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Your thistle bush affections,
Vibrant feathers for the bait.
Carried by my sock,
And buried miles away.
Nik Bland Aug 22
You were supposed to be there
Five foot three with brunette hair
With eyes that held the kind of stare
That could strip these walls down

Bring me back to ground

Sounding words out to make sure the emphasis
Is on the feeling I found I missed
Which you showed me within a kiss
That was some thing new
Temporary bliss

And now you’re this

There’s a new perspective
Mission statements paint directives
As I dive into introspective
To make sure intents are pure

Is this intense? Well, sure...

So long a heart obscure
Feelings, malady and cure
Potent potions cause commotions
That I must endure
In an analysis of myself
So I might be worthy of the wealth
That comes in the form of a girl
Of a gift beyond this world
Coveted amongst any and all
The darkness broken by creeping dawn

A hope that you may text back
But a knowing that you’re
the innkeeper Aug 15
That nameless spark
The one that starts in your diaphragm
you think it’s your breath,
but it gets stuck

Heart—taiko beat

But you turned away...

“Didn’t want to start something”
You said

“Smart for you, sad for me”
I said

...Incompatible, I rationalized

What to do now?

Did we dodge a bullet?

Would your woundedness have moved
Through me and left a mark?

Your hesitation has.

“Everyone is complicated”
You told me after you kissed my neck

Do I stay soft?

Stay open?

I didn’t know when you said “everyone”
you meant yourself
Stxlle Aug 13
poems for poems
she exposes her heart
she's afraid you'll use them to tear her a part

naked and no mask
all emotions raw
shes shown you all her fatal flaws

you know now
nothing goes up her skirt
you know the pain she feels inside it hurts

tears and tissues
have you ever met a girl this sad
she cries about the things she's never had

lost in wonder
she has no direction
all she wants is the feeling of affection

dreams prolonged
all she does is sleep
she hopes that she doesn't sink too deep

her mind is chaos
hidden beneath her crown
she wants to find someone who won't let her down

could it be you?
she asks but doubts
you'll probably just give her something to cry about

she's inconsistent
she has issues and gems
if you stay, you must learn to deal with them

though she knows
they all will leave and go
so don't you bother putting on a good show

that's what she hopes you are
but she isn't expecting that you two will go far

the cycle
it repeats it always does
she knows you'll leave just because

shes already prepping
to say goodbye
and to once again give love another try
OnceWasAskim Aug 10
For the record I don’t write these for you
It’s my therapy. Mine alone.
A therapy you denied me.
You don’t deserve it.
It’s all I have left.
larni Jun 16
it ***** to think
i was gone all day
for hours
upon hours
and i didn’t receive
a single text
or message
from you

or am i just
too much
from you
too early
AJ James Mar 20
Consistently, I'll crave your inconsistency,
Consistently, inconsistent


Heaven, is what I feel when you touch my
And when you sin with me in the dark,
Dark night I wonder if I
Get the chance for this song and dance to last

The past is holding you back
From me.
Be still, stop running
Stop ruining everything in your path


Funnily enough, I know you're slipping through
My fingers, so
Linger no longer in my bleeding heart

Just part ways with me already, I am not
On my own two feet with/out you

See? I am defeated, I am so defeated
As I crave our moments, so

Hot like fire; soulful desire
Is my craving for you to admire


But you won't see--


Be---ating hearts, stutter,
Muttering soft murmurs of want,
Of need, of peace, of release

Haunt me
With your absence,
Have sense
To never come back
I won't take you back,
I won't take you back
(Lie, lie all I do is lie)

My, by and by I slowly die
And without care
You stare at my pain
And scoff
A brush, a kick in the dirt,
Don't you see my hurt?

Ghosted by you,
You don't see anything through
To the end

Scared little boy,
Ruined little boy.
Hurt little boy,
I would've loved you,
Little boy.
You foolish tool

I bid you adieu,

My Ghost.
larni Feb 21
oh, why?

did you
cover yourself
with a white sheet

g o o d b y e
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