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Tammy Cusick Aug 22
Soft hands idling quietly by
snatching remnants of credibility
its cloak opaque to reflection
you grasp its hand,
like a double-edged sword
you hold on tight
wisping away into the night
never to be seen again.

The walls are dark and the smell is repugnant
death on its tongue
Decay in the teeth.
Smiling back as if a fun-house of mirrors
dubious, distorted, distraught
you hold on.

Cradling the noose like a new mother to its child
you gawk, admire, and dream
Of a darkness to bring you closer to the ledge.
Gently pushing formidable bounds
released to self-indulgence
you're alone.

As the world around you lights up only by screens
and reacts only by the ping of self-admiration.
A ghost among the blinded
walking slowly by as everything is in full speed.
Stuck in a repetitive loneliness
damnation of socialization
pity. pity. pity.

Pulling onto the strings of darkness
puppeting along madness
mastering hell as its vibrant and claw full of disappointment
you sit on the outside of the world
watching it comfortable in its cage.
To the girl he is in love with,
Don't let your story be a myth.
He deserves a love beyond it,
for he is a man full of wit.
please don’t waste the guy I never had a chance with.
such a lovely bubble rise
bulbs and spark to the heart
i keep watching you with my eyes
I hear your voice awaken art
to pick the words in my poem
i point them on you like apollo's arc
on my eyes desire with aim
reaches jupiter to leave a mark
so i can say it in each verse
with the soft arrow of Anteros
till the endless part of universe
beyond the level of the Erotes
and the sublime blessed grace
i'll describe the beauty of your face
and the perfection in you do the ace
the white on you conquers the lands
astonished while the spirits ascends
pauses the time so it will never ends
to draw it in every potential star
endless feelings! unconquerable grips!
rises and forget who the humans are
as the sun gets closer to touch your lips
once it get's very closer it's pretty far
your care launch the thousand ships
while your innocence nag and glare
an existence of a cosmos it possesses
a galaxy craters the beauty on mercury
drives venus jealous to his very end
then uranus forgot where is his sky
and pluto descibes it to his band
mars can't belive his own eye
while neptune losing his mind
and saturn's ring exceed the fly
earth was the blessed land
and jupiter was the one to tie

Author/ Aladdin Aures H.
Berenice Jul 28
to A.

Mythical creature
Feather on fire
Half-bird, half-women
Born is desire

Fireworks of feelings
Awe and thrill
Heartbeat stopping wonder
Love and fear

Watching from distance
you can admire
How it flies closer
And then again higher

Don't try to catch it
Lock it in a cage
It will break free
Or else it will rage
After the storm pass
She will just smolder
Suffer in silence
Tired and older

If her fire is what you want to keep
Show her your love
True and deep
Tell her she can always fly
Just on her own
In the sky
That you will wait for her
Guarding her nest
Being the earth for her
When she needs rest

7.7.2019 Prague
written by Olga, known as Swan.
Like the rose was our love,
watered with the best of selves,
soaked in the light of our presence;
flourishing and blooming.
But now memories are crumbling
and our love is withering and fading.
A dead rose is the only remainder
from a life of beauty and admiration.
Now we love in the shadows
and stolen whispers
of the weak and brittle petals
Save the love and memories, that these petals now carry
Niki Gray Jul 3
All at once she felt too much
her heart shut down
to human touch.
She felt she might drown.

Wrestling with her emotions
pushing them down.
Down deep trying to hide
She became numb inside.

Despite her loss,
life went on,
numbness remained
but she grew strong

Successful and admired
her strength inspired
other women to rise
and capture their prize

I pray God will it,
that she live life and really feel it.
Feel the sadness, the hurt the pain
and make her realize there is much to gain.

By feeling and acknowledging it all
her big heart beats strong
and all her numbness falls.
Now she is really livin’ it all.
This was written for a good friend of mine to remind her to really live.  Live life to its fullest give it 100%.  Don't ever let the trauma and hurt of the past keep you from opening your heart in the future.  You are a good friend and true inspiration.
Thank you for taking the time to read my poem.
larni Jun 30
i'm completely and utterly
lost in a sea of you

i'd rather drown in your shadows
than swim in someone else's light
Eric Angels Jun 21
You, yes you..
I wanna share a secret with you,

At this moment we can only admire
But often wish we were admired
Talking to my GF/Future
an0nym0us May 19
A maiden from the seas
Heart as gentle as the breeze
The waves are as beautiful as she
Her voice is as lovely as the sea
She is talented as she is polite
I can't get her off my sight
I always have her in my mind
Trust me, she isn't blind
She can see it clearly
I cherish her more than I should be
We see things differently
But I hope someday
That she'll never go at bay
And choose to stay
Walk beside me all the way.
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