Laura Dec 2018
what does it mean, being speechless?

It means that there are things that you feel, that you see, that you experience, for which you can’t seem to find words in your language.
It means a desperate search for a word which maybe doesn’t even exist.
It means not being able to say anything at all, because nothing would be enough.
Sometimes, being speechless even means having the urge to say something, anything at all, but not saying a single word.
they call me greedy,
taciturn. . .

That I've learned
from my disease
--chronic listening--
which voices
I'd rather not hear.

Most of these sing song smiley faces
beat you to the punch as if they're racing
past you after a ******* badge.

You want a badge?
Well good for you.
Go online and buy one.
They said "spill your guts"
And So you spill out *******.
Thinking that you're making friends,
while I'm hard pressed to believe you
would be believed by anyone worth friending.
You want a badge? Good for you!
I'll make you a deal if you decide to buy one.
I'll pay the cost for the custom laser engraving:
"Sheriff Big ****" in the land
of      "No      One      Gives      A      ****"
larni Oct 2018
actions speak
than words

you wonder
why i'm
lovelywildflower Oct 2018
i'm sitting here crying after reading your words
no one has ever said something like that to me before
no one has ever cared as much as you do
everyone just always leaves me feeling so blue
i haven't felt beautiful in the longest time
you are so lovely, you make me want to rhyme
and now, because of you, my heart is starting to feel again
and i think i'm finally starting to see some light ahead
i'm sorry this poem isn't the greatest of mine
you deserve something of a heavenly design
but you made me so speechless, i can't even write
and darling, you just made my life a little more bright
Madison Oct 2018
I wish I could put into the most poetic words
How beautiful he is
The way he makes me feel
The way his smile curves
The amount of love I have for him

I wish the words would flow from my tongue
So gracefully
Sweet as could be
Like a spoonful of warm honey
Oh, baby

But you leave me speechless.
Mary Frances Oct 2018
It's amazing how your words,
simple they may seem,
make me speechless.

It's amazing how your words,
common they may seem,
make me feel very special.

It's amazing how your words,
true they may seem,
make me want to stay in a dream.

It's just amazing that even your words
make me feel so loved.
just because i'm speechless
doesn't mean i don't know how i feel
it's just that i can't put it in words
for you to understand
my broken english
i don't know, i just
i mean its
sometimes i wish
i never meant for it
to happen
of course you don't
you never do
how do you feel?
kerri Sep 2018
i am able to carve illustrious images with the words of my poems,
yet I’m speechless when it comes to you.
why may I be so inept at speaking simple thoughts to you?
“ I love you !” He screamed “I’ve been wanting you since forever, I want you to complete me !!” He continued

“Hey !!” She poked him and smiled at him

He froze like ice and speechless.

“See you around !” She waved at him

Until she’s gone, he said nothing.

Yes, he is screaming but screaming in silence. Because he knew it will not change anything if he confess his feeling to her, He realized he is too late since she’s belong to someone else.
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