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Walter Daniel Mar 2021
owls pick clover leaves so that their disorders are detected, remarkable
power of being, peripheral parts of their existence, satiric reality
quotidian and cynical, disorders represent internal struggles, passive
owls' reductive and holistic approaches to heavy squalls ships madly
run into, ships shaken in confusion, captains gone, crew members
thrown into the sea, owls recognise a woman does not have anything but avid
interest in men, her husbands offending each other, a pervasive pattern
of dysregulation making life doubtful than uneasy, a commitment
to passionate detachment dependent on innocent identity
impossible, nothing is possible because owls' holy life is precisely
mapped out, grave consequences of sanctification and glorification, mythic
characters not remembered only because of their relation to dead
figures in Orpheus' old legend, speaking about a Jew sacrificed
at Auschwitz, events revealed with overtones existentially psychic
From "Aestas, or Walter Daniel's Very Difficult Poems for Readers"
Walter Daniel Oct 2020
disreputable disruption and chaos, beasts bellow
in admiration unyieldingly antonymous creatures' banality
and intimacy, uncommonly negated, patriotic mentality
and contempt much gathered remarkable as an ingenious fellow
entirely ignorant of green rings' properties, yellow
crosses for worshipers nothing loyally expected for false morality
slowly restored, staurolatry, endless formality
and traditional rules strict, desperate approaches to mellow
elements against monotonous brutality modifiable
partially, knowledges are unreal, blindly expressed
uranomania responding to numerous ends
of less industrious frameworks, mingled sections liable
for negligence, wholly natural ideas erratic gains obsessed
with superstitious claims for dividends
From "Aestas, or Walter Daniel's Very Difficult Poems for Readers"
Walter Daniel Oct 2020
preserved breviaries Catholic, properly categorised
plenty of answers many questions added to, juxtaposition
of many images, a precise definition
of antagonisation, sycophantic normal positions despised
totally, military misers accused of ensnarement orderly memorialised
properties properly improved, revealed superstition
and suspicion, doubtfully splendid spirited perdition
distinguished, heirs of documents are identified, minimised
images and boors' occupied regions, grandiose
sciences are indeterminable, safely secured benefits
for runic understandings pretentious
obstinate beasts acquire in disruption, types of otiose
considerations ill-prepared to deal with credits
and debts for answering questions licentious
From "Aestas, or Walter Daniel's Very Difficult Poems for Readers"
Walter Daniel Oct 2020
prior types of means osteopathic, inducing
a rapid rise and fall of legislative notations reporting
numerous attachments reminded of ideal ladies distorting
insincere relations further, receiving silhouettes than refusing
etiquette, risen houses making grouped suggestions using
fallacies facilitating computerisation processes, enemies exhorting
calamities mystical, merely confessed cautions, escorting
prisoners defenders outnumber, abusing
admired correspondence with local candidates by reasons
of terminated practices psychiatric, a variety of sequences manifest
and dreamed, a series of options and circulation
of desirables, Utopian personae deny miracles for treason's
sake, centuries ended without generous coercion, dressed
humans select pawned incarnation
From "Aestas, or Walter Daniel's Very Difficult Poems for Readers"
Walter Daniel Oct 2020
raised walls painted so that distanced towers stand
recognisably, cast desires public displaced
with prevented wills, spinning crosses effaced
with artificial elements exchanged, artisans' land
ideally used for first reaping, agreements planned
for disagreements, disdain and new deviances, embraced
parrots' ardent admiration is endurable, disgraced
so that facts of recognition are eternally evident, grand
appearances and objects, disinterested
vigilance and changes ever introduced to affairs
honourable, things abstracted neutrally exploring
unreal occasions of opulence, listed
and inherited, favoured for ritual houses and wares
priced, a result of lost words pouring
From "Aestas, or Walter Daniel's Very Difficult Poems for Readers"
