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larni Oct 2020
you might be wondering why it happened.
why they did this to you.
and they might even tell you it was a mistake.
they might even tell you they’re sorry.
they might even beg for a second chance.
but remember.
always remember.
that at that very moment.
they knew how much it was going to hurt you.
they knew how much it was going to shatter
your world and turn it on its head.
they know how empty and how hard it was
going to be on you.
and still, they chose to hurt you.
and still, they chose the other side.
they disrespected you.
and they took you for granted.
and please believe that, that was not a mistake.
that, that wasn’t an accident.
because during that moment they knew.
and that’s all you have to wonder about.
they knew.
and they weren’t sorry.
and during that time, they didn’t choose you.
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larni Feb 2020

2 hours
3 hours
5 hours
8 hours
10 hours
11 hours
12 hours
13 hours
16 hours
20 hours
23 hours
24 hours
27 hours
29 hours

where are you?
larni Feb 2020
you made me feel

uncared for

i never thought you could be the one to actually do that to me.
larni Dec 2019
is it bad to need someone?
is it so bad to constantly need someone?
checking their status, location, activity?
is that too far?
am i too in love?
larni Dec 2019
they say they will treat you better
but this is yet to be proven
larni Dec 2019
it’s excruciating to not be needed by the person you need and need to be needed by
larni Nov 2019
he left me.
he hurt me.
he lied to me.
he made it hard for me to trust.
i trust you.
i trust that
you won't leave me,
you will be kind to me,
you will be honest,
you are the best thing for me.
i love you
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