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The moment I ground myself and let Go,  

When I become a realist and Grow

Realise it shouldn't Be...

Is the dreaded day I silence the fraction of hope found in Me.
Nylee Sep 2020
it is little late to realise
but I see that you don't see
the way I do
you don't feel the way I do
you don't tell me otherwise too
and here I am
continuing to dream about you
it is no fault of yours
that you do not reciprocate
but now it is too late
why don't you
a warning
that I am venturing
into danger zone
where hearts and dreams
are bound to break.
Nylee Aug 2020

The fact
that whatever you do
misery of life
will catch up to you.

We know lot more
Than we ought to
We seek the sadness
More than anything
more so when things are hopeful.

My feet touches the ground
playing lost and found
I see the shadows in the dark
and the dark rays in the morn.

Intrinsic ways we
entangle our views in every word
lose sight to the right
be moulded to new vase
it is never too sooner to realise
the reason to lament
it has changed but it will remain.

As life proceeds, time proceeds,
I remain same.
Poetic T Aug 2020
If we were exact copies we would find the faults
                                                      that­ make us un-unique..
For some would have a mole in a certain place.
                      Unclean to the others who view
themselves as a perfection of ignorance....

We must all be different to realise that perfection
                    is found in the intricate imperfections

of evolution.

Our faults are what makes
                                    every living thing outstanding,

as were a creation of random fluidity
                                   that makes us no better than those before us,
now, or those who are born
             before our fading
                      of our unique imprint on this pebble.

We all a grain that makes a mark no matter
             our finite moment in this ocean

of finite waves...
Kanishk Kandoi May 2020
It seemed like everyone fell apart
The board never hit the dart

Everytime i tried to speak for myself
Felt like i was nothing but an elf

When no one was willing to talk
I just went for a little walk

I started to overthink and then came in my mind
No one was ever gonna be very kind

I just went to bed thinking tomorrow will be a better day
But who knew all the thoughts would get lost in the way

Then i thought of pulling a line
But yet there was no sunshine
Just a realisation of how everything works out
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