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Void Sep 5
One of the greatest curses in my life

Is understanding both sides to the story

But always being pinned as the bad guy for

"choosing a side"
IntoTheGale Jun 4
You take the words,
All my words from me-
You leave me speechless, breathless,
with no way
To express how much
I love you,
Save how you read in my eyes,
Like the pages of some book you touch
Delicately, softly, lovingly,
How I adore your smile, burn for your touch,
How your softest kisses melt me,
How I constantly ache for your sweet words,
whispered under our stars-
In my gaze you see it all...

But I must sincerely apologize, my love.
The previous stanza is not entirely true.
It is a trope that I cannot, in good conscience,
Lay at your feet.
You do not take my words from me.
I offer them up to you,
like candles in a church-
Lit like little hopeful prayers,
Each one with one task-
That they might show you
How I long for you, how truly beautiful you are
And how precious every moment with you is.
I gift them to you, because my touch
Is inconstant, and my song cannot always
Reach you, but the words-
Your words, all of them,
They are permanent, undiminished
by time and distance. And in them,
I give you all of me.
Nabil Falchou May 24
even if i tell you
you won't understand

so i just stand there speechless and in pain
waiting for you to somehow understand what i'm going through
Poem from my book
Lilly F Apr 5
if i loved you less,
i may be able to say those three words more,
but you make me forget every language i've been taught

Speechless at Auschwitz
by Ko Un
translation by Michael R. Burch

At Auschwitz
piles of glasses
mountains of shoes
returning, we stared out different windows.

Published by Brief Poems

Original text:

Ad Auschwitz
pile di occhiali
montagne di scarpe
sulla via del ritorno
ognuno fissava fuori dal finestrino in direzione diversa.

(da Fiori di un istante, 2001)

Keywords/Tags: Ko Un, Holocaust, translation, speechless, Auschwitz, glasses, shoes, windows, silent, tongue-tied, wordless
Zack Ripley Mar 22
For the first time,
I'm not sure what to say.
I can't tell you it will be okay
Because I don't fully believe it myself yet.
I can't tell you not to worry
Because we come from different worlds.
But they say it's times like these
You find out who your friends are.
So let me be clear.
For what it's worth,
You've got a friend in me.
Lost Girl Mar 11
I didn’t know what to do
All it took were those three words
Right before our lips touched
And I was speechless
Ooh I was speechless

I closed my eyes and said it too
You smiled as we embraced
And we became one
I was the happiest girl alive

Next thing we know the sun went down
So we stared at the moon and howled
Then we laughed and had some kicks
Nothing with you is ever meaningless

As we lied in bed, I watched you sleep
Once again you took my breath
And I was speechless
Ooh you make me speechless
After so many years in the friendzone, two young adults find that they have truly loved each this whole time but the girl was afraid of relationships. But when they kissed she was speechless.

His voice,
it takes
my breath away.

It is much too perfect
to respond back to.

Only one who is lovesick will understand.
My throat closes

Every single time

When I want to speak or let myself be heard, I close

I let others speak for me. In whistling tunes I found through the Tube or stories as told by those who live them

I find it is not my time to speak.

For only when I am utmost alone can I even utter a single sigh and still it displeases me of its occurrence

Perhaps voiceless to allow others the space they might need to be themselves. So why am I upset of it

Meek and meager
Never there when you need her
Your silence is louder than a train wreck.
i've been trying to find the words,
in liquor bottles;
but the answer has never been at the bottom,
i fall asleep with my mind tangled in my hands,
and i awake day after day,
the sun is becoming more and more of a stranger to my flesh,
i'm running out of space for all these empty bottles,
i've considered filling them with my tears,
and giving them to you as a gift,
so you could baptize yourself in my sadness,
or get drunk on my misery's condensation,
because at this point,
i think there is more alcohol in my body than water,
my tears will taste like tequila and fermented heartbreak against your tongue,
but that burn will never hold a candle to the burn i have been feeling electrifying throughout me for weeks.

i've been trying to find the words
in white lines,
but what good is being high when all it does these days is remind you how low hell really is.
everything is starting to look like an emergency exit,
i see death in everything around me,
they say depression can be a superpower if you let it,
i don't consider transforming everything around me into a mechanism for self destruction,
to be a superpower.
i have never been afraid of heights,
i have always embraced being as far away from hell as possible,
but now i feel like i have swallowed it,
no matter how high i am,
everything around me is still burning,
and my veins are gasoline pipelines,
I feel like I am inches from my body becoming an island swallowed by a volcano,
that ant who fell victim to children experimenting with matches,
was that where you first discovered how to make something feel small?
how to make someone feel small.

i've been trying to find the words,
but i don't have them.
it is shameful what you have made out of love,
you have hypnotized me to believe that love has a numbing effect,
that it is crying yourself to sleep,
that it is uncertainty.
I have come to associate being in love with being in pain,
because when you tell me you love me,
i feel like my body is a house of cards,
and your voice - a hurricane.
what you have done to me is not beautiful,
no sentence that i will ever release from my lips will ever be as strong as the earthquake i feel when you touch me,
i can't navigate between the sky and the ground with your eyes clenched to my skin ,
my heartbeat becomes as flat as the horizon line.
there is nothing beautiful about how you have ridden my days of sunlight,
and my nights of stars, ,
i've been living in darkness for months,
probably because everyday since that night i feel like I'm paying rent to live in a stranger's shadow with my self-respect.

i don't have the words;
you have numbed the best parts of me,
made me believe that feeling is a privilege.
what a shame,
that when you tell me you love me i am haunted by the fear that you actually do.
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