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larni Aug 19
you never really realise
how much someone means to you
until you almost lose them
for good
Johnny walker Jun 16
As a kid I had a dream just one dream that finding my dream girl not one night stands or brief
But a real relationship
true love many years from then my dream became reality
I met and fell In love with
girl I knew from my childhood Helen was her name
Oh so pretty she was, eyes that could say more In a glance Helen had come to bed
Her voice so **** and a oh
so wicked but naughty
laugh everybody
loved my
We got married she gifted
me a beautiful son all was looking rosey
for what I didn't see was coming around the
a year Into our marriage
Helen she became seriously
But our love was so strong
It keep us together throughout our twenty
Till she was called by God
she had to go and make that walk toward the light It was over
When I was growing up as a kid I had a dream to meet a girl fall In love unlike my mates I didn't want brief affairs one night stands but a real relationship
true love
Once in a while,
I come to see
How long it's been
Me stuck in sea,
Waves are trading
I am moving
It reaches the end,
Once in a while
I come to see
What's going around me
Not so far
Not so near
Everything ends in
A blink of tear
Doesn't it know
how to fear?
Always holding isn't near!
Some things are unavoidable. A day isn't a day when things are not there. Always found of them and the very next second they disappear, this makes us upset. Not only things sometimes missing a person also does the same. The only difference is when things are gone we complain, when a person leave we move forward.
Johnny walker Apr 15
My friend and I agree
one day hopefully we'll meet, that maybe one
the day we'll walk the same of the street
but both my friend and
I suffer the lack of
but one day I'll save enough money to go and for time I can afford to be their my friend and I will walk the same of
the street the hardest part  will be returning
but at least for the time that I'm there I'll get a chance to thank my friend In person for the help she has given me from afar and for the brief time I'll be there, my
and I will walk the same
of the street for I have to somehow realise my dream make It reality I'm 66 years old not In the best of health hopefully I'll live long enough to make
Got to make my dream reality
before I die that's my goal may takes some time but I'll do It
Nylee Mar 19
If we didn't feel the pain
We won't realise that something isn't right
And stop it to ever happen again.
Johnny walker Feb 20
I've spent all my life just dreaming till the day
I met my wife to be that's the daydreaming ceased for me the day that dreaming
For Helen was my dream come true all those lonely years of waiting for her to come along lonely days to lonely nights a girl I had known from my
For I didn't know then but she would become my wife but not till many years later and loved so for she took me to a life that I'd never
but had long for since a child that to be a loving husband and to the father
of her child and my dreams did come
Only then to lose my dream many years later but I'm grateful for my time and that I had the chance to realise my
Although Helen's passed on I'm grateful I had a chance to realise my dream be a husband and father to
my son who Is just like
Johnny walker Feb 13
More than I could ever
say In words I loved you sometimes more than I realised myself taking things for granted Is an easy thing to do when
you can't see what lies

If I could have seen then
I would have loved you even more for only
one chance do we get In this world to which we
live so better make the most of what you have
for tomorrow It may be

To be left this awful
feeling that never goes away that of could I
have done more made more of each every

Now my sweetheart gone away and left this life for good and all I had has gone with her and I'm left with just an empty shell to face the world
Sometime time one can love a person and not relalise that you take them for granted because you think they will always be there then suddenly they're not
My dear star,
They just see you shine,
They don't realise you burn too.
kiran goswami Jan 31
And on some days
I just can't write.
I skim through pages
scribble my name a thousand times
End up realising,
I just can't write.
My diaries and notebooks lie open,
I look at my own words
End up realising,
I just can't write.
I stumble upon words
And fall insides holes of oxymorons,
And I end up realising,
my name and writing together are also an oxymoron.
I look for inspirations and motivations
But end up realising,
I just can't write.
I personify my emotions,
Add similes to my feelings,
Just like a heart broken by love does.
But I still end up realising,
I just can't write.
I read poems and stories
Of writers who could write,
Feeling, maybe someday even I would be able to.
I battle with metaphors
Scratch the onomatopoeias,
I injure the meanings
Spill my thoughts through my veins.
I shout " Alohamora " to my heart a million times.
I trace through the lines of the endings of my stories.
I try to go on like the brook forever,
I hear the voice of the solitary reaper in the daffodil fields.
Yet, as the day ends,
I end up realising,
I just can't write.
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