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Skyler M Jan 1
Take a moment to remember,
Our coffee date in November,
The spark of a thought-lost ember,
In December, hold me tender.

Calligraphy note left neat on my chest,
Made me forget all about the rest,
I cannot believe that I'm not a pest,
Something of a strange little mess.

Don't forget we looked at the stars,
From inside of a cold foggy car,
Our toes so cold and so far,
I had to say that you got my heart.

Take a moment to remember,
Our coffee date in November,
The spark of a thought lost ember,
In December, hold me tender.

Calligraphy note, in my sketch book,
Every so often I'll take a look,
You're my love,
My dear,
The one who holds the hook.
Dream Fisher Feb 2020
In the kingdom of the lost,
The one who is found
Still doesn't have a home.
In the crowd of people I saw,
The one who knew everyone
Was the person who felt the most alone.
As they call anyone for help,
Perpetuating back only dial tone.

Some entangle themselves in abuse
Misreading love for a noose
Until they have the courage to cut through
Too late to know who they are anymore,
Blank shells falling to the floor
With a final shot to their body, no more.
One final shot and she's gone.

In the kingdom of the blind,
The one eyed man isn't king.
He sits on that throne wondering
If he's the only one who doesn't see.
Crying out through his days
Wishing to understand the beautiful things
Unknown to only he.
Dream Fisher Nov 2019
If I was to dream of angels,
Do you think they'd dream of me?
If I hoped one day of flight,
Would one offer me it's wings?
Could I fly like Peter Pan from where I stand
Pixie dust, believe, and never land?
In Neverland, the sands of time would surely stop
Would that be the world I've sought?

If I was to dream of something special,
I'd only want it special to me.
Where each the other saw oysters,
I would see pearls with perfect flaws
Enthralled in a find, I let just be mine
Never speaking of what made in shine.

If I was to live in this world to old age,
That's silly to think or speak
Because I've had it been told, old dogs,
They aren't made for the weak.
But if I did make it, somehow statistically faked it.
I would sit out in the world and just breath.
Dawson Aug 2019
Your words reel me in
So gently that I don’t even know I’m moving toward you
Away from familiar waters
Until I’m staring into the deepest blue
Unable to steady my thoughts
Thoughts swirl in the whirlpool that is you
Just like that
You let out your line
The one that has me hooked
Give me slack
Let me drift away from you
Just until I’m swimming freely
Away from thoughts of you
But then
There it is
The tug from you again
Swiftly I am pulled toward you
Praying you will reel me in this time
And decide I’m
Decide I’m your catch
larni Jul 2019
oh when your lips
undress me,

hooked on
your tongue.

oh love your
kiss is deadly,

don't stop.
Colm Jun 2019
Bricks cry your shy name
With tearlessly hopeful eyes
Ceiling tiles wooden floors
How they hang unpon your every word
Hooked are they
On the frame of this room
And on you as am I
Like the fixtures of this room
Glenn Currier Mar 2019
This morning I woke up feeling lonely.
I don’t know why.
I have people around me who love me
and want to hold on to me
and I onto them.
I know…
feelings like this
and dreams
fly and soon evaporate into the cloudy sky.

But today some dark critter
a residue of the night
has hooked me
and won’t let go
it has reeled me in
so here I am using these lines
to cast my mind out into the choppy waters
to see if I can connect
with something swimming there
that’ll make sense of this tenuous mess
in which I wander and wallow.

I don’t seem to find my self
comfortable, wholly accepted and at home
with the people and places I roam
in this soaked and leaky vessel.
I know it’s stupid to be out here floating
when songs and words I’m often quoting
drift inside my head
planted there by many magnificent progenitors
who earnestly bred
a young man for whom they cared.

But loneliness does that.
It puts me where I know I shouldn’t be
by all grateful accounts.

I think to myself
I wish so and so was here to talk
but they’ve long gone and walked
from me
who has lived so long.

So here I am alone
casting out
or in
to find the answer, a home
or a place of some special grace…
while I sit here with these lines
in this lonely state.

Hello out there…?
Masha Yurkevich Feb 2019
No, no more.
I tell myself as my hand
goes for more.
Stop, stop it now.
I try, not it's not working.
You're going to regret this!
I tell myself to stop,
but I can't do it.
I take it.
It's so good.
My stomach grumbles.
And there's the regret.
Too much ice cream.
It's temping! But ice cream is only the start, don't get hooked into back ad dangerous things.
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