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A lone tree languished
In the world’s oldest
It being the first
Tree whose branches
Had been butchered for a book
Creating clean, crisp, pages
And how the tree moaned
It’s voice infecting the wind
Howling throughout the night
And lingering on into the day
Causing the others trees to shun it
They were content to merely sway
In the breeze
Or basking in high noon
Concerned with nurturing
Their own nutrients,
Their sap preserving their old ways
Until the first library
First bookstore
First College
Came to claim them all
Sometimes lies are the only truth, illuminated by the belief it is given.
Nemsey Jan 14
Solitary Chapter II

O Hallowed quieten!
Adopt my flutter and absorb me
Unveil my attaint and abide in me
Establish a sanctuary,  in my grime
In the susurration of mine ministration
.... cleanse this aloofness
Make it my armour from foray
And my soul to you will belong
XyL0S Jan 11
Why can't I trust you
to answer
the same question Tt Ww Ii Cc Ee,
When I think we're
       °               c      
r      ° u   m ° b
°          l °    in
°             g
?      ?    ??  ?

Am I not enough
even when I'm bleeding cold?
Aman Dahiya Jan 5
You’re sitting ******* on your toilet with a joint burning your lips and you see that it is the birthday of the girl you used to love three years ago.
Outside, a singer on the tv painfully sings out :
I can’t take my eyes off you.
I can’t take my eyes off you.
You listen to it thinking about the girl you were in love with the last month.
The joint is over. You should flush it down the toilet. Spray a room freshner on the stench of disappointment and loneliness beneath you. And perhaps, go outside, sit by the window and think about the girl you’ll be in love with tomorrow; or the day after, or whenever she comes.
They never stay. That’s what you have learned. You can be high as long as you have more of it. It still won’t fill the hole you have in your heart. But yeah, it helps.
m Dec 2018
i’m free falling into the void
deeper, deeper into the darkness
getting closer to the ocean floor
where the light can no longer reach
Faith Dec 2018
If I want to plug in my headphones, I guess I'm rude
That doesn't make any sense
If I leak a tear, I'm being over-dramatic
Can I not have emotions?
If I'd rather read a book than hang out with everyone, I'm "emotional"
I don't know if I can deal with this anymore.
Sometimes I wish I was quiet all the time
So I wasn't expected to be loud
NoahArkenswagg Dec 2018
Crown of words and a suit of metaphor, ring of art and a heart aflame with pain..all have failed me in this material moment. A poet without his words, a writer who no longer bleeds ink ...being speechless is not a good sign obviously, silence is a pig in the mud and never gold. So much pain and so little to say, so much to say and no way to express with words what the heart screams; no more flame. Noah_arkenswagg
John Shahul Nov 2018
What avails of this sidereal year?
If not my love with me ever.

What if the flowers spread and disperse?
Even they make the earth paradise.

What though sweetest your incessant loving be?
If now you're receding from me.

What lies behind your heart to reside far?
To me it seems all, you rift through the clouds like a lone star.
Is it a gentle pride?
It’s your fallacy my beautiful bride!

Afraid of your restless youth and irresistible trait,
I am drawn so close to you; so no one can drift us apart.
My thoughts in your mind should often come across
A timeless true love in your mind brighter than luminous stars
That you never forget.

Playing hot and cold never dishearten the resolute.
Give and take in love is an enchanted gift
Never drift away from true love otherwise pain will grow in rift.

Where have you been all this while?
Your sweet incessant love beguile.

Setting moon besets, between us flitting moments
Wretchedness came upon in disappointments.
The days, the moments and the years all unfetched begone.
All this time, our feelings had never lain dormant and forlorn
There you dear staring at me willingly,
Yet looking upon your grace continually.
aennij Oct 2018
there's this creature,
everyone seems to have in nature.
it can attack like a vulture.
every mind, it can torture.

horror and futile.
weak and fragile.
in this, we're fatal.
this is crucial
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