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rarae aves May 7
Don’t dwell on being the best
Just focus on doing your best
We reap what we sow
Dates keep changing
Rearranging priorities
For some reason everyone of them's above me!

I'm below them
The worthless me
Unimportant, oh!

Why still can they not see?
Their own actions, priorities
Didn't make the list
Unmissed, amiss, unnecessary

Time comes, time goes
Everyone knows this
All within their minds

Things to do
I still go unnoticed
A year a time

My needs are a mistake
I make them into happy
It's not appreciated
I am in their way, very much
John Tan Jul 2018
I am no superhero
I can’t shoot lasers out of my eyes
I can’t save the universe
But I want to make a difference
Do the little that I can while I am still here,
To fulfil a purpose bigger than I am
John Tan Feb 2019
Often, we spend our time
Looking for something
To fill the void within us,
And we turn a blind eye
To what really matters,
But we fail to realize that
What we really needed
Was right there all along.
My judgement clouded by undeserved happiness
Slavery's my choice, it's my fault
Isn't it always?

I can't remember anymore,
Can't afford to pay attention
Why were you even born?

A slave's only purpose is to please
When will I ever learn?
I'm so happy right now

Just make it stop
Just make me stop
My heart, still ever beating

The skin I'm in
Emotional numbness, stoic?
My heart is bleeding

They claim to care
They claim to love
They claim to do better

Alone I waste away
New year, new day
Same them, same old problems

I've read between the lines
I'm not a part of the bigger pictures
I paint them a personality of perfection, because I never mattered

Their words and actions
Contrary, opposed within the same person
I'm about to fall apart again

What must I be
A slave, a friend
A daughter, I see no difference

I feel the hurts
It all gets worse
No wonder I'm so worthless

Certainly not me
It's my fault, I'm to blame

Why were you ever born?
I'm torn
Between letting you live to hurt or die to burn

So many ways to rid the world of you
A lifelong inconvenience
For some reason everyone's shattered?

Regrets and tears
They grieve, they cheer
But why? I never mattered
Sarcasm, sarcasm, see me screaming: I wear a smile, my heart is bleeding...
Elements of choice
These things that shine
Blind head thoughts
and your energy source
to think a little deeper

Short term goals of golden fold
What motivates men more
than illusions of grandeur
The rock still gleams bright

Pave a path of purpose
Priorities stand still with remorse
Yet we lay in line
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Wake up fresh - start new today
Each morning a new beginning
I push aside my past mistakes
For this day I choose winning

Disregard my faulty thoughts
Today I think the higher way
I see my clear priorities
And act on them without delay

New beginnings give to me
Vitality and strength of mind
And with my fresh start every day
I live my life from my design
This is Prosperity Poem 50 at and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background here You can sign up for free weekly delivery of poems at Prosperity Poems (.com)

You can start your day out "new" at any time.  You can "reboot" and have a new beginning.  It may take mind strength and it may take some practice, but the benefits are incredible!  No longer do you have to be "controlled" and down because something didn't go your way in the morning.  

Claim your "New Beginning" anytime you want!

Emma Barlow Nov 2019
The boy raced out to recess excited to hunt for bugs.
As he was looking on the playground, he spotted something strange.
A tired, overworked mad with lots of money and no love.
He looked closer so he could discover how to avoid becoming the very thing he found.
Swasti Jain Oct 2019
What do i seek?
What more do I ask for?
What is it that's left?
To feel, to say, to listen and to bear.

To give is to take,
To trust is to wait,
To attach is to not depend
And to love is to not demand.
The only equations I understand.

But why is it
That I deviate
And I'm unable to take a stand?

But why is it
That my weakness
Makes you my need beforehand?

But why is it
That I want the mountains
And give in to the islands?

But why is it
That I always need time
And it slips away like sand?

But why is it
That I want to build a house
And still need my empty land?

But why is it
That I want to rewrite stories
And not give a second chance?
Simon Oct 2019
Logical doesn’t have taste. It has circumstance. Only to be tasteful, is to be surrounded by a taste of what gradually makes a self importance greater to yourself. Proudly underestimating yourself at first. Giving closure to the surrounding areas. Taste has no boundaries here. A made-up friction. A made-up functionality. A dripping faucet without clarity. Dripping one social taste at any given time. Clarity giving rise to the surrounding areas with logical ingredients. Logical ingredients slapping taste buds without concern for logical praise. Logical praise that doubts it’s understanding of taste buds giving praise to ingredients without concern for how praise will affect it’s priorities. Priorities finishing the diversity of something logical with a taste. The taste buds feeling the diversities finalizing ingredients in their rightful places. Like shiny white plates on display for the crowd of praises effecting one’s own priorities. Teeth whitening the taste buds for greater effect. Praises finally giving the logical praise the taste it deserves. More surrounding areas include a broader crowd. A newer logical taste starts to emerge in the practice of ingredients giving logical praise to the logical priorities that govern it so. Praise from newer surroundings influencing more ingredients in the form of logical taste. More taste buds start feeling the diversities in the praise which salivates the practice of logical assessments. A reverse act giving rise to a simplified logical taste without boundaries.
Taste doesn’t come with ordinary pleasure. It's when it's dosed with the logical arts onto taste buds, will it truly shine brighter!
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