and now given true meaning. Enjoy.
Cat Fiske Dec 2015

The Children Pick up bones,
like its where our leftover emotions,
will hold the memories for us,

for them, They are quick as foxes,
as we used to be,
as autumn finally came,

These Children sniff the wind,
Smelling the Frost from within,
But for now they smell the sharp grape sent,

and that at least is still left,
For the children pick up our bones,
We Left much more,

The Children pick up our bones,
and see what we saw,
the stars gaze, the clouds,

from the roofs of our house,
or beyond when locked up inside,
the Sent of the windy sky, blew though,

The Children Pick up our bones,
to be educated on our driven to despair,
our lack of, because we know whats to come,

Children Please listen up,
you will speak our speech,
and never know,

Our spirits left behind,
a storm brewing in the walls,
waiting to strike,

Destruction to the house,
the the rest of the world to come next,
with you, children left in the shadows,

left out in the dust, able to fix destruction,
by seeing past the clouds,
and smear the world in a gold like the sun,

my interpretation/ rewrite*kindsorta* of a postcard from the volcano by Wallace Stevens

I am doing a report on Wallace Stevens for one of my classes and that one poem I loved and when I wrote his/my interpretation on the side it was a poem so of course I had to post it.
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