Walter Daniel Oct 2020
altered decency positive as provisions dedicated
tautologies in stated properties, indicators of philosophic
indecency, a plenitude of coins and even sources, a trick
of curiosity, means of kinesipathy celebrated
homogeneous deemed interests of objects, resources cultivated
anew, solid beginnings related to certainty mimic
kyriolexy, come puppets, committed to odd logic
and erroneous ideas, a spacial cases of opponents' rage unabated
and unrestricted, never matched never occasioned, external
perfection, pleasure, frustrated
hopes, a lack of evidence contributes
to predicaments, positive chances of infernal
balance, concordant with sardonic desires, kaleidoscopes
rarefying ****** opportunistic disputes
From "Aestas, or Walter Daniel's Very Difficult Poems for Readers"
Walter Daniel Oct 2020
tidings foreign and sails approachable, applicative
potentials are more erasable than realisable, ethical isolation
ennobled, heretically traumatised, an affirmation
of most vindictive anger and rage, indicative
of quietly replaced sensations equal to vengeance, prases explicative
in delivery, solely true and eminently imminent imagination
insignificant, reign and destruction, entrammelled selves' emanation
results in parateresiomania, a fatally communicative
process of natal convictions, extreme and flawless, communions
are impressed with prisoners' relevance, what affably
considered, what dogmatically initiated, means
represented disfigure unanswered replies, a perfect union's
lost goodness, damaged facades laughably
gorgeous, curious and serious, a community's machines
From "Aestas, or Walter Daniel's Very Difficult Poems for Readers"
Walter Daniel Oct 2020
epithets ethnocentric, writ or summons, the birth
and beginning of pataphysics, dreary ideas set aside
and conditioned, concurrently indeterminable, evils betide
man, noises and bones ossified, the mirth
of cheated demons frequent places, papers roseate worth
reading seven times after millions of chancy exasperation, qualified
soldiers groping in darkness, towns allied
with veterans, read oceanic maps and maps of the earth
are complied, pious assumptions of diverted water, patchy
knowledge of metaphysics coupled with slaves'
science ravaged, rulers' sacrifice reduced and sacrificed
rulers mediocre, rusty straps of metallics hold stones, catchy
choruses are mere repetitions of no one craves
dignity, waives privileges highly priced
From "Aestas, or Walter Daniel's Very Difficult Poems for Readers"
Walter Daniel Oct 2020
methods fettered, advantages and breaks
extended, insults and numinous presences of pagans crept
craven idolatry ascribable degrees of rivalry kept
intensified, superordinate to unsatisfiable desires and anorectic shakes
stigmatised, wishes leading to perpetual astonishment, quakes
caused, centuries for a variety of relations acknowledged accept
altered limits, bounds of appropriation are overstepped
and eliminated, forms of every truth from different takes
are completed, esoteric states, totally upheld
a verdict of ****** reasonable risks, general history framed
and shared, shares of fully repeated trades
are allocated, limitedly missed usurious beginnings unparalleled
in cruel relations with transient rules proclaimed
with theoretical ideas, properties of a black jade
From "Aestas, or Walter Daniel's Very Difficult Poems for Readers"
Walter Daniel Oct 2020
three seagulls, four black kites, flocks of sea birds flying
in midair, suspended in the air suddenly, falling wildly, traumatised
eyes strike waves rougher, vivid incandescence, agonised
attacking the shore, piercing and intent, defying
a dead man's eyes, rough waves changing to ripples lying
beneath the sky, spreading beyond reefs and rocks, historicised
and memories, memorised scenes outlive experiences inhuman, recognised
and summoned, summoning up images magnifying
the psychic repression of desire uncomfortable, unbearable, surviving
is impossible, fear of losing light is imminent, immanency of light refused
to be penetrable, displacing immanency by equilibrium, imbalance in
flight, rebuked suspension of flying and falling in dim light, arriving
morning, horizontal hopes are unnoticeably bemused
dimming, whither, thereof being holistic
From "Aestas, or Walter Daniel's Very Difficult Poems for Readers"
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