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larni Jun 17
i push people away
when all i really want
is for someone to hug me
and tell me it’s all okay
Raylene Lu Jan 2016
But inside...I know
That perhaps of a spark of it is still there

And that very spark,
It will grow and grow, faster and faster...
Just like the way,
A perfectly round cherry does

And from that little orb of light,
It will bloom,

Give way the gooey goodness inside.
Empty it all until it is free.

As if celebrating its final achievement,
Showering sparks absorbed by the air.

As they heavily rain down,
Like a group of shooting stars.

What was once a spark...
Now a firework.
Hope. Confidence. It will soon show its true form.
Mokomboso Oct 2015
I would apologise
I would try to reassure
If I really were sure that I could
But I can never lie
As the world spins so do I
And the old artifacts I collected
Are nurtured by those who get it
If I display my wares
There's no promise that you'll be there
My respect for you
Is teetering on the edge
Waiting for your queue
To run for the hills
Or hold me close still
I don't mean to change your image
To cause the risk they'll get you wrong
Depending on the circumstance
You're a straight man, or you're not
I let you use my best feature
If I do say so myself
If that were no longer my desire
I'd let you know
But that's unlikely, atleast you hope so
Yume Blade Aug 2015
Talk to you without problem
Look at you without outage
Answer you without hesitation
Smile you without stop
Disappoint you without attention
Annoy you without regret
Reassure you without success
❤ thank you my love for being patient with me ❗
Adam Legion Jul 2014
I feel Alone, and she feels me in return.
Reassures me when there's nowhere to turn.
One thing is certain.  I'll know it 'till the end
I'll always have Alone when I need a best friend.

(Living alone is an inspiration.  It becomes clear what your solve craves;  what you can't live without.)
Written around 2005, age 25

— The End —