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I admire those that can spend a day
Without feeling dead
Or wanting to die
I admire those that can keep a smile on their face
Even at their lowest
I admire them
Because they’re the strongest people
And the hardest to crack
but the most precious
I admire those people because they are different, and I’m not like them ✌️
Alya Adzkia Sep 10
when you choose to fall in love,
make sure you know that there will be

when you choose to have string attached,
make sure that your wasted time
will be precious.

when you choose someone to fall for,
make sure that person is
don't be too late to reconsider.
Spadille Sep 1
Let me tell you a story about a woman
A woman who stood still when the earth shook violently
A woman who didn't drown when she swam a wave filled ocean
A woman who had her feet flat on the ground even when she was at the middle of a hurricane
A woman who was given many reasons to give up but still decided to go on and hope

This woman is my mother
The mother that I dearly admire
And I forever will be fascinated by how steadfast she is
Pregnant Moon
Few days to go
Then, will have 2 moons
Genre: Minimalist
Theme: It tastes like love
r Aug 25
Eyes, those deep brown eyes
dance around
but stay calm, quiet, docile
as they meet mine.

Mouth like a child
your voice like a wave, it ripples across the room,
I can see the desert island and the palm trees.

Nose, ears, cheeks, jaw
carved by the Gods.

You amaze me
Savio Fonseca Aug 23
U are The Moon,
in the Universe of Stars.
U glow with a Smile,
sweeter than Mars.
U mean a lot, to the World
and the People Suffering.
Reading your Poems,
they are all Recovering.
I Hope U Know,
how important U Are.
To people around U
and those that are Afar.
U are Hardworking
and that I Admire.
For years to come,
U will continue to Inspire.
Donna Aug 21
Relaxing by a
pond taking life easy , I
admire willow trees

Loving willow trees xxxx
Alicia Moore Jun 27
One day
I hope to
breathe in
without feeling
in comparison.
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