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3.6k · Oct 2018
long distance relationship
larni Oct 2018
you are across the deep blue ocean,
over six thousand kilometres away,
waiting until we meet again,
eight hundred and thirty-six days.

will you wait?
i can only pray,
that when we unite,
you’ll want me to stay.

‘age’. okay.
does it truly matter to you?
don’t listen to their opinions,
you know we’ll get through.

ten lonesome days
since i last kissed your lips,
drooling and craving,
pulling me in by the hips.

the smell of sweet cigarettes,
placing my hair behind my ear,
soft kisses down the neck,
where do we go from here?

only in my dreams,
all of this is true,
eight hundred and thirty-six days,
until i can be with you.
so yeah. i'm in love with a man who lives across the world.... waiting until i can see him again. in two and a half years time... <3
2.0k · Oct 2018
come back (please)?
larni Oct 2018
once upon a time
long ago
there was a you and me

i knew you once
and it was nice
silence was comfy
and we didnt have to try

i knew you once
long ago
you shared your secrets
and i shared mine

i knew you once
long ago
but where did you go...?
argh, i miss you.
1.9k · Feb 20
larni Feb 20
i imagine myself with you, b.
i can see myself,  happy with you.

i can picture us on our first date,
laughing so hard we hold onto each other for support.
i can picture us walking together,
admiring all the local shops and galleries the town has to offer.
i can picture us holding hands,
and you holding me as we gaze out at sea.
i can picture us snorkeling together,
and how you'll laugh when i inevitably breathe in the ocean.
i can picture us kissing for the first time,
how our eyes will meet,
and how our hearts will explode with excitement.
i can picture us kissing,
and how our bodies will melt into one.
i can picture myself falling asleep next to you,
and how peaceful i will feel when i wake up beside you.

most importantly,

i can picture myself falling in love with you.
so let’s break the distance.
oh, how wonderful life will be with you.
to: you.
1.6k · Oct 2018
larni Oct 2018
i want you,
in every way there is to want a person.

from lazy rainy days
sitting around in underwear,
wrapped up in the covers
enveloped in each other.

to lustful late nights
high happy and in love,
too absorbed with each other
to focus on anything else.

i want you.
and i see so much in you
that counting all your perfections
would be like counting the stars,
there's too many to keep track of
and they just seem endless.

i am utterly in love
with every inch of your being,
every corner of your mind
and everything in between

i might not know what i believe
or where i'm going
or what i'm doing,
but i do hope
you'll hold my hand
and wander blindly with me.

because as long as i'm with you
i don't need a destination,
you are the journey.

i am simply enamored with your entity,
captivated by your character,


in love.
lowercase is intentional :-)
1.4k · Jan 20
soulmate (confirmed)
larni Jan 20
to know he is my soulmate
is the same as to know
that the grass under my feet is green
1.3k · May 28
drowning (in your love)
larni May 28
they say that drowning
is bad for you
but will it be
if i want to drown
in your love

if i want to swim
in the
deepest parts
of your soul
and be pulled in

if i want
the currents
to take me places
away from the
real world

so it can be just
one day
1.3k · Mar 4
three empty words
1.2k · Oct 2018
i said ~ you said
larni Oct 2018
you said you loved me
i said it back.

you said you needed me
i was grateful to hear that.

you said you were mine
and i said i am yours.

you said you forever
and i said forever more.  

you said you didn’t want to lose me
and i was content

but then you disappeared
leaving my tears alone with nowhere to vent.

you blamed it on the timing
i didn’t agree.

you blamed it on yourself
and i blamed it on me.

did i not love you enough?
were my hugs and kisses too flat?

i said i love you.
but you didn’t say it back.
1.1k · Jul 23
larni Jul 23
if i lose you,
i'll lose myself too.
not to be dramatic or anything...
1.0k · Jun 10
larni Jun 10
i overthink
i panic
i stress
i worry


i trust
i care
i stay
i love
989 · Jun 17
larni Jun 17
i push people away
when all i really want
is for someone to hug me
and tell me it’s all okay
912 · Feb 24
left on read.
larni Feb 24
is it all a game?
you're wanting to play?
to leave me on open?
to see what i'll say?

you know i'm upset.
you know how i get.
so how is it fair
to leave me on read?
858 · Jun 30
sea (of you)
larni Jun 30
i'm completely and utterly
lost in a sea of you

i'd rather drown in your shadows
than swim in someone else's light
852 · Apr 18
a letter to you
larni Apr 18
how dumb of it was me to assume i had met the love of my life this early.
i had barely begun.
barely started to understand who i am and how i think.
how naive it was of me to imagine you were going to be there my whole life.
how unfair it was of myself to plan a future as if i wasn’t thriving enough on my own. as if you made me beautiful.
i made myself beautiful.
i still make myself beautiful.
and the love of my life could be out there somewhere.
or it could be right here staring right back at me.
837 · Aug 22
770 · Oct 2018
larni Oct 2018
it's the same old story that everyone knows;
one heart holding on, one heart letting go.
698 · Sep 12
larni Sep 12
get you a lover
who takes your favourite song
and rewrites the lyrics
into a love song about your relationship
666 · Nov 2018
627 · Jun 30
the sun
larni Jun 30
she was the sun
behind the clouds
for her time to
623 · Oct 19
larni Oct 19
just because i make other people happy
doesn’t necessarily mean that i am happy myself.
but what it does mean is that i am willing to
sacrifice my personal emotions for the best
interests of the people surrounding me.
610 · Nov 2018
lost (in you)
larni Nov 2018
lost in the music
lost in the sky                    
lost in the ocean          
that lives in your eyes
600 · Oct 2018
larni Oct 2018
actions speak
than words

you wonder
why i'm
larni May 28
love is more than just a word used to get our own way,
more than an excuse when we can't think of what to say.

