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The sand is coarse among the waves,
The foamy froth curls, rants and raves,
The grainy ground is wet and packed,
And seaweed from the ground is hacked.

Plucked from stormy shallows dark -
bold fish swims among the shark.
Twisting in the deeper pools,
Threads of green unfurl in spools.

Monster beyond comprehension,
Slim limbs hanging in suspension.
Serpent lurks in Blue Lagoon,
Carved in its scales a single rune.

Magicks infuse currents strong -
powers deep and tendrils long.
The shrouded spirit, great insurgent,
Mairocant, the last sea serpent.
catsmeow Jul 24
What does the moon behold?
To make him lift, crumble and fall.
In treacherous hands of humanity,
One lies in truth; one in cruelty.

Propel the waves for he endures pain.
He whom words engraved, a humming of sorrowful rain.
Trust no one but no one is himself, a man.
Love someone but not the likes of one to bawl and come undone.

Sniffing around, he found no company,
The new diversity shivers an epiphany.
"Shall I devour my flesh?" He asked himself,
To felt the numbness? Or to taste the hell?

He fought for comfort,
The lone wolf cried,
The image of stars went gray,
Seek no more, a starry night.

"Ouvre les yeux"
Frozen mouth uttered declairing war,
Starts from match
Now, he's ready now to walk through fire.
Daa Rajab Jul 5
My heart longs for the memories hanging behind,
It longs for the sights only my insides truly feel.
Far, far away, but truly at my fingertips;
The unity of names attributed to people
Living under the same roof.
Strangers still, at most,
But family at least
And at heart.
It was said that memories allow you to grasp at things that are long gone.
Ainsley Jul 2
Maybe she was too
Late to find
None around her were meant
To stay with her till the end
And that was why she got buried in loneliness
Loneliness is the greatest enemy so hard to BATTLE with
Pepperdust Jun 2
Sometimes I feel like I'm stuck inside myself, only writing and feeling things about myself when the world is so big. But the eyes I have are mine, my brain and its synapses, my tongue and my lungs, my fingers and movements, these are also mine. Therefore, it's hard to see something other than what my eyes can see, or feel and wonder about things my mind can't reach. But even if I could, my lungs breathe for me and my mouth is a slave.
I can not escape myself, because I am human. And after everything, it means to be a prisoner.
Yasmine Mar 8
I love you.

The three words that have yet to touch my ears.
maXiminima Feb 27
I am a lone boat,
nothing inside,
just an empty void,
keeping myself afloat.

Navigating around,
just waiting someone,
to welcome aboard,
and travel the world.

Years of rough sailing,
can't still find a thing,
the happiest feeling,
that I've been praying.

Waves of loneliness,
wanting me to swallow,
whirlpools of  promises,
pulling me to sorrow.

Poseidon's kingdom waiting,
to see my boat drowning,
wrecked on seafloor unloved,
sunk on trench unappreciated.
larni Sep 2019
you tell me you'll never leave me
that you'll be with me here forever
but how can i believe this
when all i've ever been is left
Colm Sep 2019
Some days you just feel
As man was not mean to be
Often times, it's just how a thought strikes me. The light in a certain way or whatever. It doesn't necessarily dictate the mood for the entire day. It's just a small, short, burst of poetic perceived truth.

Bhawna Jun 2019
Maybe its not about understanding
But about realizing
That who always pearched
"Never leave me"
Doesn't even bother
To leave you
Sometimes you just feel and keep silent even you have thousands thoughts
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