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Sweet creature, terrible frivile human being,
You used me, fooled me, and abused me,
Till all I could think of was death, death of mine.
Now I'm back, and I have no wish to cry,
No more broken heart, I'm angry enough to yell,
I know deep down I still love you, but soon you'll be my worst enemy.
And one day, when you die, I won't remind of us, instead,
I'll open a wine bottle, drink it whole, and break it over your grave.
- Oh hey, I love you too;
Anna Patricia Mar 28
Early on, you already knew
That for me, this is the worst way
To lose a person โ€“
Clueless, oblivious,

Hey, don't go disappearing. โ€‹
You swore you wouldn't.
But you left without a warning,
Just like everyone else
who didn't have the guts to explain.

Are we over?
You've been missing for days now.
I'm going to walk away.
Enough, I tell myself.
Enough, I repeat it all over again.

I'm no longer nurturing the flame.
It will take a single breath to blow it out.
I'm leaving.
I'm going.
After this, I'll be gone.

Hey, this is goodbye.
I guess.
Can we please stop normalizing ghosting?
Thinkerbelle Mar 21
in that moment
i donโ€™t seem to mind
i canโ€™t seem to breathe
but my lungs were on fire
As you took me by surprise
Our dreams seem to fade behind
through highways weโ€™ve Passed
with the cold breeze on a saturday night
this memory feels vivid, itโ€™s hard to see
that iโ€™m falling and donโ€™t even see it
youโ€™re enjoying, the chase weโ€™ve created
a secret bubble built in hotel rooms
now, i have been able to breathe
when fire left my lungs
more than a year since
-for the ghost of my february Love
Pascal Janssen Sep 2020
Words die little deaths,
Hopeful kamikaze runs,
Endings on windscreens.
xavier thomas Mar 2020
You say, โ€œI miss youโ€.
No, you miss the idea of me
Don't try to come back now, love
Strying Dec 2020
Coming back
As if nothing changed

Texting me
As if you didn't stop

Using the same language
As if we're on the same terms

As we were
Back when I fell in love.
this dudeeee smh
xandra Dec 2020
on a night where we're not quite in
our right minds
we say all sorts of different things,
and who knows how much of it
either of us really means?
but regardless of genuinity,
we said what we wanted to
and in the end, it was for the benefit of who?
then when it came to me, you didn't even say
you had to go.
you were up & done;
~freshly satisfied and ghosting like a pro
[fwb? ppidyba*]
Erin Suurkoivu Oct 2020
birds of a feather
no one has put

two and two

daisies gone
Occamโ€™s razor

and he
our common denominator

no monsters under his bed
but in it

scars ripped open
I thought had healed

hurt to heal
heal to hurt

words I had never spoken
out loud before

hot lava
righteous anger

memory loss &
found negatives

was that a kindness?
to ply me with alcohol so that I wouldn't remember?

two weeks
no sleep no eat

hurt to heal
heal to hurt

a new hurt
to contend with

suddenly ghosted
back in the dark

like all dark
eating away at light

till only the stars remain
maybe signalling

to one another
I see you, I see

you, I
Micah Rion Oct 2020
If I fantasize about you coming back to me
then I don't have to let you go

my reality
is almost perfected....

I'll choose insanity because it has you in it.

I'll choose dillusion because, there.... you tell me you love me still
I'll choose denial because hopelessness can feel like hope

the only world I want to accept
is the one where, in it, you're lying next to me.

I'll choose insanity
instead of accepting that you left a long time ago.

Tonight.... I'm lying here, nearly asleep, and you're lying next to me.

John Reilly Jun 2020
writers block
sooner or later
it happens
to all of us
a story ends
an ending
words fall
having no where
to go
they will do
no harm
nor will they
do any good
letโ€™s speak of it no more
ghost in machine
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