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larni 1d
just because i make other people happy
doesn’t necessarily mean that i am happy myself.
but what it does mean is that i am willing to
sacrifice my personal emotions for the best
interests of the people surrounding me.
larni Sep 12
you tell me you'll never leave me
that you'll be with me here forever
but how can i believe this
when all i've ever been is left
larni Sep 12
my world
my always
my forever
my everything
larni Sep 12
get you a lover
who takes your favourite song
and rewrites the lyrics
into a love song about your relationship
larni Aug 23
i wanna spend the rest
of my sunsets with you
larni Aug 23
he will never know what he lost
because he never knew what he had
larni Aug 22
i couldn't even weigh
the amount of love
i have for you
without even
breaking the scales
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