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SH Jun 5
One always cares
But their priorities change.
if i’m number one
in your little black book then
i’d rather be none
no thank you
Paras Bajaj Jan 14
Someone pulled me closer,
when you pushed me away.
When you told me to get lost,
someone asked me to stay.

Tell me what I did wrong?
Tell me what I did right?
One threw me into the dark,
and the other, into the light.

While you counted my flaws,
someone loved me anyway.
While you ruined my nights,
someone saved my day.

Tell me what I did good?
Tell me what I did bad?
One made me the happiest
and the other, only sad.

-Paras Bajaj #PoetrybyParas
Instagram : @mr.parasbajaj
Yuki Jan 9
I lost many people
in my life but
at least I got what
I deserved:

self love.
Amanda Jan 6
I am used to this behavior
Can handle it most of the time
Blame it on your addiction
Excuse each careless crime

Consumed by selfish desires
Try our hardest to succeed
We don't seem to be capable
Of being what the other one needs

Don't want to spend my life
Chasing after half-hearted attention
Had enough of secretive ways
Living in continuous suspension

Empty days filled with lies
Make me question everything
The sky knows you better than I do
How real is your flimsy suffering?

Feel this is all a game
It is wrong to play my heart
You are apart from me the majority of the time
The one emotionless from the start

You swear I am the one
Argue the point you love me more
There are times you treat me like
Just another dope *****

Know you care for me deeply
Can feel it when we kiss
I know from experience you'll find
Someone to provide temporary bliss

Wish my face consumed your thoughts
Wish I was what you longed for the most
The one thing that will always come first
Ahead of me; your next dose

You assure I am all you want and more
Why do you talk to other girls?
Is it because you sell them ****?
Or are they prettier with hair that curls?

Each time I feel used and neglected
Blame it on your habit
Tumbling down a dark endless hole
Following a cursed white rabbit

What if it isn't the drugs
Causing your interest to fade out?
I need to accept your priorities
I will never be what you care more about
I am always making excused for everyone I care about
Paras Bajaj Jan 2
You shouldn’t settle for someone
who is not even worth a single try.
You really deserve more than better
and please don’t believe it’s a lie.

You shouldn’t settle for someone
who treats you like a second choice.
You really deserve more than better
if you would hear your inner voice.

You shouldn’t settle for someone
who won’t catch you when you’d fall.
You really deserve more than better
cause’ remember you’ve had it all.

-Paras Bajaj #PoetrybyParas
Instagram : @mr.parasbajaj
Rizna M Rameez Dec 2018
Humans live, not to work
But work, to live
Keith W Fletcher Oct 2018
There are those days best forgotten
In solemn silence all begotten
Comes fear and fire
and all that's rotten
In what seems
suddenly be
my lot in life

Life is lived in cost-conscious revisions
Applied like mud poultices
Upon all daily impositions
Inclined to find
the weakest point
in the structure
Eating at you
in silent observation
Of your salient need for salvation as it ***** your
Into the void
where all lost causes
Seek redemption
For all wasted time unspent
In cost - conscious
Solemn silence
When fear and fire
And all things rotten
Were what should
have been forgotten
Instead of all that
you left
Arianna Oct 2018
Tenderly, I stroke your hair,
Caress the ridges,
          rugged hollows of your face;
Trace the grand canyons of your eyes,
          Lashes dusk-flitting lightning-flies;
Match inhale for exhale
The rose-soft breath of your repose.

More tenderly, your Heart
I turn over in my mind,
Unceasingly ⸺
Contemplating it next to mine.
Dozing off, about to fall asleep, when Eros struck me with one of his arrows, and with it: a poem... :-)
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