it is more than a plea made to earn a second chance,
it's more than a promise in the midst of circumstance.

it's a helping hand, a kind word and deed,
it's giving to others with desire, not greed.

it's sharing a friend's joy or bearing their pain,
it's forgiving a slight to make things right once again.

love isn't always easy to show,
there are some in this world that love will never know.

love is so much more than just a word,
it's us doing our part and can never be blurred.
559 · Jan 15
larni Jan 15
i'm missing the love
i'm missing the feel
497 · Jan 20
soulmate (definition)
larni Jan 20
the person i hate the least
and love the most
489 · Jul 18
larni Jul 18
i give all of my love to others
that sometimes i forget
that i deserve to be loved too
476 · Oct 2018
the perfect boyfriend
larni Oct 2018
a milk chocolate man with yummy espresso eyes,
a goofy, crooked smile that never quits.
tight, soft curls pushed back in a black wave,
and a voice that floats on feathers
i'm in love ahh.
472 · Mar 9
constant life moto:
463 · Jun 9
larni Jun 9
i’m afraid
when the day comes
for someone to protect my heart
too many walls of defense
will be built
high and mighty
461 · Jul 16
larni Jul 16
i have too many emotions
that can never be put into words
441 · May 28
i love you
larni May 28
i love you
i love every breath you take
i love every sound that
escapes your lips
as i kiss that spot between
your jaw and neck
i love the way your hands
touch my skin,
no rush, nothing to prove,
nothing but pure love
braiding itself
within my heart
and reassuring my mind
i love the way your voice sounds
in the morning
when sleep is thick in your throat
and your eyes are heavy
i love you
one day
425 · Aug 19
larni Aug 19
you never really realise
how much someone means to you
until you almost lose them
for good
416 · Feb 24
larni Feb 24
“i love you”

“i don’t anymore”
“i really don’t love you.”
ok. i just got dumped!
404 · Oct 2018
understanding love
larni Oct 2018
i would love you in the next lifetime
twice as much as i love you in this one
and many more lifetimes to come
i will always feel something for you

because you never gave up on me
even when the world came crashing down,
even when everyone turned their back on me,
and even when everything was against my favour

you never let me roam behind you,
you always knew when something was amiss
you let me express myself freely,
even when i was speaking nonsense

because you understood what it felt like,
to be misunderstood and overlooked
when you were at your most vulnerable
and for that, i love you eternally
*lowercase intended*
(written from his perspective)
it may be written from his perspective...
but he would never think of me in this way
398 · Feb 17
larni Feb 17
if i ever were to try
to explain to someone
how much i loved you
i think they would be heartbroken too.
i still love you, i promise.
371 · Oct 2018
larni Oct 2018
six foot one
with an award winning smile.
a voice that could melt hearts,
that surely melts mine.
360 · Jul 6
slaughtered (my heart)
357 · Feb 21
larni Feb 21
oh, why?

did you
cover yourself
with a white sheet

g o o d b y e
357 · Oct 2018
how (can i let you go)?
larni Oct 2018
because when i trace your skin
i can hear music

and when i look into your eyes
i see an ocean

now please tell me how
do i just let that go?
356 · Jun 16
larni Jun 16
it ***** to think
i was gone all day
for hours
upon hours
and i didn’t receive
a single text
or message
from you

or am i just
too much
from you
too early
345 · May 28
larni May 28
love's only weakness
is also its greatest strength:

it defies reason.
342 · Feb 17
oh, how i wish.
larni Feb 17
i wish
i wish i could reach out
reach out and hug you
reach into your mind
massage your thoughts
clear away the pain
scare away those demons
flip the switch
that is causing so much pain
and then
reach again
reach into your broken heart
and gently put it back together
325 · Feb 18
skin on skin
larni Feb 22
if you are going to fall in love with me,
you must know that i cry. a lot.

i cry during rainy days, sunny days, or on a monday morning.
i cry everytime i watch a happy movie and everytime i cut onions,
but do know that i cry harder every time i talk about the things that have hurt me, even if they don’t hurt anymore.

i need constant reassurance.
for i am afraid of being left behind, of being unloved.
i will probably tell you all the things i hate about myself
while you disagree with each one of them
but i still won’t believe every single word you’ll say.

i got used to shutting down the people who care about me.
it will be so hard for me to open up,
but all i’m asking you is to stay patient, and give me time to adjust.
you might think i’m rejecting your company,
but don’t blame yourself, i appreciate you.

so listen, if you are going to fall in love with me,
understand that i’ve been through the worst,
but still, i’ll love every inch of your skin unconditionally.
322 · Mar 31
larni Mar 31
how is it okay
to not only break someones heart,
but to also destroy their opinion on love?
317 · Feb 17
six (painful) words
313 · Sep 12
larni Sep 12
you tell me you'll never leave me
that you'll be with me here forever
but how can i believe this
when all i've ever been is left
297 · Feb 20
mine (always)
larni Feb 20
you’ve made me realise that a man
can truely care

and that not everything in love is
truth or dare

i could talk with you until the
end of time

and now, i am able to forever
call you mine
enamoured by u x
larni Feb 17
“happy valentine’s day baby”

“stop texting me”

“don’t force love”

“i don’t love you like i used to”

“we can still be friends”
true times, true story.
293 · Jun 17
larni Jun 17
the worst way
you can leave someone
is in silence
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