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larni 2d
to know he is my soulmate
is the same as to know
that the grass under my feet is green
<3 you mean the world to me.
larni Apr 18
how dumb of it was me to assume i had met the love of my life this early.
i had barely begun.
barely started to understand who i am and how i think.
how naive it was of me to imagine you were going to be there my whole life.
how unfair it was of myself to plan a future as if i wasn’t thriving enough on my own. as if you made me beautiful.
i made myself beautiful.
i still make myself beautiful.
and the love of my life could be out there somewhere.
or it could be right here staring right back at me.
larni Mar 31
how is it okay
to not only break someones heart,
but to also destroy their opinion on love?
  Mar 31 larni
“i love you” is a lie
“promises” you always break
maybe one day you’ll relate
larni Feb 24
“i love you”

“i don’t anymore”
“i really don’t love you.”
ok. i just got dumped!
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