Jedda Dec 2018
Admire the growth we cannot see
tree roots are just as pretty
- j
ayame Dec 2018
please sing me a
song of your most
precious memories and i
will try to sing one of

of rainy days spent
under worn down umbrellas,
of clear nights where
the constellations are

please compose me a
rhythm that will be neither
too soft nor unbearably

i am afraid unwanted
ears may hear, for i
desire to be your only

please perform for me
the show you've only
dared to execute in your
wildest dreams

and i will dance along
as the moon does for the
stars every time they
Madison Greene Nov 2018
my body is my home
I have let many people come and go for the hope that they would find it comfortable enough to stay
the truth is each time I thought they would
but I'm beginning to think I am better off being admired from afar
spend a little time in me
you'll find the girl I wish I wasn't behind closed doors
my windows are all broken
and there's dirt on all my floors
Here The Sun Goes Up
And There It Goes Down
There The Moon Is Dope
A Shadow On Your Town
While Raining Heavy Drops
On A ****** Sky Was Drawn
Slowly Dies The Whole Hope
Like A Sign On A Road Unknown
Leads To Hills Through The Tiptop
There Where I Lost My Soul & My Own

Remember When No More Days,
Remember What Caused This Crise
Remember When Love In Your Heart Fade,
Remember There's Nothing Still To Hide,

Time When I Go Far From Your Land
You Should Remember And Be Sad
Time When You Burried What We Had
Even After This Years, I Can't Understand
As An Owl Sending Whispers On The Wind
Straight Light To The Center Of Wonderland
A Hidden Haven Leads To Your Mind
Hides The Screts Of What We Planned
Too Blind To Be The Greatest Ever Told
And Harsh For People From My Kind

Remember When No More Days,
Remember What Caused the Crise
Remember When Love In Your Heart Fade,
Remember There's Nothing Still To Hide,

If I Was Given One Last Moment
Just A Single Shot From The Past
Will Be The Day When We Meet
To Save It For Me No Matter The Cost
The Only Memory That Would Always Last
Such A Treasured Mementos I Kept
The Moment Of Your Smiles Were The Best
The Silence From You As I Wept
Precious Gifts For A Grieving Heart
Then The Dark fall To Complete The Art

Remember When No More Days,
Remember What Caused the Crise
Remember When Love In Your Heart Fade,
Remember There's Nothing Still To Hide,

Very Cold Goes my Soul
As A Dusk In Wishing Hole
While The Body Was A Doll
In Mindless Way & Wonderful
As A Beautiful Kingdom By The Sea
Surrounded By Walls, While People Can't See

Author / Aladdin Aures H.
oh ***!, how she drives me crazy
The Sublime Meaning Of The Beauty
To like The Sky, But Feels Dizzy
something very strange the most likely
A Coup Of Death You'll Take Wisly
like A sacrifice for forgiveness maybe

A killer armed with the beauty look on her eyes
The More Dark Falls, She's going bright
Walks Smoothly Between The starry Skies
And A Jealous Sun From Her Tinder Light
A Perfect Look, For Heavens Cries
While All Women, A Shadow In Bitter Night

Glow romance better than the sunrise
A Beautiful Shape Delights Butterflies
Walks elegantly while astonished eyes
She Did It Innocently, Without Any Try
very lovely personality reflected on her soul
And The Whole World Around Her Look Like fools
Such Frozen Time In A Silent Hall
Made By The Walk Of An Angel On The Perfect Moon

She Is Fresh And Soft, Very Eloquent
Such Rains For Earth In Goodness Spent
Too Calm For Our Souls, To Be Innocent
While Hearts Decide To Begin Their Haunt
Wild Goes The Beats, To Change Their Tint
Sinking In her world, they Don't Know Where They Went
Dreaming About A Pure Dwelling-Place

Author / Aladdin Aures HAMDI

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esriddersi Oct 2018
Should dead trees lay uninked in vain
Death shall come to skin my mane
They’ll drain me dry to paint thin corpses
Bloodstained sheets bounds and warps
What truths I kept locked up and caged

I must not waste another page.

Should Passions press their plans to gain
What pleasures tease them; thrashed by chains
Bruised, disconcerted, they’d cut my tongue
Ring it dry to wipe words unsung
While I pillage and drown my house in rampage

I must not burn engulfed in rage.

That once known pure now  lies down ****
And submits its flesh to be tattooed
This holds my heart, unyielding to change
Its fire and fervor forever estranged
With thistles and thorns we nourish our sage

I fear not death, desire, nor age.
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2018
Even if,
It may be just me
Who notices
There you are
As an inspiring serine
A wondering dandelion

In the verses
Those verses, I read
And in the verses, I write

This is not just
A mystery
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Crafting memory
Daisy Marrow Sep 2014
Find me across the room,
I am the silent morning.
I've known your name for centuries,
but mines still just a foreign language to you.
My tongue is tied
and you're lost in translation,
But that's just how these things will remain.
My body sings every time
because your smile is like a melody.
You light me up
shining brighter than the moon and stars.
I'll follow your voice to the beginning of our first hellos.
You're a perfect afternoon.
We could sing away evenings with the radio.
Drive to places only we would know
where there would be nobody but you and me.
So please won't you come talk to me
because you see my words are lost
and my knees are shaking like trees in the wind.
I hope it doesn't come as a surprise that you light up the room.
Every time I see you I hold my breath
and my mind goes blank.
So I suppose I'll just always be on the other side of the room,
loving you from afar.
a poem about a boy what else
Noni Winters Sep 2018
I stumbled upon you
Like a child
that finds a pretty stone

Bewildered by your presence
I sat and admired
Counting your cracks
Caressing what makes you glitter

You stood infront of me
Bold and beautiful
Like nothing I'd ever seen

And as you gave me your attention
I think I misconstrued your intentions

I wanted to put you in my pocket
But you said no

So there you sit
Perfectly unpolished
A love

I can only visit
TEnocho Sep 2018
To hold your heart in the dark,
to admire you without eyes, to feel you from the tip of my toes to the apex of every hair on my body, this is to love.

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